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Feeler Friday: Airport Fashion Edition

I promised myself to post every Friday so here is the first one in this “Friday” series. Sorry for the title, I am not a fashionista so I label myself a feelingera in this sense lol.
I’ve learned that being in your best outfit might not be too comfortable especially if you are flying for a long time. I decided to make this set do I won’t stress myself out thinking of what my next outfit will be lol.
I want to wear this in the airport lol


Fleece hooded sweatshirt
We are in the Philippines but airplanes are usually cold and my next flight will be at 10 in the evening so I need to wear something warmer.

High waisted denim skinny jeans
I’m totally digging this kind of jeans right now.

Adidas sneaker
I tried looking for their Superstar line in Adidas stores in my city but the only colors available aren’t my cup of tea 🙁

Coach stainless steel jewellery
I have a blue Juicy Couture watch but this Coach one looks really nice too. I don’t know where to find it in my area though. (I’m trying to avoid ordering watches from online sellers in the Philippines since the authenticity might be in question)

The background I used in the featured photo has really nothing to do with this post I just wanted something pretty to put there haha. I will be doing the same thing in my next posts. Photo taken while on the plane to Manila. This is Taal Volcano if the Geotag on it is correct.