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Frugal Friday: Ebay brushes part 2

I’ve been busy lately and I haven’t followed through my Friday series, I’m sorry huhu.

Anyway now that I’m back after an 8-day holiday, I’ve decided to sit down and write about another one of my Ebay finds.

  1. Oval brush  – very reminiscent of the (very expensive) Artis oval brushes. I don’t have any of those brushes so I can’t compare but I got this brush for only $1.55 (Php 71!). It’s verrrrrrry soft and very dense, sometimes I think too  dense. I don’t know how to explain it exactly but I guess I might say it has a lot of hairs lol. I am not used to applying my foundation with this but it does a pretty decent job of applying foundation.
    It’s actually smaller than I expected

    It does have a lot of hairs, doesn’t it?

    For perspective.
  2. Mushroom brush – okay, I know it’s not what it’s called. The Ebay listing was “Pro Makeup Beauty Cosmetic Face Powder Blush Brush Foundation Brushes Tool” which I think was written so it will be picked up easily by the search engine LOL. Imagine telling someone “I’m using a Pro Makeup Beauty Cosmetic Face Powder Blush Brush Foundation Brushes Tool to apply my foundation” what a mouthful. I saw this first in Shopee and many were selling this for as high as Php 300 (excludes shipping which can go as high as Php 180 for people in the province like me) and mostly in pink. I got this for only $2.39 (Php 115). This one was the hardest to clean. It took me so long to wash all the soap suds out. It’s very dense but less dense than the first brush. Don’t let that fool you though, this is still a VERY dense brush. I also think it absorbs a lot of product but it’s less streaky than the oval brush.26184114553_f4591737d5_b_d26694027512_13fff32f35_b_d
    For perspective
  3. Contour brush – this is my favorite out of the three. It’s very soft and also very dense but not too dense. It’s fluffy enough to be able blend out your contour smoothly. I don’t have anything negative to say about this brush to be honest. It’s a good one and it’s only $1.69 (Php 78). 26787677445_498a83d22a_b_d26515319250_288669eb30_b_d26694021942_21f2223629_b_d26720652691_e638c957f8_b_d

Overall, I think the contour brush is very much worth it. If you want to try the other brushes though, they should be fine. They’re not the best but they’re okay. I bought them all from one store along with other stuff so I was able to save on Philpost fees. I know shipping is free for all of them but don’t forget to tell the seller to put your stuff in one parcel especially if you paid for them separately. Philpost will charge you Php 112 for EACH PACKAGE even if they are from the same seller.

Hope this helps you. Til next time!