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FINALLY! This is the last part of my Elf haul.

Studio Crease Brush

27838843902_247caf0dc5_b_dI got this one as part of the set I mentioned before. I use this to apply eyeshadow on the outer v. I have not much to say aside from it gets the job done.


Studio Powder brush


This is actually a nice powder brush. It’s dense but not too dense and I find it perfect to use with powder products. HOWEVER. Look at what happened:


I usually carry this with me in my make up bag and imagine my horror when I pulled it out like this. Anyway I just glued it back with superglue. Still a little disappointed though.


Jumbo lip gloss stick


I am not really a fan of this. It’s a gloss stick but the finish is more satin. It is sheer and this color makes my lips look pale.


Cream liner in Black

IMG_5085 copy
This is not the brush it came with lol but this is a better brush than that one

This is my first ever cream liner and I love it. It’s creamy and pigmented. It stays long but it does smudge easily. The brush, on the other hand, is so not good. It makes it so hard to apply and make a precise line. Use a different stiff angled brush and I am sure your winged liner will be on fleek.


Precision Liquid Eyeliner

IMG_5108 copyIMG_5106 copy

I have tried this one once and I wasn’t impressed with the pigmentation. It seemed to bleed out a little too. I’ll have to try this again.


Brightening Eye Color in Luxe



Indoors with flash

This, I think, came free. All the colors here are shimmery. I am not over the moon with this one. The pigmentation is good, not the best but it’s there. I like the reddish color best, it’s such a pretty shade.


Flawless eyeshadow quad in Beautiful Browns

IMG_5113 copy

I love the colors on this one. They are pigmented and they (kind of) last long. I especially love the “lid” color. I often use it as a transition shade as it seems to go well with a lot of colors.

Indoors without flash


Acne Fighting Gel

IMG_5090 copy

IMG_5091 copy

Enter a captionIMG_4711

I know a lot of people like this one hence the reason  I bought 2. And I know why. IT WORKS. I tried products like this before and I must say this is the most effective one so far. I don’t have more to say other than GRAB IT.

There’s actually one more product that I didn’t include because I lost it. The last time I saw it was in Changi Airport. I’m not sure if I misplaced it or someone at home took it lol.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. I know these aren’t exactly new products but I hope at least the swatches helped.

Hugs and kisses,