photo challenge


Good lighting is hard to find today since it’s been raining and I’ve got no lighting equipment available. So I am using this photo I took from one of my trips. (Posted about this here)

I’ve always been fond of nature. Most of my trips are in the countryside or farms or much recently, an active volcano.

On the topic of nature, i have a lot of photos to choose from but since the assignment says “natural world” i wanted the focus to be on their world. Like a world something humans aren’t involved in. Something you don’t see yourself or other people doing. Like a different world. I’m probably not making any sense.

But anyway. here are crabs burying themselves. What we witnessed was actually like a “crab migration” I don’t know how to explain it. More pictures are posted here.

BONUS: I’m torn which picture is more suitable for the theme or which one is better overall. So I’m posting this one. What do you think? Should I have featured this instead?