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Part 1 (Guimaras to Pulupandan) here if you are interested.

Our actual main destination was Canlaon City but we decided to explore the cities and places we passed by.

We set our eyes on Bago city which was between Pulupandan and Bacolod.


As we had done no research beforehand, we had no idea where to go. Good thing we were near their municipal hall which houses their tourism office.

27951538033_f531625223_b_dWe asked what places we could go to in just a short period of time as we were also bound for bacolod and Canlaon on the same day. They suggested Buenos Aires resort (which you also might want to check out) but I saw some waterfalls on the tarpaulin near their door. We asked where it was and they gladly gave us the directions to it. We also got some fliers of the city but I think I already lost it.

We then went to Bantayan Park which is very similiar to Dumaguete’s Roxas Boulevard. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant.


Then we were off to Maao where the Kipot Twin falls were.

We took a trike (Php 8 each) to go to the terminal where buses bound for Maao were parked. (Bus ride to Maao from Bago City: Php 35)

Along the way, it started raining. Hard. We got off at the public market and unfortunately, it was still raining hard.


After waiting for the rain to die down a little, we looked for a tricycle that could get us there. There were many of them parked near the market so it was no hassle looking for one. We negotiated with the driver and we settled on Php300 for a round-trip ride. It’s a good price I think, as the way going there is actually kind of far and and at times, a little steep.


See the wooden… things? This tricycle is very different from the ones I’ve seen before.
One good thing about hiring the trike to yourselves (akupar in Hiligaynon) is you can ask the driver to stop at some points which is what we did lol. The view going there was amazing.

The sky cleared up a lot when we were near the place.
On the left are nimbostratus clouds pouring rain over a part of Bago and to your right are cumulus and cirrus clouds lol

After half and hour or so, we were finally in the area. We could hear the waterfalls from where we were. A caretaker greeted us and informed us that we aren’t allowed to go down  as they are still on maintenance. But we can still take pictures in the viewing deck and make use of the cottages, he said. It was a pity but we lacked time anyway.



The water was muddy because of the rain
I’m not sure how much renting these cottages would cost normally but I am sure it’s not very expensive as the place is maintained by the local government.

As the area was semi-closed to public that time, we actually didn’t pay anything– no entrance fees, no environmental fees, nada. We just gave the caretaker Php 50 since he was so nice and helpful. After just a short 30 minutes, we went back to Maao and took a bus to Bacolod.

Next stop: Canlaon City!