LBC Shipping Cart: 2016 Review 

UPDATE!!! I tried shipping cart for the second time. CLICK HERE for a more recent review of LBC shipping cart.

This particular story is a series of ups and downs with mostly downs. It is still unfinished as I have yet to receive my stuff. I’ll be updating up to the time I receive my shipment. (Updates at the last part of this post.) TBH, this is kind of difficult to write since I’m not very good with words so a word of warning, this post will be very confusing. and long. Very long. I’m sorry in advance.

I have always wanted to purchase from different makeup sites in the US but I was pretty hesitant because either they have very high rates for international shipping or they don’t ship internationally at all. Then I learned about third party forwarders– you sign up for their services, they give you a virtual US address where you can have your stuff delivered to and then they ship it to you–for a fee of course. I was actually choosing between Johnny Air and LBC Shipping Cart since they can both ship my items directly to Iloilo. After further research, I chose to go with LBC Shipping Cart because they consolidate. Consolidation is really important for me because I (and my mom) was planning on buying stuff from different sites.

So I made an account with Shipping Cart, a very easy process mind you and ordered some stuff to be delivered to the virtual address in my account.

First site I ordered from was More details on why I decided to buy from their US site in another blog post.

I love ELF a lot. lol. Screengrabbed from
I couldn’t resist the new stuff they released and the free smokey eyes kit so I bought some more lol


Then I bought a perfume, a Maybelline Fit me! foundation (sucks that this line isn’t available in the PH) and a pair of Roxy slippers from Amazon.

I paid for these 3 together. I didn’t realized that Amazon would send them separately. was our next site. We bought a few stuff and a Sally Hansen gel lamp. (Praying the lamp doesn’t get broken in transit huhu)

Then we finally ordered a pair of Adidas Tubular Runner on Ebay for my brother. (On a sidenote: doesn’t accept credit cards with a PH billing address. Trust me, we tried. LOL)

I LOVE EBAY. I’ll make a separate post about it soon

Some of my items were shipped with USPS, UPS and FedEx. From my experience, all of these couriers were good and timely. These US Shopping sites will give you a tracking number immediately after they’ve shipped your products.

Shipping cart sends you an email like the one below once they have received your items. From my experience their email usually arrives ~2 hours AFTER the email from the courier or website.

You can call those contact numbers if you have problems with Shipping cart 😉

I’ve got 5 parcels in all excluding the second ELF one since it was a late purchase. They arrived in this order:

  • January 12- My order from ELF Cosmetics
  • January 16- My slippers from Amazon
  • January 16- My items from
  • January 16- The pair of shoes from Ebay
  • January 18-The perfume and foundation from Amazon

It usually takes them days to post the items into my account. One time, it took them 5 days!

I checked back everyday til January 21. All of my stuff were in my account then:



I’ve got 2 issues at this point.

#1. They can’t ship the perfume. I was shocked because I read their Prohibited items list and there were no mention of perfumes. This particular perfume isn’t in a pressurized container so I didn’t understand the restriction.

#2. The weight and dimensions of the foundation. It’s one fluid ounce! According to Amazon, this item’s shippable weight is 1.6 ounces and product dimensions are 1.2 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches. source. (Remember, shipping cart at this point removes all the unnecessary packaging and measures the ACTUAL WEIGHT)


Look how tiny it is. I didn’t understand the measurements at all.

I immediately called them up to inquire further about this and one of their staff, a woman whose name I forgot said that maybe they can arrange for their team in the US to change the status so I can ship it “Kahit via sea cargo na lang” and she added “but it’ll still be better if they can include it for air cargo”. I also asked them to include the perfume with the foundation since they came together.

January 25. It took them 4 days to change the status of the perfume but they still didn’t put the perfume and foundation together. Curious I tried to check out (or should I say ship out? lol) the foundation alone via air cargo and the shipping cost was nearly the same as my brother’s shoes. Then I checked the details and saw that the perfume’s weight is 1.12lbs with the same dimensions as the foundation (I couldn’t see the perfume’s weight and dimensions before since it was in their “not eligible for international shipping” list) and the foundation’s weight is still 1.1lbs. So in conclusion, LBC tried to charge me TWICE for one parcel. Though I was pretty sure it was a mistake (or someone got lazy to weigh these stuff again). So I emailed them about it. And guess who got a reply? Not me for sure.

One parcel but LBC separated them and charged me twice.
1.1 lbs according to UPS for both foundation AND perfume but 1.1lbs for the foundation and 1.2lbs for the perfume according to LBC.

Another thing came up while that issue remained unresolved. I tried to check them all out just to get a glimpse of the final amount I would be paying. I chose 4 items for air cargo and 2 via sea cargo and as you can see from the photos, the amount on the final computation is very different from their estimates.

