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Shawill Terra Cotta Blusher


I have more time now so I decided to review some of the local make up stuff I bought these past few weeks.

Also, this is the first ever comprehensive review (compared to the others I did anyway) I have ever made. I might miss mentioning a few things but I’ll try updating if I do remember.

Anyway… here is the Shawill Terracotta Blusher no. 2


The basics:

  • Price: Php 250
  • Where to buy: Watson’s or SM department stores
  • Size: 15 gms.
  • Shades: There are 4 I believe. I got no. 2.



I was actually eyeing this for more than a month before finally buying it. I swatched it on the store and it looked really nice. One day I finally decided to purchase it since I wanted to try more baked highlighters.

There are 3 colors but when transferred to the skin they look very similar.

From the top: all three colors swirled together, then the 3 colors counter clockwise starting from the orange-y shade in the pan
I’ll start with what I like.

  • It’s cheap. It’s not the cheapest but for the amount of product you get, I think it’s okay.
  • The size. It’s big. An ELF baked highlighter is 5 grams and this is thrice that.
  • The packaging. It looks sleek and sturdy. I also like that you can see the product inside.(Though I find the silver “Terra Cotta Blusher” written round the cover quite tacky. It would’ve looked more sleek without it. Just my opinion though.)
  • It gives off a sheen. Not a lot of glitter.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s powdery.  It’s a baked product, I would like to conclude as there was no mention  of it anywhere in the packaging. But unlike the other baked products I have, there are a lot of product falling off every time I use it.
  • And from above, you can tell another negative: Fall out. A lot of fall out.
  • It’s not very pigmented. Sure, when you swatch it with your fingers it’s pigmented but when actually applying the product on your skin, not much of it transfers. I used this with a wet (damp?) brush too and it took me 3 applications to get a good sheen on my cheeks.
  • Lasting power isn’t great. On a good day (not very hot and humid but also not raining) it lasted me around 4 hours. On a humid day, it didn’t even last 2 hours while my other cheap highlighters did better.


Overall thoughts:

I know some people swear by this product and some reviews I saw only had good things to say about it. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don’t know. Was my review too harsh? I’m sorry if it was but these are my honest observations after testing it for a few weeks. However, I’ll continue to test it, maybe I can find a way to make it work.

Finally, do I recommend this product? No. Save your money and buy something more expensive like the Revlon Shimmer Brick, Essence Soo glow highlighters and ELF baked highlighters (but I am not sure if the last 2 are available locally). If you aren’t after powder or baked highlighters, check out the cheaper ELF Shimmering facial whip or the Elf all-over color stick (Php 86.00 in the PH // $1 in the US.) which I am sure are available in your nearest SM or Watsons. (Can you tell how much I love ELF? Lol.)


Til next time!