I decided to put more time and effort on this little blog of mine so I’ll be updating thumbnails and pictures. I’ll also be adding some watermark to my photos not because I think that my photos are very good. It’s because I saw someone post my photo in his instagram account without any acknowledgement or credits to me or at least my blog. I took time to take those photos and edit them so it made me a little bit sad to see someone try to claim it their own 🙁

I stopped Whimsical Wednesday because I was backpacking a little more than the usual last year. However, I’ll start a new series which I’m planning to call “Fantastic Finds Friday” or “Feeling Fashionista Friday”. This is nothing special tbh, I’m doing this so I pressure myself to keep writing.

If you are reading this, hello! Not sure how you got here but thanks for dropping by!

Have a nice day~