I kept calling and tweeting them about it. They did make changes on the same day but the dimensions and weight of each item still seem weird to me. Point 5 pound for a 30ml foundation? Okayyyyyyy.

But then I was still so confused about the final charges.

I love it
lbcc new.png

I finally got a reply from one of my tweets and I dm’ed them the issues I was having.

lbc tweet.PNG

Apparently, the person in charge of their twitter account has no idea too.

Then it hit me. Their fixed rates. I live in the province that’s why they added $10 in the final computation. Later, I remembered the newsletter they sent.


Changes will be applied February 1 and I calculated the differences and I thought it was okay, I’ll save more if I waited for their $10 flat rate. ELF also released new stuff, restocked some items I was planning to buy and had a free Smokey Eye kit for orders above $35 so I decided to wait til February 1. hehe

And let me tell you. It was the WORST DECISION EVER.

What they didn’t mention was they’ll be changing how items will be charged. I was led to believe it’ll stay the same since there was no mention of it in the newsletter. If they made it clearer I would’ve sent my parcels before February 1st. They should’ve written in bold letters that they’ll be charging us not the actual weight but the actual weight or volume weight whichever is higher. I thought LBC “consolidates” parcels in a way that they’ll be removing all excess and unnecessary packaging and putting them all in one box so getting the actual weight of the items will be more accurate indeed.

Another thing one of their staff kept insisting on the phone was that it was because their rates have increased from $5.04 to $5.99. If indeed that was the case, the total should’ve been somewhere between Php 1,500 – 1,600 and not Php 3240!!! (EDIT: This is only for the stuff I wanted to ship via air cargo and excluding the last package from ELF. But if I were to choose air cargo for all of them it would’ve cost me Php8000 more or less.)

lbc now.PNG
From Php 1,486 it went up to Php 3,240. That’s an increase of 218%!

Anyway, my mom and I decided to just have them all shipped via sea cargo since we weren’t really in a hurry. Having them here faster would’ve still been better though. *insert crying emoji*

February 6, my last haul from ELF was delivered by USPS. It appeared on my account February 10. And here I was expecting an increase in efficiency of their services since their rates increased but noooo.


Hey look! They didn’t remove the box.

I had everything shipped out immediately, it was very cheap to be honest but of course, I have to be very, very, very patient.

lbc fail.PNG

Now the waiting game begins.

Next update will probably be after they have consolidated my stuff. When? Who knows. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Feb. 28 – Status changed consolidated

UPDATE 2: March 3- I sent them a message via Facebook messenger asking for a tracking number and they sent me one the next day.

UPDATE 3: March 7 – Status changed to “In transit”

UPDATE 4: April 7 – IT FINALLY ARRIVED after exactly 56 days.

Note: I was expecting the ELF box to be included but they still removed it. Hey LBC! You measured the boxes so it’s only fair you send me my stuff with the original packaging!

UPDATE 5: I mentioned in my JinioPH post (another US-Philippines forwarder) that I wasn’t able to get a tax refund from Amazon because the Bill of Lading was lacking the necessary details. My tip is to get a screenshot of the details of your shipment once it’s in your account. Don’t forget to do this before paying because you won’t be able to see the details after payment has been made.

click view details then…
then get a screenshot of this

However, I’m not sure if Amazon will accept it because they want evidence of the delivery destination which isn’t specified in that page. Just in case they won’t, just ask a Bill of Lading from LBC which I am sure they will be able to provide.

Here is the box!

If you missed it, click here for a more recent experience with Shippingcart.


  • Jane

    Hi po I have read that you have purchased in but when I tried purchasing there is no “philippines” in the billing address. Any tips? How did you do it? Thanks

    • Hi! I think you will encounter that in most US sites except Amazon and What I did though was just enter my PH billing address and then I chose a US state and zip code that closely resembled the ones in my PH address. Since I live in Iloilo, I chose Illinois (ILI) since it kinda looks similar to Iloilo (ILO), same with the zip code. I hope this works for you. Good luck!

      • Jaja

        Thank you for your reply! sell stuff much cheaper kasi in amazon.. i will try your suggestion! 🙂 thanks!!!!

        • No problem! Enjoy shopping 😉

          • Jaja

            Hi sis curious lang… Kasi yung pinakalast na naideliver sa warehouse yun yung unang lumabas sa shipping cart ko.. Is this normal? Do they put the items inside the shipping cart in random ?

          • Hi! I’m not sure, my items were delivered days apart so they were reflected in my account in order. Maybe you have items that needed special handling in your parcels? Better ask them via FB or twitter though by experience I would say they reply faster in FB 😃

          • Jaja

            Hi sis nakuha ko na package ko…. I still cannot recommend it lol … It’s a hit or a miss kind of service, nga pala have you tried ordering again through them? Just curious hehe .. How would you rate their service?

