THE RUINS | Negros Occidental Day 1

After eating at El Ideal, we rode a mini bus (locally known as “double tire”) to Talisay. At the terminal, we were surprised that the trike driver was asking Php300 for a “round trip” to the Ruins, saying he’ll wait for us  Allegedly there aren’t any other means of transportation going back to the highway because all the other tricycles there are also waiting for their specific passengers. Gina-akupar kuno tanan. The last time I’ve been here, we were charged only Php20 each so I was very hesitant to say yes, we haggled and haggled but he won’t lower his price and since there were no other trikes around, we finally agreed to his price.

The Ruins
My friend and I noticed that the place was kind of near and all the roads were paved (you will pass 2 subdivisions), not like in the past where we had to navigate through a sugar cane plantation and there wasn’t a house in sight. So we decided to pay just Php150 for the one way trip and have the driver be back on his merry way. And this was actually a good decision because as we were suspecting, it was overpriced. More on that later.


The entrance fee now is Php 90 (for comparison, we paid only Php40 a few years back).


There were lots of people there. A LOT. And few of them were very rude. (Only a few, thank goodness. The kind ones still outnumber them lol.) Also, it was so difficult for us to have our pictures taken without someone passing by or being in the background.

Just an example of what I mean
the ruins fountain bacolod
The very popular fountain
Majestic as always
The place is now very commercialized. There’s a souvenir shop inside the mansion, a cafe outside, and some more establishments I don’t remember nor did I take a picture of. Sorry.

Where did the Antiques go?
This place used to be my favorite. There used to be a few antiques here. I remember a Longcase clock (Grandfather clock) in particular being in display at the rightmost part. I was quite saddened when I saw these newspaper clippings and pictures of the mansion rather than those period pieces. I do understand the need to keep those away from the public though. And I just think myself lucky to be able to see those pieces once.

Still lots of people there
I’ve been writing mostly negatives here but there are a few improvements that I really like. One is that the second floor is now accessible, in the past, you can only go up to the top of the stairs but not on the balcony. The view there is very nice as you get a really good view of the area.

The best time to go here would be before just right before sunset
ruins bacolod
View from the second floor
There were just too many people inside the place so I didn’t bother taking pictures of it.

After an hour, we decided to go back since we still have to check in.


At the entrance of the place there were a few tricycles waiting, they told us the fare to the terminal would only be Php25 each! So we boarded one and saved ourselves Php 75. Lol. The driver told us that we probably should’ve crossed the street after getting of the bus from Silay and looked for more tricycles because they are all parked in a different spot. I haven’t seen the spot that he mentioned but try to keep that in mind. Learn from our mistakes 😉

Up next: Day 2

Til next time!