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This is long overdue. I went on this trip last year and I found it hard to write about traveling as I usually don’t pay attention to the details of the journey. Prices here might also be different but I’ll still write it down to give you a picture of how much you might spend.

Anyway, my friend Patricia and I decided on this trip just a day before the actual journey- talk about spontaneity. We wanted to go to the windmills in Guimaras first so we decided to go to Negros via pump boat (outrigger canoe) in San Lorenzo (where the windmills are also at).

The ferry route from google maps

From Iloilo, I rode a pumpboat in Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf (Php 14). Then from there, rode a jeepney to Alibjon. My friend lives in Guimaras so we were to meet at Mang Tinapay.


There were jeepneys for San Lorenzo on the street beside Mang Tinapay, it has no name so just ask around where are the jeepneys bound for “Paos”. Pronounced as “Pa-os”, it’s where you can find the boat bound for Pulupandan. We paid Php 50 each but don’t be surprised if it will cost you less as I think the “conductor” charged us more than the usual (Was it because of my hair???).

The trip from Alibjon to Paos took us about 30 minutes. We saw some windmills on the way there! Upon arriving, we registered and paid Php 60 each for the trip. There are only 2 trips so try to be as early as you can. The first one leaves at 10:00 the second one at 3pm. (Again, the schedule might have been changed as this was last year.)

We had some time left so we went and took pictures of some windmills. The “dock” itself was in the same area as the windmills so it’s very convenient for us.

We passed by this pond while walking towards the windmills from the port


When it was time for us to ride the boat, we were shocked at the view from the beach. The windmills were all lined up. This isn’t the usual sight we see in pictures of this place. Here’s a tip, be there early so you register first. Then take pictures of the windmills itself, go back to the “port” and make your way to the beach. AGAIN, REGISTER FIRST. They will only let in the first 42 people (maybe more or less depending on the capacity of the boat.) You might get carried away taking pictures of them but this is what you should do first. The windmills won’t leave, unlike the boat and your ex. (Kidding)



I wasn’t able to get a closer photo since the boatman was shouting at us to board the boat. We were the last ones in lol Sorry sir.

We arrived in Pulupandan after an hour. It was one of the smoothest ferry rides I ever had. It was a good thing the skies were clear and the weather was great. My aunt and cousins told me that sometimes when it’s windy, the ride can be very bumpy and it would take you more than an hour and half to get to the other side.


If you are in Iloilo and would want to visit Guimaras and Negros without having to go back to Iloilo, try this route. It might not be the easiest but it’s cheaper and it could potentially (depending on the weather condition) save you time.

Also, you might want to check out the newly reopened RORO (Roll on, roll off not Roxas-Robredo) service in Sibunag (my mom’s hometown). This municipality is farther than San Lorenzo but the ship also docks in Pulupandan.

Next up: Bago City and Kipot Twin falls (in Maao)

See ya!