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Sta. Fe, Tablas Island

There really isn’t much to do in this quiet town. A few kilometers away from where we were staying was a resort–By the Sea Resort, if I remember correctly. My friend and I wanted to go there but the oldies were hesitant to let us go because the roads could be dangerous at night. So instead, we just sat on the port (which was conveniently near Erica’s cousin’s house) watched the Sunset while eating some (really delicious) kind of doughnut with Taro filling. And some other activities in between.

Here are some pictures I took of this picturesque little town.


That hut with green nets and a bamboo bridge is what they call a “fish cage”. The entrance fee is Php 50 per person. They sell fish and scallops too.



“Camera, picture, okay?” Of course I complied.
The locals are very kind and friendly. They keep greeting me in English. I was amused seeing their reactions when I started talking in Tagalog.

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Beautiful Sunset

Rolling hills
rolling hills in Romblon????

Rocky Beach
Rocky Beach

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not…

Sta. Fe Port
Clear waters in the Port of Sta. Fe
sta. fe

“Fish Cage”

Scallops sold in the Fish Cage

There’s a jeepney that goes to other points in the island. It leaves at around 7:30 in the morning.

Next up: Looc Marine Sanctuary.