          • Oh good! how long did it take? And after all this fiasco, no. My next order was shipped through Jinio by Xend and I think it was kinda good. As for LBC, maybe I would rate them a 6 out of 10 coz of the many inconsistencies (and to add, my phone bill increased coz of the calls I had to make) but at least everything arrived and not one was damaged hehe

          • Jaja

            I see… Naextend yung pagpadala kasi I was bought from different stores. I paid last may 7 then may 19 nakuha ko items, was a bit off with the delivery guy tsk.. Mabilis naman sila when it comes to replying sa pag deliver lang medyo sablay..hehe ..nga pala I chose air cargo kasi may promo at that time

          • Oh, bakit naman? Hindi friendly? Ay good na may promo… I chose sea cargo coz the total (including the one with special handling) was nearly php 8000. That’s nearly the cost of all my stuff lol.

          • Jaja

            Yep hehe… Sakin 800+ yung shipping almost the same din ng cost ng items haha! Weird

    • Anonymous

      Problems purchasing with a Filipino credit card in USA stores easily solved with pay pal.

      • While that might work with Ebay and Amazon, it won’t on other US stores. That is unless you also have a US paypal account –which, no surprise here, needs a US credit card/US billing address

        • Jaja

          Need ko p b pumila sa post office??? Re:ali express never p kasi ako nkatungtong sa post office eh

      • KaraKarmela Sese

        Hi thesessylover! how did you pay for your elf products?

  • Jaja

    I bought** typo sorry haha

  • Fidel

    Walang kwenta ang LBC Shipping Cart!!! I suggest get other shipper. They are so unreliable and their employees are so unprofessional! If you don’t want to get frustrated like me, guys I’m doing you all a favor, don’t ever make the mistake of employing their service! Di lang suuuuper delayed, their online facility is useless! And they separate your items in different boxes so they can get more fees from you. I just found out that my supplier only used 1 box as confirmed by FedEx. Pag dating sa storage ko dalawa na! Wow!!! Ganito ba ka low life desperate ang LBC na ito na pag hihiwalayin pa yung items mo into 2 big boxes para lang mas kumita sila sa dimensions!? Grabe pag nag reklamo ka lalo iipitin yung items mo. Kung ano anong hihingin evidence from your supplier para lang ma delay nang ma delay at mapipilitan ka din bayaran para matapos na lang yung abala sayo. NEVER again LBC!!!

    • Jaja

      Hi there … I just want to say to avoid big charges dun sa mga boxes mo need mo sila iemail talaga and pakita mo proof of shipment para di sila masanay na kahit ano nalang yung dimensions ilalagay. Di sila perfect but you know sometimes you get what you pay for xD I guess

    • Oh! That’s too bad! What a shame, same thing happened to me in one of my parcels as mentioned above. Hopefully they make better their services in the future.

    • Marianne

      Oh my! Sana nabasa ko itong warning mo earlier, cause I’m having the same issues with them. Ang bagal nila!!! Up to now my items are not all processed after it arrived last Sept. 12, 2016.

      • Hi Dear, have you tried calling them? I usually get better results through the phone. They were able to change the dimensions the next day (I think).
        Sad to say their services are indeed deteriorating.

        • Jfjsjs

          I believe that after all the hype and the fame di nila na manage na maraming tao ang gagamit ng service nila, i think they need more man power tbh, yung inquiry ko last 4 months ago ngayon pa lang nila nabasa ata hahaah

          • Agreed. Parang kailangan talaga nilang mag add ng employees especially in their warehouse

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  • clare

    Super delayed nga. I think pag ngrereklamo ka lalo k nilang iipitin. Its true lalo na pag comment k ng comment sa FB nila and IG. It is really frustrating. I paid already pero wala prin consolidation after 1week na.

    • Hi there! It can be really frustrating. A week for consolidation is already long enough but unfortunately I think you might have to wait longer as it took them 18days to change the status of my package to consolidated. Best of luck though! I hope your transaction won’t have anymore speed bumps.

  • Trudie

    Did they ship the perfume? How much did it take? I’ve been thinking of trying LBC over or Johnny Air but I’ve been reading a couple of negative reviews especially when it comes to perfumes kasi.

    • Hi! Yes they did. I had it shipped via sea cargo along with my other stuff so I’m not so sure exactly how much I paid for it. Though I am guessing it was the same with others, 1.12$ per pound. If I had it shipped via air cargo, it would’ve cost me $8.99/per pound (excluding the fixed fee of course) since it’s under items that require special handling 🙂

      • Trudie

        Thanks for the quick response! Hmmm. Given that a 3oz perfume would be around one or two pounds max, that would be $18 right? What do you mean by fixed fee? How much is it? So guesstimate it that $1.12 for ship cargo, that would be $3 but for how long? Over $18 via air cargo, it takes approximately two weeks? Right? Thanks!

