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ELF Cosmetics Haul and Swatches part 2

PART 2! Yay! Here’s part 1 in case you are interested.

Matte lip color in Praline and Tea Rose

IMG_5097 copy

Matte lippies are everywhere lol. These are not super matte and they’re not drying. I think people who have dry lips will find the formula comfortable to wear.

The other end serves as a sharpener.

I thought Tea Rose would look good on me but purplish colors really don’t suit me. It’s still a nice color though. Praline on the other hand, I LOVE. It’s a brownish nude color and I think it really suits girls with the same skin tone as me (light-medium currently.)

IMG_5101 copy



ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Antigua

IMG_5118 copy

I first had the shade “Fiji” and I really liked it but I was looking for a darker color for contouring so I chose this one. But the bronzer is actually too dark on me. I think it would better suit those with dark-medium or tan skin tones. It’s easy to blend and very pigmented but better to apply it first with a light hand especially to those with light to medium skin tones.

The blush is just…okay. It has some shimmer to it which I am sure some people don’t like.
I nearly forgot to mention, I so love the big mirror.

Golden Bronzer in… (wait for it)….. Golden!


While Antigua was too dark on me this one is too light. When used as a bronzer, only the darkest shade shows up on me. I tried using the others and building the color but nah, still doesn’t work. The lightest shade though works well as a highlighter and swirling all the colors together would make such a beautiful golden glow. I am sure this would work better as a bronzer on someone with a lighter skin tone. I will continue to use this as a highlighter though. It’s good.

And again, LOVE the big mirror on this one.

Leftmost shade is the first shade on the pan and so on. 5th one is all 4 combined. Taken indoors without flash.
indoors with flash

To add, I got this as part of the “Daytime Smokey eye kit”. Others in the kit include the highlighter I mentioned in part 1, Essential lipstick in “Posh”, a crease brush, Essential Eye shadow quad and a “Mad for Matte” eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the palette. I am not sure why but I contacted costumer service and I was given a refund since the palette was out of stock.


Lock on Liner and Brow Cream in Taupe Blonde

IMG_5084 copy

I must say I love this one. This is the first brow pomade I own so I am not sure how it compares with others. It’s pigmented and applies easily. It didn’t come with a brush though but any angled liner brush would be okay to use with this.  I chose the shade Taupe blonde because my hair color is blonde at the moment. Even though my brow hairs are actually black, it does a good job of “concealing” (kind of) the color if you know what I mean. I use this on it’s own but sometimes when my bald spot (I have a small one in my left brow from an accident) is more prominent I use an brow pencil of a similar color or a darker one to fill in the (very obvious) gap. Speaking of brow pencils…

Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Deep Brown

IMG_5088 copyIMG_5089 copyAs you can see, one side is a brush and the other is the actual pencil. The brush is okay, it’s soft and gets the job done.  The pencil– I LOVE. It applies easily and pigmented.  It just glides on without tugging my skin. And it’s $2!!! Be warned though, the “Deep brown” shade isn’t really brown. It’s nearly black, not too black but it’s in that color family. I just use light strokes with it so it’ll appear more natural.

Part 3here

Have a nice week ahead!