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Friday Finds: Ebay Brushes

They’re not actually called Ebay brushes. They’re generic brushes commonly found on Ebay lol. I have been looking for affordable brushes on Ebay when I saw this set of blue brushes from this seller. And since I LOVE blue, I decided to buy it as soon as I saw it.


Screen capped from Ebay. Current price might be different.





This is actually pretty cheap. For less than $8 you can get 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. I paid for it January 31 and it arrived March 11 in the post office and was delivered to me on March 22. A long time isn’t it? (I promise to make a post about getting packages through the post office next time.)


Sigma actually has one brush set like this. Priced at $90, this set too expensive for me. Click the picture to check it out if you’re interested.

Screen capped from

Anyway, I am happy with these. They are so soft and dense. I am aware most of them look the same and function in a very similar fashion but it’s usually so inconvenient to have to clean brushes so often and a few times I found myself having no clean brush to use. Having more brushes (of the kind I frequently use) at hand lessens the need to clean up my brushes every other day or every week.


Round kabuki brush

One brush, however, the one with the pointy tip (number 2 in the picture below) is noticeably different than the rest. This tapered brush is better for blending under eye concealer and (surprisingly) for contouring. As I said, these are soft so you can press (?) the brush more in your to blend your bronzer or contour power so it won’t be too harsh.


I know they look all the same but they’re actually kind of different once you look closely. Here’s a list of the brushes and how I usually use them (but as I said, you can use all them except 2 interchangeably without any drastic difference to the results of the application)

1- Round kabuki brush/Buffing brush (For buffing foundation and cream or liquid products)

2- Tapered brush (For contouring and blending or setting under eye concealer. I’ve tried this with a highlighter but it’s just too heavy and dense for it.)

3- Flat angled kabuki brush (For cream brush and bronzer)

4-Flat top brush (This is supposed to be used “with cream and liquid products to be applied to the flat areas of the face” but I usually use this for powders.)

5- Round angled kabuki brush (For cream blush or bronzer but it is okay for foundation too.)


On the other hand, the eye brushes are basically just those face brushes made smaller. But these guys are really good for blending eye shadow. They’re kind of bigger than other blending brushes in the market but they do the job just fine.

Tapered or pointy eye brush

The tapered eye brush could also be used for a more precise eye shadow application in the outer v of the eyelids but always remember to tap off the excess (as I said, these are bigger than typical eye brushes). This could also be great for contouring the nose. Use the tapered eye brush for a precise nose line and blend it with any of the other 4 brushes. I tried using these for blending concealer but I just got frustrated because it was taking me a lot of time and effort to do so.


1- Tapered eye brush (mentioned above)

2- Flat angled eye brush (It got deformed 🙁 I’ll wash it again to see if it goes back to normal lol.)

3- Flat top eye brush (This got deformed too.)

4- Round angled eye brush (Like with number 2, this is best for blending eye shadow in the outer V of the eyelids.

5- Blending brush (It looks like the normal blending brush)

To be honest, I think these brushes are good. Not great, just… good. Only one brush shed on me (face brush #4), the others were fine. The hairs are also cut evenly save for a longer stand in some of the brushes– something that I could easily get rid of. Another thing I noticed is that the ferrule on some seems strongly attached but the others don’t. But I tried pulling them and they didn’t budge so I guess it’s okay.


OVERALL THOUGHTS. Depending on your needs, this might be a good set to order. If you are looking for a complete set that can be used for highlighting, contouring, applying eyeliner, filling in your brows, etc. then this might not be for you. On the other hand, if you always put on eye shadow but you’re too tired to wash them all the time, this might be good for you. Even if you’re just buying this set for the face OR eye brushes, I think $7.84 is a good deal. I mean, that’s less than Php 400 for 10 good quality brushes! And come on, they’re hella cute.

Til next time!