        • They have a fixed rate that they apply for every shipment (air or sea cargo) which is $10. That 2 pounds estimate though… I am not sure since I’ve been reading comments and based from my last shipment, they are measuring the box the product came in with so it might cost you more if they did since the chargeable weight would be higher. You can look at their FAQs regarding chargeable wt here >> But in the event that your package is indeed 2lbs I would think you would have to pay around $28 (plus fixed rate) for air cargo and $13 for sea cargo. As per my experience it took me 56days if I’m not mistaken, to get my stuff. Not sure about air cargo though…

        • And oh, if you want to have a more accurate estimate, you can do so here >> i hope the link works lol

      • Trudie

        Great, thanks! A $30 cost is indeed hefty. It’s similar to having the product go through customs. But the hassle for sea cargo is time though. Thanks for the link as well! Saw it earlier but I’ve no idea how to get the box dimensions of the perfume. 😬

        • No problem! I would say though, if you order from amazon, chances are it will be packed in a large box lol
          Best of luck!

  • Bing

    This is the first time I’ve used lbc shopping cart and got notification that they have received my item last July 9. Since then no updates yet. Was planning to add more items but having second thoughts now. Wait and see at the moment how things will go. Wish me luck 😂😂😂

    • Oh wow, Seems like they’ve been really slow these days. Best of luck though! Hope they do something about it soon 🙂

      • Anonymous

        i hope i will get some good news before the week ends …. still hoping hehehe

      • Bing

        may we know your account name…..that’s the only update i got from them…..whew! 😡😡😡

        • Hi! That’s not very helpful of them at all. Try calling them or send them a PM in Facebook. I always get “faster” replies that way… Best of luck!

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  • MP

    Hello, I ordered something in Amazon and when LBC shipping cart got it, the only photo I received in “My storage” is the Amazon receipt.. is this normal? shouldn’t it be the actual photo of the item? oh my god I’m getting nervous maybe my item got lost and they will only ship me the box…

    • Hi! Oh, I don’t think it is unless they made any changes… It does seem unusal to me. Try calling them up and maybe wait til send you more pictures before paying. Best of luck!

  • Hello, I tend to agree with Fidel who posted last June 14, 2016. I started using My Shipping Cart last year which perhaps was their Golden Age. I bought a pair of shoes and was charged only P1300 via air cargo. I also bought signature deodorant sticks and they classified it as fragrances and there was not a problem. I was charged P1700 for 17pcs which was fine as each retailed for about $20. 6 months after I bought another pair of shoes. Same model different color and was charged P2300. This was the time they announced they will charge a flat fee of $10. Understandable. Last month I bought the another pair of shoes and a CD (compact disc). They were charging me P3600 via air cargo. I can see this time that they are using volumetric weight instead of actual weight whichever is higher. Like mentioned in earlier posts they do not get rid of the excess packaging so they can charge more. I opted for sea cargo for P1000. This month I bought polo shirts from an international brand. I ordered 3 batches. The 1st batch has 4 polo shirt and it reflected an actual weight of 2,7lbs. They are charging me P1600 for it. The 2nd batch also has 4 polo shirts. The reflected actual weight is 3.3lbs but they are charging me a volumetric weight of 16.6lbs for P4900. The photo given are only the receipt/invoices from the merchant instead of the actual items. There is no way for me to see how it was packaged when delivered. I am speculating that they separated each polo shirt and put them in their own box so that they can charge me more like what happened to Fidel. The 3rd batch has not arrived yet. Their customer service is pathetic. By the time they have a response that will probably be in their favor since they do not entertain special requests, you will already be charged storage fee for taking too long to ship. As you can see the only benefit of using them is for high value but sturdy items. They have stopped the practice of making every effort in order for the customer to save cost. Instead they have started to use every possible means to extract more from their customers perhaps even resorting to fraud. This may be my last time of using their services. I am going to back to Johnny Air.

    • Oh my, that sounds awful. It seems like they got worse. And their “consolidation” is a joke. They’ll measure the original box but will remove it in the end. That’s not how you consolidate, LBC.
      And yeah, going with other forwarders like Johnny Air might be better. Best of luck!

  • bing_ph

    had my first transaction with LBC and it took a month before my item was delivered to me….i did try Johnny Air just very recently and voila in 10 days I was able to pickup my items at their Makati Office…..

