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Iloilo to Tablas, Romblon Part 3: Finally.

This is it. We are finally going to Romblon. After spending more than 24 hours in different parts of Panay, we are finally going to reach (one of) our destination(s).

Going to Sta. Fe in Tablas requires a boat ride from Caticlan. The port (idk how to call it, it’s just a part of the beach where the boats are docked) is a trike ride away from Caticlan Jetty port. Just ask the locals where the boats to Sta. Fe are docked, they’ll know. Also, this place is where the boats to Carabao Island are.

Carabao Island

I forgot a lot of details (I really need to write everything down immediately) but I remembered the boat having a capacity of no more than 38. It was a bumpy ride. If you are prone to sea sickness or if you aren’t sure of your tolerance to bumpy boat rides, then it may be a good idea to drink motion sickness medications. A few of our companions got very sick and one got really ill I was worried she’d be dehydrated before we can get to the island.

This picture was taken on our way back. It was a very bumpy ride.
This picture was taken on our way back. It was a very bumpy ride.

It took us an hour to pass by Carabao Island which looked really marvelous from afar. I wished we could’ve gone there. And after another hour or more, we were finally in Sta. Fe!!! Yay!

How to get to Tablas Island, Romblon from Iloilo:

1. Go to Tagbak Terminal and ride a bus or van to Caticlan (i forgot the rates, forgive me. As of this writing, last trip for buses to Caticlan is at 1:00 pm)

2. In Caticlan, hire a trike to go to the port for Tablas bound boats (Php 50)

3. Ride a boat (just like most pump boats, they don’t have a definite schedule but at that time, there is a boat leaving for Sta. Fe daily. And arrive early, just to be sure. It will be a 2-hour boat ride passing by Boracay and Carabao Island. Php 200)

Sta. Fe Romblon
Sta. FEnally (get it?)

Next up: Exploring Tablas!