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Fantastic Finds Friday: Ebay Edition (Danimer Long Lasting Lip Gloss and MeNow Kissproof Soft Lipstick)

Second post in my Friday series. I hope I stick to this schedule in the next few weeks. Wish me luck.


I’ll start this off with a story. Bear with me. I really wanted to try Limecrime’s Cashmere but I don’t want to buy from them since there have been lots of issues with this company (and those Velvetines are expensive!). While looking for dupes of this particular shade, I saw a discussion on Reddit and some blogs saying that MeNow’s Long lasting gloss in shade number 18 is a very cheap ($1!!!) dupe. I tried looking for local online shops selling them but they are currently being sold for more than a hundred pesos and can go up to Php 250 (come on, it’s a dollar! lol). But what really put me off buying from local online shops was seeing fake products being sold alongside these liquid lipsticks. In the end, I ventured on my own (and eventually my friend joined in) and looked for these on Ebay and

What about shipping you might ask? It’s free.  Most Ebay/Aliexpress sellers offer free shipping to the Philippines from HK/China. (Well, not exactly free since you have to pay a storage fee in the post office when claiming your parcel but that’s another story for next time.)  One downside is that it takes a long time to arrive, about a month or so but I wasn’t in a hurry lol.

I chose a seller with really good feedback and a high order count (8000+ orders of liquid lipsticks). Click here for the link to the seller.

Our order was placed January 31, 2016 and the estimated date of arrival was between March 5- April 4, 2016.

See? Less than a dollar.
To my surprise and delight, it arrived March 2! Three days earlier than the estimate. We were so happy but these weren’t what we were expecting at all. While I thought we bought the MeNow ones, we got Danimer instead. (This is completely my fault, I didn’t pay attention to the picture as there isn’t any brand name at all in the packaging.) I haven’t heard of this brand at all so we were kind of worried. However, after “vigorous” research, we concluded that this brand is kinda okay. I swatched it on my arm first since I was still hesitant to apply it on my  lips. I was impressed with the other shades but No. 18, was so off. The color in the picture is so different from what I got. In the picture it was “greige” but it was no where near that. It was a nudish light pink. I know monitor settings or lighting could alter this but it’s just so different. There is no hint of grey at all when in the picture, the product seems to be more grey than beige. I was so disappointed. BUT again these were a dollar each so… never mind. I’ll just look for the real MeNow ones next time.

THAT was too long, sorry. Now on with the swatches and actual (kind of) review.

Danimer glosses in natural light.

Indoors. With flash and without flash.

The packaging is entirely the same with the Menow glosses. They come in this test-tube like container. On the picture is shade no. 33.

These glosses have an artificial fruity scent. It’s actually a nice scent but it might be too overwhelming for some. Though you won’t be able to smell it once it’s on your lips so– yay?

Next are the Menow Powdery Matte Kissproof soft lipsticks (that’s a mouthful).

No. 12 on the right  and 17 on the left. These don’t apply evenly sometimes especially if your lips are dry but it’s easy to just go over it and make it even.

MeNow Powdery Matte Kissproof Soft Lipstick in no. 12 and 17.

These have no scent unlike the Danimer glosses.

Overall thoughts: I really like them especially the Kissproof ones. They are all long lasting and they’re not very drying on the lips. With the Danimer lip glosses, there are 38 shades to choose from so that’s a plus. However, few of them are very identical to the point where I can’t distinguish some colors from the other. On the other hand, there are only 19 shades in the Kissproof line and some of them are also identical but not TOO identical.If you are a fan of nudes, the Menow Kissproof soft lipsticks have more nude shades than the Danimer ones.

Also, try not to order the metallic ones, like 10 and 36. My friend told me hers are starting to smell differently. It applies the same but you know, just to be safe.

UPDATE: I loveeeee Danimer number 30. It’s like the perfect nude for me and the formula is heavenly. It’s matte but not too drying and it’s definitely long lasting. It’s liquidy and it has a thinner consistency than most liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. However, I stopped using it– well, all of them actually for safety concerns. While I may not be having immediate reactions, there might be some bad effects in the long term. I keep searching for ingredients list online but I can’t find any. I tried asking the seller but I haven’t gotten a response. Anyway, safety first.