    • Wow… A month for air cargo? That’s very unacceptable.
      And maybe I’ll try Johnny Air too, in the future.

  • HI! Where is the office of LBC Shipping Cart? I will file a formal complaint. They have been blatantly ignoring my messages and responding to others! The nerve. It’s my first time to try this service and I will not tolerate this kind of service. Ang daming kawawa din in the future if this continues.

    • Hello! I’m glad you are standing up, we really shouldn’t settle for subpar services. Regarding the address, I remember receiving an email with their address on it but I can’t see it rn on mobile. I’ll look for it later. I’ll get back to you soon dear 🙂

    • Hi again! I found this in one of their earlier emails to me:
      LBC Express, Inc.
      26th floor One San Miguel Avenue Condominium
      One San Miguel Avenue cor Shaw Blvd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

      Best of luck dear!

    • Jfjsjs

      I believe that their service is good at first, better to ditch em and use johnny air cargo instead.. I am nkt affiliated with johnny air but so far no formal complaints on their side

      • Yeah, I’ve been hearing good things about them 🙂

  • Shaun Japsay

    I have been using ShippingCart for a year now and yes – starting in June of this year their service is getting worst with regards to the delays due to a large volume of packages lately. They’ve began taking photos of the packing slip instead of the items for Amazon orders as an alternative to somehow “speed” up the process.
    For this month I have two online orders: First package came from Amazon Japan thru (Japanese equivalent of ShippingCart) which was paid on the 18th and up to now still on “Paid” status. Items were photographed not the packing slip. As you mentioned in an earlier comment that yours was consolidated 18 days later it looks like I have to wait until the first week of September 🙁 I have e-mailed customer service and they have advised that they filed a ticket to expedite the consolidation. The box has already a tracking number allocated awaiting for activation.
    The second one (Amazon US) was paid on the 21st (packing slip photographed instead) and surprisingly this package is out for delivery today 31st of August. Timings very inconsistent.

    I’m reading several comments from their FB page and some customer have “lost” her order in the warehouse! Very alarming.

    • Yeah, I noticed their inconsistency too. Seems like they need to be more organized. And it’s worrisome that they “lose” things. Hopefully all the losses will be refunded. But what a hassle though. Good luck on your packages. I hope you get them within their promised time frame 🙂

      • Shaun Japsay

        After several follow-ups, customer service e-mailed me yesterday and voila – my package is lost! Even after they photographed the items and me paying for the shipping. They are now going to file a claim on my behalf but I couldn’t agree with the amount. Despite the claim they’re still going to find my package in the next 30 days and hopefully ship it. How very unfortunate for me, I suggest you guys should not use ShippingCart for a while until they resolve these type of cases. I’ve read comments on their FB page and many customers have lost their package late July and August, some even received incorrect items on their doorsteps (another shock!).

        • Oh gosh, that’s horrible! You should really run after them. I hope they can compensate you greatly. Imagine getting something at 50% off during a sale and them losing it. Tsk. I was actually going to make a take 2 review on them but I don’t think I will now. May this serve as a warning to others.
          Good luck dear.

  • sari

    hi! i cant find their contact number? you mentioned that you were calling them can you share where we can contact them? i just got my package delivered today and surprise surprise half of my items are not there instead i got 2 items which were not mine and costs only 20$. this is so frustrating, first, they charge you a fee with the dimension including the box but sent it without the amazon box and now this. ive been having bad experiences with them i just thought that maybe they improved their service but after this never again.

    • Oh my, That’s pretty unfortunate! I swear, they seem to keep getting worse. Here’s the provincial contact number: 1-800-10-8585-999 and if you’re in Metro Manila: 8585-999. I hope you can reach them there, it’s been a long time since I gave them a call. Remember to mention your transaction is with Shipping cart. Best of luck dear!

      • Anonymous

        ok thanks. i hope they can still find my items. i dont understand how it can be misplaced when they informed me that everything is already in the box. i had it shipped through sea cargo since the price for air cargo was surprisingly high considering my items were light weight and small. gosh, this is so stressful i waited so long only to find my items are missing.

        • They seem to be highly disorganized or dare I say, careless these days? One commenter above, Shaun had his stuff missing. And to think they increased their rates earlier this year, one might think they would also improve their services but that doesn’t seem to be evident. I hope everything works out well for you, dear.

  • Shaun Japsay

    Update: After sending another e-mail to customer service today, I try to check the tracking number that they have provided, surprisingly it has been Accepted at Office 199 on 7th Sept – meaning it has now been shipped. However my package’s status is still “Paid”, I have sent another e-mail to confirm if my items were indeed located and have asked for an assurance if the contents of the box is really mine. I should receive my package est. around the 14th/15th next week. Will keep you guys posted.

