NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream VS Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream (Review and Swatches)

As you can see from the title, I will be comparing a very popular product from NYX and it’s alleged dupe, the Manhattan soft mat lip cream.

(Sorry if some of the photos might look grainy, I used only my phone’s camera and I sent them through Facebook so the quality has gone down a bit. And excuse the lighting, I was using natural light so… ANYWAY.)


The basics. I only have 1 shade of both, Stockholm for Nyx and 95G for Manhattan. They’re both nude colors with Stockholm being a slightly peachy nude and 95G is a brownish nude.

I chanced upon the Manhattan lip cream while I was looking for some cosmetics on ebay. I got this from a store based in the UK.

Manhattan’s SMLC doesn’t have a list of ingredients

But NYX has.
Details. I am very surprised when I opened the product. Almost everything was similar. The packing was nearly identical; they’re both moussey and they apply smoothly; they dry down matte and they don’t last very long. While it doesn’t claim to be long-lasting I’ve got some people telling me that they do last long and that they don’t transfer. I’m not so sure about the other shades but Stockholm and 95G don’t last more than 5 hours on me and they do transfer.



One difference, though, is the volume. NYX has 8ml of product while it’s 6.5ml for Manhattan.


Their applicators are similar too.
Price. I don’t know how much it costs in the NYX stores in Metro Manila but NYX’s SMLC normally sell at around Php280 or more in online shops here in the Philippines. I got mine for only Php245.00 (~ $5.20) and Manhattan was Php 141.00 (~$3).

Color selection. NYX SMLC has 22 shades while Manhattan only has 6.

I like the embossed M here lol
Overall. I think both are really good products. If you want a cheaper alternative to NYX’s SMLC, then Manhattan’s Soft Mat Lipcream is your best bet.


Manhattan 95G

NYX SMLC in Stockholm

Top: 95G Bottom: Stockholm

Til next time