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LBC Shipping Cart 2018 Review

If you missed the previous ones, here they are: LBC Shipping Cart: 2016 Review and LBC SHIPPING CART Take 2 Review (2017) Signing up Signing up for Shipping cart is easy and there is no need to send 2 valid ID's for validation or verification, just the usual email verification. The process is still the same as… Continue reading LBC Shipping Cart 2018 Review


Life… so far.

My 2018, so far, is dotted with Hello's and Goodbye's Hello I have a new work and a new employer. I am now involved in public health which has always been something I wanted to take part in. Also, I've been wanting to enroll in UP's Master's degree program on International health but I don't… Continue reading Life… so far.

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JinioPH / JINIO by Xend: 2018 Review

Hi! I'm back with another review. If you haven't read my other posts about Jinio by Xend, please do so by clicking first review here and the second review here. As I have already done 2 reviews about them, I won't write the other stuff in detail as there seems to have been no big changes… Continue reading JinioPH / JINIO by Xend: 2018 Review

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Heyyyyyy Welcome to my new website! Yay! I have my own website! It's nothing special but I didn't realize how hard it is to build a site. I have no background in computer science, IT,  computer engineering and the like so it was tough doing it all on my own. I'm sorry if I have… Continue reading WELCOME TO MY SITE!

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Of the two seasons we have here in the Philippines, winter is not one of them. With that said, it's a bit harder to look for winter clothes in brick and mortar stores around here. Luckily, we are at the age of online shopping and e-commerce so we have more choices. In this post, I… Continue reading CHEAP WINTER CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES IN THE PHILIPPINES | Tips and other stuff

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My Shopping Box Review (2017)

Hello! Another forwarder review! If you haven't read my posts about other forwarders, check them out: LBC, Jinio and MyEcasa How it works: Like other forwarders, MyShoppingbox (will be shorted to MSB from this point forward) provides you a US address where you can have your items shipped to. Then from their warehouse, they will… Continue reading My Shopping Box Review (2017)

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Our itinerary for South Korea

8 day itinerary for a trip in South Korea

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I'm  back after a (technically) 9 day trip to South Korea. I fell in love with that country, the people, the oppas (kidding, I didn't find any lol but there are lots of handsome guys there), the food, the metro, etc. I'll be posting a series of blog entries about my trip there and other… Continue reading RAMBLES AND RANTS

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COLLECTIVE HAUL: Shopee, Sephora Sg, Amazon, MiniSo

Hello! It's been such a long time since I did a haul. I've been a bit busy lately, I took exams from the DOH and I applied for a Korean tourist visa (which hopefully I will be granted huhu Approved or denied, I'll write an entry about it.) I wanted to share some of the… Continue reading COLLECTIVE HAUL: Shopee, Sephora Sg, Amazon, MiniSo

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COLOURPOP FAKE VS REAL W/ SWATCHES (And a little warning on counterfeit cosmetics)

How to tell a real colourpop ultra matte lip from a fake one