  • Anonymous

    Mine was worse, they lose my item. they said they are going to refund me by next week, but its been 2 weeks and i still havent received any refunds.

    • Oh, too bad. I hope you can get your refund ASAP. Have you tried calling them? You might get it faster that way. Good luck dear.

  • Hi! Would you know the dimensions of your package? 🙂 I’m thinking of buying also and it looks like I would have a similar box since I’m also ordering cosmetics! I really want to estimate my fee 🙁

    • Hi! I don’t really know the dimensions of the whole package. It’s a consolidated box so it was probably their own box and the dimensions wasn’t written anywhere after I paid. And I can’t measure it now because I threw it out, sorry. But if you’re planning on buying from ELF– sadly, I don’t have any idea of the exact dimensions of their box coz eventhough I paid for it, LBC still took out the box and repackaged my stuff. However, as far as I can remember, its volumetric weight was 2lbs. What website will you be buying from, if I may ask? 🙂

  • ry

    Hi , Can I forward a complain to a Law enforcement agency because this is an act of negligence and abusing the rights of customers. Honestly, Im a first timer on this shipping cart forwarder and used it to shipped an item that I bought through Amazon. I ordered an item on SEPT. 26, 2016 ( Philippine Time) through expedited shipping which means it will arrive next day or tomorrow at 8PM Sept. 27, 2016 (US TIME) ——-> that is Sept. 28, 2016 ( Philippines time) …… Amazon is doing a great job likewise the courier (FEDEX) they hired because it arrived at Hayward,California later than expected ( 1:49 PM instead of 8:00 pm which is the estimated time, US TIME).

    Till now, September 28, 2016, I haven’t got any updates on my account and email.I emailed their customer service yet same as everybody no reply just a shitty computer message from them . I even posted comment and PM on their Facebook page as if I look like stupid.

    Im not trying to be hasty here but SHIPPING CART should have notify me through an email ASAP which Im pretty sure every contact details is stated on the Amazon box where my item was packed in order to calm the customers regarding the safety of the ordered item.

    Reading the comments on the Facebook Page and of course on this review turned me upside down fearing that it fall into a lost scenario..

    Hope you wont find any confusion on the time zone +15, -15 Hours difference , lol

    • Hi! No worries, it wasn’t confusing at all. I think you’d better call them to get a response from them. Here is their provincial contact number: 1-800-10-8585-999 and if you’re in Metro Manila: 8585-999. I used to get their confirmation email 2-3 hrs after getting a final delivery notice from USPS/UPS/FedEx. Then the items would show up in my account 2-3 days (max 5days) later. If they still haven’t responded to your concerns, then I think you should indeed consider sending a complaint to DTI. I’m unsure of their hotline or email address though. Good luck dear.

    • AdventuRossMama

      My first time to use Shipping Cart and i swear, Never again! My fault i didn’t check out reviews. 🙁
      Really disappointing and heartbreaking! 🙁

      • Indeed, they can really be very disappointing.

  • uhhh..just wondering..if i tried inquiring through lbc (since theyre kinda like sister companies) maybe theyd be able to solve the problem on my delivery? i mean has anyone here tried that yet? sorry

    • Rather than sister companies, I think they’re owned by the same company. The contact numbers I gave above are connected to LBC as I’ve called numerous times and it has always been an LBC employee answering the phone before being transfered to a “Shipping cart” employee. Don’t hesitate to give them a ring dear 🙂

  • no land line where i am at..T____T..even in the capital they dont have paid landlines…so i might wanna just do more research…or ill do email through…

    • You can use your mobile phone though…it can cost you. My phone bill actually increased because I kept calling them as there were a lot of issues lol. Do go ahead with the email, however from my experience, they reply the fastest through FB messenger 🙂

  • did those too..hahaha…i guess ill just have to accept those orders will be someone else’s…ohhh anyone trading amazon credits for paypal balance here..or you guys know of?sorry if this is off thread..

    • I think you should really come after them. Did you ask for a refund? And yeah, try sending them a DM in twitter.
      If you mean the “no rush shipping credits” from Amazon, hehe I have no idea… I’m sorry.

      • well they did say a couple of days…its not even a week so i know how customer service can be first i might give them more time than other people..well like gift card its paypal but can only be used on amazon…if theyre in the us its quite easy to order something there..

        • Good luck with that dear. I hope you get your refund soon

  • yay they finally updated me on my orders..and the 1st batch was there..but they havent been able to photo graph and so the said items…ughhh..the anticipation is killing me..T___T

    • I think that’s part of the new changes they are implementing. Not very reassuring tbh.

      • Jfjsjs

        How long before you got your packages from aliexpress???

        • It depends on the location of the store / shipping method. The usual for my stuff would probably be a month or 5 weeks.

