whimsical wednesday

Whimsical Wednesdays!

In order to write regularly, I figured I should update at least once a week and one way to do that is to do a kind of series.

Here it is! Whimsical Wednesdays!

Why “whimsical” you ask? I don’t know. I just found it in a thesaurus.

Just kidding.

Actually no, I’m serious. I was looking for good adjectives. Anyway, I’m planning on putting anything fun, random or amusing that I might have encountered or read about.

Here is the first ever installment in this not-very-amusing series!


Mountains of Negros

While we were on our way to Mambukal, we passed by this majestic mountain range. Later, after having been to the 7th Fall, our guide directed us to a more scenic place which required a little bit of trek uphill, out of the usual way back to the resort. It was magnificent. We could see the entire town of Murcia from up there and we are at a much better position to see the mountain range I was so engrossed in. DSC08210Along the way were lines and lines of flowers and vegetation. The people living there are so lucky to have such fertile land.

I didn’t do this place any justice at all. #sorry

Our guide told us the legend of “Kanlaon”. My other friend Patricia once asked me to go trekking with her there. While talking about it we thought about the origin of the name, if it had any relation to the hiligaynon word “laon” which means “Old maid”. And if indeed it was, we thought it apt for us to climb this mountain in the future since we can relate to it, us being the spinsters that we are. But little did we know that time how accurate we were about the etymology of it. Here’s the gist of it: Kanlaon was once a beautiful woman rejected by her one true love. But instead going all Miss Moving On, she vowed not to marry anyone. And she ended up alone, an old maid and had fallen into an eternal slumber. (Just like any other story shared through oral storytelling, there could be many versions of this legend.)

I dubbed this as Mambukal Rice Terraces. Lol.
I dubbed this as Mambukal Rice Terraces. Lol.

Another interesting thing our guide told us was about a “Sleeping Lady”. I actually thought he was going to tell us a ghost story, to my excitement. But it was actually a mountain formation like that of a lady’s upper body. We kept looking for it. And we tried hard but it was difficult to find.

Can you?

mountain negros

Clue: It’s on your left!


Still can’t find it? Here’s a much closer look.


Clearly outlined is her head: those 2 small bumps being her forehead and nose and the bigger bump is her breast. What? Breast? She only has one boob? Well, our guide told us what we can see is the lady’s side profile.

There were a lot of stories relayed to us by our guide, if you want to find more about it, then I suggest you go to Mambukal, Murcia or Canlaon City and ask the locals about these mountains. I’m pretty sure it’s better hearing these stories straight from them.

Til next Wednesday!