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Looc Marine Sanctuary

(I apologize if the quality of the pictures aren’t good. My memory card got corrupted nd my files are beyond salvation so I had to use the ones I took with my phone or posted in Instagram. Anyway.)

We got up very early to catch the jeepney bound for Odiongan. We told the “konduktor” to drop us off the town of Looc. It was a very bumpy ride that lasted an hour. On our way to Looc, we were able to see Looc Bay and that got me really excited.


Looc is a small town. The streets aren’t very busy, lots of people walking and lots of tricycles passing by. We hired a tricycle to take us to the port which wasn’t very far from the town plaza. Upon arriving, we immediately took lots of photos. The port was a very scenic place, surrounded by water on one side and mountains on the other.

The beach of Looc Bay

Erica and her muddy shoes
We went to the office for registration but it was closed, to our dismay. We asked around and someone told us to wait a little, the staff just had their Christmas party the day before so they might be a little late– and it was a Sunday too. So we went to the beach and took more pictures.

Looc Bay
Looc Port
One thing I saw was a big “pumpboat” with the word “Caticlan” on the side. I asked a local and yes, indeed, the boat was bound for Caticlan and vice-versa. Interesting. I always thought the entry point to Tablas would be Odiongan, San Agustin and Sta. Fe.

We saw these crabs were
We saw these crabs were “migrating” and burying themselves in the sand. There were A LOT of them, nearly hundreds, going towards the shore.

There were A LOT of them, I took a video if it and I took this picture nearly at the end of their “trip” so not much are seen here.

My friend following the crabby migration
After more than half an hour, we went back and fortunately, they have arrived! We immediately registered and we were made to sign a waiver. The usual fee should be Php 100 per person in groups of 4 or more people but since we were only 2 in the group, we had to pay Php 150. (And an additional Php 50 for the snorkeling gear if you want to swim with the fishes). The staff explained that Php 100 will go to the operator/sanctuary and Php 50 will go to Bantay Dagat. We also bought a few crackers to feed the fishes.

Looc Marine Sanctuary
Finally! We are getting closer to the actual sanctuary.

The boat was definitely too big for 2.
The boat was definitely too big for 2.
We road this boat and after a few minutes, we were in the middle of the bay in this very big raft. The water is very clear, I can see corals, sea grass, rocks and of course, fishes.

looc marine sanctuary
This is the sanctuary up close

Bring a lot of crackers. These fishes have a large appetite.
Since we only had very limited time to stay here, we deliberately didn’t bring our swim wear. But snorkeling is highly recommended.

Fishes on the side of the raft
Fishes on the side of the raft

The water was so inviting. It was really a pity we weren’t able to swim with the fishes 🙁

Light house
Light house
After less than an hour of taking pictures and feeding the fishes, we went back to the town proper to find a ride to Odiongan. I promise to go back again. With swim wear this time!

Til the next post! Have a lovely day!