  • Russ

    I just had a not so nice experience with LBC SC lately. I tried their service several times from late last year to middle of this year. On those times, I ordered a box of hair cosmetics (containing 4 discs of 40g each) from DermMatch, Inc. in Florida. LBC used to charge me around P800+ for air cargo. But when I ordered one men’s hairpiece from Canada and had it delivered to my LBC SC’s virtual US address, they were charging me double for the shipment to Manila. I opted to have it shipped via sea cargo since it cost only P700+. I used to be a client of Johnny Air Cargo and now I switched back to them with my latest order from DermMatch. They charged me P700+ which I believe was cheaper than what they used to charge me last year for the same shipment (around P900+). I sent a message to LBC SC about the “weight padding issue” and their reply was “thank you for brining up the matter” but no mention of investigation nor remedy. I also emphasised that I have read in some discussion forums about LBC SC’s overcharging of clients and that I have finally experienced it too. It’s back to JAC for me.

    • What a shame. They should at least try to get the dimensions and weight again to address their customers’ concerns. Good on you for shifting couriers though!

      • Anonymous

        Follow up. I ordered again from DermMatch in Florida on Oct. 26 and had it shipped to JAC in CA. Today, I got a message from JAC Makati main office in Legaspi Village that my package has arrived with a shipping bill of P932+. Wow, just a matter of 9 days and reasonable charge.

      • Russ

        Oops. The Anonymous poster here is me, hehe..

        • Jaja

          Another thing whT is the difference between ” enroute to delivery office” and ” receive item at delivery office”?


  • Jaja

    Do i need to wait for the notice from philpost sis? Re: aliexpress

  • DO NOT USE SHIPPING CART! I have two packages with them, paid it last October 23,2016 and it is expected to be delivered November 7, 2016. Until now it is not yet delivered, it’s status is still “Your package is being processed for shipping.”. I’m emailing them now everyday but they don’t reply. I’m also calling them everyday but they always tell me that they will give me an update. No updates until now! Another thing also is if you call their hotline, when the agents of shippingcart are not available, you will be redirected to the lbc agents and they will ask for your number telling you that someone will give you a callback, guess what? No callbacks whatsoever. Very poor customer support.

    They would try to lure you in with all those promos but the problem is, they can’t handle the surge in customers. I just hope they arrive before 45 working days, if not, I should have shipped it via sea cargo instead of air cargo.

    Another thing with their pricing of packages, I have two items right? Two shoes with the same color, same design, same model, same size, same box, same everything but they charged each package differently after processing it. BS.

    • That’s terrible! You paid for their faster and more expensive air cargo but they gave you a service like that of the slower but cheaper sea cargo? I would ask for a partial refund if it were me.

      • inkay

        Hi. I have the same experience. Paid last October 25,2016 (which is way, way overpriced), suppose to arrive Nov 9, 2016. But the status is still on processed. Fortunately for me, I emailed my merchant that I have not received my items yet from lbc, and they gave me a full refund. I’m planning to file a dispute with my credit card company so that I can have a full refund on my payment. Salamt nalang sa walang kwentang serbisyo nila. Better use Johnny Air.

      • Ri

        I am already worried. Just like one of your readers, I ordered a somewhat obscene amount of makeup. I bought it from one website, but had to break it down to avail of the discount. So:
        First batch and second batch of purchases came within minutes of each other.
        First batch has been delivered to the Philippines already.
        Second batch has been delivered to their warehouse in November 2016, but until now, nothing!! No update!!! I cannot even click their button for customer help.
        It seems they have disabled it due to the number of complaints I feel they have been receiving these past two months.
        I am quite “relieved” to know that it is not only myself that experience this kind of problem – Delivered to SC warehouse but still it fails to show up on my dashboard. This is crazy already.
        And now, they are having reduced prices for shipping.
        What’s up with that? Consuelo de bobo? Even if it was that cheap, I would need my previous package to be delivered first before I ship with them again?????? They are just setting themselves up for further complications!

        • That’s what I don’t like about most Philippine companies. Our return/refund/compensation policies are terrible compared to those companies abroad.
          Anyway, have you tried filling out their Customer Care form? I saw it one time and I was curious if indeed it works as promised (“this will help us resolve your concerns faster”).

  • How long does it usually takes to process a package for shipping, I paid last November 7, 2016 for sea cargo. It’s been a week now and and the status of my package is still being processed for shipping. Thanks

    • I’m sorry, I’ve never had any status update like that. Mine was Paid- consolidated (after 18 days) – in transit (after 7 days). What a frustrating wait it was lol.

