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ELF Haul, swatches and mini review Part 1

Last time, I blogged about my experience with LBC Shipping cart and one merchant I bought from was I know there is ELF in the Philippines but in my city, they’re usually out of some products I wanted and they don’t have the new releases. When I was browsing ELF’s website I noticed they have a lot of new releases, curated sets that were on sale and you can get the “Dramatic eyes kit” ($12 worth of stuff) for free if you’ve made a $25 purchase. I actually made 2 separate purchases because… why not? lol. This isn’t a huge haul, just a small one though to be honest, I would have bought a lot more if I had money and shipping it to the Philippines isn’t so expensive. Anyway, here are some of the stuff I got from ELF:

Smudge pots in Back to Basics and Cruising Chic:

IMG_5080 copy

IMG_5079 copy


These are good. They remind me of Mac’s paint pots and Maybelline’s Color Tattoos. They’re long lasting, easy to apply and the pigmentation is good. I usually use my fingers to apply these but sometimes I use a small flat shader brush if my nails are long. They still apply well with a brush.

Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight

IMG_5126 copyIMG_5124 copy

I like this one too. I specifically chose this because a lot of people has been saying this is a good highlighter. And it is. I usually just dab a small amount on the high points of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Did I mention that IT’S A DOLLAR. FORTY SIX PESOS . (or seven, depends on the conversion rate). I got the shade “Spotlight” but I’ve seen on Pinterest that “Lilac Petal” is a dupe for Benefit’s High Beam.

All over color stick in Spotlight


It’s good. It’s a dollar. It’s also a dupe for Nars’ The Multiple in Copacabana. (Again, I knew about this in Pinterest. I will mention a lot of dupes here and ALL of them are not by me but multiple Pinterest users. So credits to them.) GET IT.

Baked Highlighter in Pink Diamonds

This one I’m not so crazy about. I got 2 because the other one was part of a set and I thought they would include “Moonlight pearls” since that was the one in the picture only to find out the footnote saying you might get a different shade if the other one was sold out. So, watch out for those asterisks lol. Anyway, I can hardly get any color from this. I used it wet but still it was so hard to get anything on the brush. Though I did swatch it with my finger and it looked nice enough. Not really a fan of putting on blush with my finger though. (Yeah, I use it as a blush, it was too pink on me to be a highlighter.)

IMG_5116 copy

The middle one looks much more pink in person.

Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Festivity

IMG_5122 copyIMG_5121 copy

I haven’t tried it enough to have a solid opinion on it but I can say it’s nice. Definitely no fall out but the color doesn’t transfer well onto my eyelids. I used it with a concealer underneath in lieu of a primer but I’ll try the latter next time, maybe it will be better.

Mineral Infused Face Primer (Clear)


I know a lot of people like this and I do too. It does a good job of filling some of my small pores and it helps my make up stay longer. I did a half face test,one side with a mattifying primer and another side with the ELF one and blotted my face with an oil control sheet at the end of the day. The result actually surprised me. Even though it doesn’t claim to mattify it did a little better when it comes to holding back the oil in my face than the other primer. Although I won’t go so far as to say this would be the best for people with oily skin like me.

Illuminating Mist and Set

IMG_5094 copy

I like this too but don’t spray too much at one time because a lot of product does tend to go out of the nozzle. This came in part of the “Dramatic eyes kit” that came free with my $25+ purchase. To be honest, I would rather have chosen the matte one or the clear one if I had the choice. But nonetheless, this is a good product that does what it claims.

Essential lipstick in Posh and Fearless

IMG_5103 copy

IMG_5105 copy



These are only a dollar! One came in the “Daytime Smoky Eye” curated set. I bought Posh twice because I forgot I ordered it the first time lol. They have a creamy finish and they are moisturizing. Posh is a plummy red color and Fearless is like a warm red (I’m bad at naming colors can say the the hex color code instead? lol.). They also have a slightly fruity scent. Longevity is fairly reasonable considering they don’t claim to be long lasting.

I planned to make this just one post but it’s already getting too long so I’ll end this part with this. More to come next time!

See ya!