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Imoy Falls and trekking back to Tabionan Campsite

So here we are. Imoy falls.


To be very honest, Pat and I were a bit disappointed. We trekked kilometers for this! Maybe we came at a bad time, it was the start of the dry season (even though it was raining that day) so there isn’t enough water for the falls to be as majestic as we thought. (EDIT: We did come at a bad time. That day was the first rainy day they had in weeks.)

Anyway. More pictures!


The other pictures I have were blurry because I was using a waterproof housing and it was raining.

That’s all for the river. Sorry.

We wanted to go back to the campsite through the “highway” so we went to the village on the other side of the river. There, we were asked to pay Php20 (I think) for the environmental fee.

After having seen a glimpse of the wonderful town, we decided to walk our way back (uphill) instead of hiring a ‘single’ to avoid having to pay Php 300 for the both of us. (You can negotiate for a lower price.)

And we were rewarded with such wonderful sceneries.

mountains leon
Would ya look at that?

village leon
A village in a valley. We came from there!
That’s the village we came from! My lungs were about to burst at this point.
It wasn’t a hard walk tbh. The combination of weak knees + problematic lungs made it hard for me lol.

You can make a walking stick to make your trek more bearable.


Patricia in very deep thoughts.
bucari farm vegetables

chayote sayote
Patricia and her Sayotes (Chayote)
chayote philippines
We didn’t actually get to trek all the way to the campsite. When we were nearing the campsite, two young fellows who reside near the campsite offered to give us a (free!) ride. We still gave them some money though but it was really kind of them to offer.