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Wandering around Bucari, Leon

I wanted “2 BRAVE GIRLS” to be the title of this post but then again, while I was aiming for “punny” it comes out cheesy, so I’ll settle with this.
I took a trip to Bucari, Leon with my good friend, Patricia (stage name: Erica) last summer. While she made a good job of blogging our entire trip, I really wanted to share more photos of the trip.
So I’ll be photoblogging! (if that’s even a thing)

Our original plan was to:
* Go visit the church
* Swim in Imoy falls
* Go see the Strawberry farm (yes, there’s a strawberry farm in Leon which we weren’t very fortunate to see, more on that later)
* Spend some time in Pineridge Bucari
* Buy some produce
* Camp under the stars
Quick summary on how to get to there: Go to Jaro Market, ride a van/jeepney bound to Leon. Upon reaching the town proper, have a quick look at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church or you can just skip this and look for a tricycle that’ll bring you to the jeepneys bound for Bucari. Since only my friend and I were bound for Tabionan (the campsite), we had to look for another means of transportation to reach the campsite. We rode a “single” or “habal-habal” (Php 30 each) which was a slightly rough but breathtaking ride as we were able to see the mountains, pines and lots of greenery along the way. My “quick” summary became too long, sorry :))

St. Catherine is said to be the patron saint of teachers, students, librarians and all those associated with learning thus, some students go here to pray before taking their exams, as did I 🙂

You would need to pay Php 100 if you plan on camping for the night. You can rent a tent though I am not sure how much it costs.

Our tiny home for a day. We decided to pitch our tent first so we can have somewhere to leave a few of our things. The rangers, I assume, were very helpful and accommodating.

Oh, the pines, they smell sooooo good. I went to another park in Mindanao last June where there was also an abundance of Pines but to my disappointment, the leaves didn’t have that pine-y scent at all.
Dora the explorer vibes in this photo
First things first: Imoy falls
The locals told us that we can trek our way to the falls. It was safe, they said, and we needn’t get a guide. Our supposedly 45 minute trek started here.

Ooooh, looks creepy
The first part of the trail was thick with trees, moss, plants and other greeneries. We were so excited when we saw this glimpse of the mountains through the forest.  A word of warning: put on mosquito repellant if you are going to take the forest trail to the falls. You’ll encounter lots of those blood suckers, and I’m not talking about the Edward Cullen kind.

A local with his dog. or goat.
This is one of my favorite pictures that I took while trekking to the falls. It seemed so serene and reminds me of how simple and satisfying farm life can be.

Rice terraces in Leon, Iloilo
Rice terraces in Leon, Iloilo
Look at that steam coming out of Erica’s head. Haha. The second part of the trail is the easiest part I guess. Just going down the terraces and lots of comfortable flat ground to walk on.


I was most comfortable at this part of the trek.
 THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL after that. It was a serious hike downhill, we got lost (but got back on track fast!) and we (mostly me, got weak knees) slipped a lot. We were able to see these magnificent sights so it was worth all the dirt we got on our shorts.

This shall be your path for the next 2 miles. Just kidding. We passed by this place when we were crossing the river– it’s shallow, no worries.

Nearly there! This is how shallow the river was.

Look at all those sand in my clothes. We were “sand surfing” aka slipping and sliding.

Another bridge. This looks to be more stable than the other one.

You’ll just need to pass a school and then:
Finally, Imoy falls
Finally, Imoy falls
Obviously, some of the pictures were filtered. It was a pity we weren’t able to bring a DSLR or a compact digital camera.