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BEACH ESSENTIALS | Whimsical Wednesday

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Life’s a Beach
It’s that time of year again! Summer! The sun! The sea! The sand!
Well, I know I shouldn’t be this excited seeing how the weather in our country seems to be summery all year round. Anyway, I like summer and as I wrote before, I like lists. So before setting off to the beach, I usually make a pack list of what to bring to the beach.

I think everyone has their own list of Beach or summer essentials. But anyway, here is mine:

Eos lip treatment
Lip balms! Our lips need moisturizing too especially at this time of year.

Kiss My Face sun care
Sunscreen. Getting a tan is good. But having healthier, unburnt skin is better.

Bath body product
To hydrate our skin after exposure to the sun. Replenishing moisture to our skin helps keep our skin healthy.

Tory burch tech accessory
A phone! or not.

Floppy hat
I was trekking one time and I wore a hat but my friend didn’t. Guess whose face got burnt by the sun.

Billabong beach tote bag
Better find one that’s waterproof if you are planning on swimming a lot.

Bikini cover up
Bikinis! Rash guards! Board shorts! Cover ups!
Speaking of cover ups, kimono cardigans are getting more popular these days. I like wearing those since they are very thin and light but they do provide protection from the sun. Love them.

American Rag Cie flat thong sandals
Fashionable sandals like this is always a good idea.

Dot Bo glass stopper
Water! No explanation needed.

Obviously, if you want to listen to your playlist while relaxing beside the pool or sunbathing on the beach. In some places I’ve been to, I’ve noticed people listening to music via their phones’ loud speaker. It’s okay, but come on, not everyone enjoys the same tune as you do. One time, while riding a bus, I felt kind of sorry to an elderly person, sitting beside a teen blasting out “Shake it off” on his phone. He looked slightly irritated to me. (I like Shake it off, but I’m not sure if the old man enjoys it as much as the teen and I do.)
What are your beach essentials?