Iloilo to Tablas Island Part 2: A few hours in Boracay

After settling in, we took a 5 minute walk to Caticlan’s jetty port from our hotel. There, we paid the necessary fees (on a side note: the terminal fee is expensive!) and hopped on a boat.

Just like the weather in Roxas, it was drizzling a little and the winds were a little stronger than usual. It was a short boat ride, so it wasn’t really a problem.

boracay, caticlan
On our way to Boracay

We decided against hiring a tricycle to drop us off near the beach. Instead, we walked and used Google maps to find our way around. It’s not a very far walk but it wasn’t a short distance either. There wasn’t any interesting thing to see anyway so better hire a trike if you’re short on time.

Puka Beach 2013
I’ve been to Boracay before, and nothing really impressed me that much though I really loved Puka beach. (Just because there were less people there, the sand is finer in the White beach of course, but the water is just as clear)

We chose to eat at this restaurant (I forgot the name) which offered a buffet dinner with drinks for Php385.

beautiful sunset in Boracay
The reason we chose that restaurant was because of the crabs and to our dismay, it was bland.

yay crabs
yay crabs….?
The other food were delicious too but easily  forgettable.

Damn fine sands
We had a few hours left to explore the island since the last trip to Caticlan is at 10:00pm.

We found a good spot for taking night time pictures near the beach
To be honest we didn’t really do much exploring, just lots of walking and picture taking.

By 9:30 we were at the port and yes, we paid the fees again sans the environmental fee. That’s nearly 400php a person just to go in and out of Boracay from Caticlan.

Finally, we were back in our hotel to get a good night’s sleep for our early morning trip to Sta. Fe.