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MAMBUKAL | Negros Occidental Day 3

This post is so late huhuhu

Anyway, continuing where we left off…

We went to the bus terminal at around 8 am, took a mini bus with the sign Mambukal (pick a comfortable seat, it can get crowded). The journey lasted nearly an hour, there were a few stops in between.

Lovely scenery we passed by


We paid Php 50 for the entrance fee and we walked to their reception area.


Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t check in yet since the room isn’t available. We decided to go trekking first and luckily, the receptionists allowed us to leave our bags with them.

Taking our valuables and cameras with us, we went around the grounds.

Ishiwata Bath House
Lots of bats
This is near the entrance. I don’t know where this leads to

We made our way up to the starting point of the trek. We wanted to try out their Canopy Walk but it was under maintenance.

Every group is to have a guide as there have been some instances of people fainting midway.

Then up we went.

Enter a caption


There were a lot of beautiful wild flowers on the trail.

Another thing¬†I liked was when our guide brought us to another place that wasn’t part of the normal tour. It was a higher place but the trek was fairly easy even with our exhausted bodies. The view was magnificent. And here he told us about the legend of the sleeping lady

Truly breathtaking


We took more pictures and rode the habal-habal back to the resort. There isn’t any fixed rate for the guide fee so we gave our guide Php 200. He was a really good guide. Two thumbs up!


By the that time we were already very hungry. Since we went there without any packed lunch, we bought some food in a restaurant near the overnight cottages. The food there weren’t too expensive, but there are carinderias outside for cheaper options.

We gathered our bags and proceeded to our room. It was satisfactory. It’s very spacious but one can tell it’s in need of renovation. The building is located near the back entrance of the resort, near the stores outside but a bit far from other attractions. It’s also quite noisy. This place is mostly occupied by big groups so they might feel very comfortable making lots of noises. (Good thing they were quiet at night lol).

Family Villa

Another unfortunate thing was that it was Tuesday- maintenance day. The zipline was closed and the canopy walk was closed. The boating lagoon was closed. Without anything to do, we just walked around the grounds and looked around.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks.
A long exposure shot I took using my iPhone

We had an early dinner, bought some snacks outside and went to the hot springs for a dip. (Php 50 for the hot springs)

The water’s temperature was too hot for us at first (we were sunburnt lol) but after awhile our body got used to the heat and it became comfortable. Very comfortable.

It was maintenance day the next day

I fell fast asleep that night. I am not used to such “rigorous” activity (guess my sedentary lifestyle wasn’t doing me any good).

We were up early the next day. We had breakfast at a nearby canteen and went around once more.

This one is VERY hot so no swimming or dipping is allowed here.


Our plan was to go boating at 9 am. We went there too early but fortunately one of their staff was there so we were off to row our boat.

We went around the grounds once more after boating. There are a lot of things to do here seriously. Go check it out here.

Before we were off to the city, we had our lunch here. The food is delicious and surprisingly, they are affordable. Also, there are eateries or carinderia– as we Filipinos call them, outside so if you are on a budget you can buy your lunch, snacks or coffee there.

Til next time,