    • Cat

      Same here. It has been in process for a very long time and yet it was stated that the delivery date is Dec 1. It should be “in transit” by now. I actually never had a problem with them the past few months as in all my orders arrived on time and even ahead. It was only my packages received in November that somehow got stuck somewhere, since these were accepted, but never pictured, and then didn’t hear from them despite follow ups. My cart did show other packages received, except for some that never showed up in my cart despite being accepted. And then these items already in my cart I paid for shipping already and they’ve been “in process” for 2 weeks already.

      • Oh, that’s too bad. Have you tried contacting them? Better get in touch with them asap. Your stuff might be even more (?) stuck (if it hasn’t reached Philippine soil, that is) as Black Friday is just around the corner.

  • Xavier

    Hello Ms Finny I would like to clarify some things regarding on the tax refund. You mentioned that you need to get a screenshot of the details in your account which is in the VIEW DETAILS before paying the shipping fee.

    Then, will be the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill is present also on the VIEW DETAILS?

    • Hi! No, it isn’t. The Bill of lading is requested from LBC. I find that it lacked details though, like the tracking number of the items (from the original couriers), the destination of the items (to me) and others required by Amazon– the reason why my refund request was rejected. So, try asking LBC for a bill of lading complete with Amazon’s requirements.

  • Hi sis, other than LBC cart and JAC, ano pa yung maganda but cheap shipping from US to philippines? 🙂

    • Hi! You might want to look into Jinio and MyShoppingBox. I like both of them so far. I posted a review of Jinio if you want to check it out 🙂

  • Mavis Calamiong

    Hi. I got a little shopping crazy and now I’m nervous that I might pay huge fees cause I did not read Shipping Cart’s FAQ. I’ve been frantically reading reviews and I saw your post so I might as well ask you na din if it’s alright.

    I ordered a bunch of stuff from Kylie Cosmetics and I had them all shipped to my Shipping Cart address. I have a total of 14 items of different kinds of makeup shipped.

    8 mini lipstick kits (with 6 pcs of mini lipstick in each box/kit), 3 mini makeup kits (with 1 small eyeshadow palette + mini lipstick inside) plus 2 lip kits (with 1 lipstick + lip pencil inside each box), and 1 eyeshadow palette. Can I have everything shipped in one box? So the total is:
    8 mini lipstick kits
    3 mini makeup kits
    2 lip kits
    1 eyeshadow palette

    Will I be able to ship everything in the same box? Or am I potentially screwed and I have to pay for them separately (12 items)? Lol

    • Sorry, I’m a bit confused with your last question. If you mean to ask if LBC will measure your items separately and have them shipped separately, then no, they don’t. LBC doesn’t separate items that came together (unless they’re being shady and greedy) and from what I know, Kylie Cosmetics ships out items ordered together in one box. LBC will measure the box and put it in your account and the process is repeated for subsequent orders until you decide what packages/parcel you would like to ship out to the Ph.

  • can i use the free $50 gift card from amazon for this,by the way how to get that it’s asking for my social security number my fake account on myshippingcart does not have that

    • I don’t know what you mean. Use an amazon gift card to pay your shipping fees? And fake shipping cart account? I’m sorry I’m confused. All I can tell you is that I never sent them any sort of ID or identification.

  • So is it safe to conclude that we should stay away from this kind of services? Parang pareho lang ang gagastusin mo or more pa dahil sa dami ng aberya am i right?

  • Hi, how did you order from Elf Cosmetics? I was trying to order but they won’t accept my local credit card. It’s asking for a billing address and the only country available is US or Canada 🙁

  • Hi! Since you already shop online anyway, this is going to be a big help to you. If you are not yet familiar with the concept of cashback, you are in for a treat! In this age, we are being paid to shop na. I personally use which awards cashback from most websites we buy from (think eBay, Amazon, Barnes & Noble)! This is not just for shopping, pati sa hotel booking, flights, basta check mo lang sa ebates kung magkano ang babalik sayo na pera. They payout via Paypal and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you are interested, and you are grateful for this opportunity that I have shared with you, hope you can use my referral (you and I will both be paid at least a $5 bonus when you use my referral link):

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  • I’ve been looking **more like stalking** elf’s website for a while now and I’m really surprised that they ship worldwide now. I really want to purchase online since I cant find ELF everywhere here in Manila. I’m scared that it might be harder to receive it because of customs (i always wonder what they do with the stuff they confiscate) Good thing ELF uses a private courier. Thanks for this!!!

    • sesshylover

      Hi, I’m sorry I hope there isn’t a misunderstanding. To be precise, Shipping cart isn’t ELF’s private courier. They are a third party forwarder like I have mentioned in the first part. ELF uses USPS for deliveries and their US site only delivers packages to a US address which is where a third party forwarder comes in.

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