We started early so we can catch the van to Campuestohan which was, according to their website, scheduled to leave at 9:00am. We arrived at Villa Angela Arcade where the van was parked at about 8:00 but the van was nearly full when we got there. Fortunately, there were still seats for us three. The fare was Php 100 one way.

campuestohan restaurant
This is where we were dropped off. Inside is their main reception area and their restaurant.
It took us nearly an hour to get there. Entrance fee was Php150 with free access to their swimming pool.

campuestohan cabin guest house
Lovely cabin isn’t it?
There are a lot of places to go to. There was the huge log cabin which houses some of their guests. It looked really nice, I was tempted to stay there for a night.

cabin campuestohan
There are guest rooms in this cabin for those planning to stay overnight
Another attraction is the very popular and much photographed King Kong.

King kong seems to have attracted a lot of hostages… um, visitors.
I liked how there were wrecked planes, dinosaur bones and this spot (see picture below) around it. We took lots of pictures there.

Wrecked helicopter!

Dinosaur bones!
Dinosaur bones!
The Hall of heroes also had lots of people having their pictures taken with different superheroes.

The bonita huts and ______ huts have their own special appeal. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a night in these huts?

Bonita huts

There are a few activities you can do here. My friends tried horseback riding. It was Php 150 for a 15 minute ride.

hello horsie
hello horsie

The rope course is on the right.
We didn’t bring any food so we ate in their restaurant. The prices were reasonable, not very overpriced unlike most resorts. We ordered Sisig, Calamares, Chicken Inasal, a liter of Pepsi and 3 cups of rice. No pictures, sorry. We paid less than Php200 each.

You can also have your pictures taken by their photographers (they’re everywhere) and have those photos printed for a fee.

More pictures:


IMG_2809 IMG_2955 IMG_2969 IMG_2970


For a full list of activities, you can visit their website HERE

Til next time!