photo challenge

MYSTREERY | day 10


It’s been raining, I’m sick and i have no good idea on how to interpret today’s theme so I looked for a suitable picture from my phone and edited it. Well, post processing is still part of photography right??? 


We were in a new “city” and like other places I’ve been to, this place is a mystery to me. I’ve yet to learn some of it’s secrets and it’s story. We went on a farm one day and on our way back, I kept seeing lots of beautiful things and sceneries. And at one time, we saw this tree that definitely caught my eye. It was standing out from it’s surroundings. It seems to have a story to tell of the things it has witnessed in this town. I’m not sure if it’s a love story or a ghost story, but certainly, it must be a good story. I took this photo while sitting on the back of a moving motorcycle (not very safe, I know. Sorry Mom) and that’s why it’s not very sharp– and once again, i used my phone.

Canlaon City, Negros Oriental