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Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

UPDATE: Here’s a newer one if you’re interested

I wanted to buy a Ben Nye translucent powder but due to LBC Shipping cart’s price increase and “improvements” I thought it would be too expensive (roughly about $16 -$21 by air cargo). I stumbled upon Jinio in a forum while I was looking for other US to PH third party forwarders. So I made an account and ordered the powder from Amazon.

(Other than the first picture, all other screenshots were screen capped from Jinio’s website and emails.)


It was kind of late when I realized I had to “verify” my account which includes sending a signed USPS form and pictures of 2 valid IDs. I was unsure of some things in the verification process but their team was able to respond rapidly to my queries via email. jinioo

My parcel arrived in their warehouse on March 21 and I got this email on March 23.


I logged in and indeed it was there in my account.


I then immediately paid for it. The paying process was hassle free just too bad they don’t accept Paypal. ((UPDATE: THEY NOW ACCEPT PAYPAL))



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After completing the payment process, I got 2 emails. Another one was a receipt.

jinio pay

I think their promise is to deliver the goods in 7-12 business days. Mine was delivered in their Oton branch on April 6. A total of 8 business days.

Their provincial counterpart is LBC


Inside the LBC packaging is another XEND wrapper.



Here are *some* of the pros and cons:


  1. They consolidate. They remove excess packaging so the chargeable weight will be reduced. This is a very good thing for those who love shopping in Amazon since they usually put items in really big boxes.
  2. Their website is user-friendly.
  3. They provide all the necessary details like the ones below. Again, those who regularly shop in Amazon might find this very convenient and useful especially if your purchase is eligible for sales tax refund. (Sidenote: I wasn’t able to get my tax refund from my items I shipped through Shipping cart because the details in their website and bill of lading were lacking thus the rejection. Update on this: Read update no. 5 on a possible way to get a sales tax refund from Amazon if your forwarder is Shipping cart. I’ll write a separate post about it soon.)powder.PNG
  4. They respond to emails fast.
  5. The pictures they provide are large and of better quality than… ahem.
  6. (For now) The parcels are reflected in your account in 2 days or less.


  1. No paypal and only mode of payment is by credit card. (They now accept Paypal and Debit cards!)
  2. Their DIM factor is 139 compared to others which is 166.
  3. Provincial shipping (in my area) is not door-to-door. I had to pick mine up in LBC Oton branch which is kind of far from my home even if they are in the same municipality. If I knew I had to pick it up, I could have used our address in the city.
  4. The verification process. (which might be a bit of a hassle for some)
  5. Additional charge ($0.75) per pound for provincial deliveries.


Overall thoughts: I would like to try their service again. I won’t be worried about shopping in Amazon and getting my tax refund.

Til next time!