Jinio PH: Take 2 Review


I wrote about Jinio last time here and I was actually satisfied with their service. This time I planned to buy some more stuff but from Walmart (and Amazon) and I wanted to try MSB (My Shopping Box) with this transaction. However, I wasn’t sure if all the items  will be shipped together in one parcel and MSB doesn’t consolidate so… back to Jinio.

And surely I can say, I made the right decision since my one transaction from Walmart arrived in 5 separate parcels. Four is only shown this picture because I had to return one.

jinio take 2
One parcel from Amazon and the other 4 (supposedly five) from Walmart. The column that says “Date Paid” is actually the date those stuff arrived in their warehouse.
One by one they arrived starting with the prescription glasses from Amazon. Items were processed and reflected in my account in only a day or two.

And one day I got an email from them that is not the usual “Your parcel from… has arrived” email. It was about the condition of one of  my shipment from Walmart. My eyeshadow palette and highlighter were broken! I saw how it was packaged and there was no bubble wrap or any protective stuff in there at all.

It wasn’t reflected in my account but they offered to return it at no extra cost (hallelujah!). I went to Walmart’s website immediately and processed a refund. They sent me a pre-paid return label which I then forwarded to Jinio.

are bubble wraps not a thing walmart?
When all of my stuff have arrived, I immediately paid for it. I was kind of surprised when I saw Paypal upon checking out. I chose that option and paid $26.96 in total which was not too bad I think. I was able to save a lot from their consolidation, I reckon.

jinio take2.1

A summary in timeline

  • June 16   – First parcel reflected in my account
  • June 18   – They sent me an email about the broken makeup from Walmart.
  • June 30   – Last parcel reflected in my account. (This was reflected within the day it was received the fastest so far!)
    •       – Paid via paypal.
  • July 7      – Status is still “paid”. Sent an email about it.
  • July 8      – Received a reply saying some of my items were in PH and is for clearance which might take a week.
  • July 9     – I asked again why the status remained the same if it was already shipped.
  • July 10   – Replied that their tracking system is still in it’s “testing phase” and added that all my stuff is expected to arrive in the PH tomorrow.
  • July 14   – Delivered to our address in the city. Yay!

As I have mentioned before, their provincial partner is LBC (and AP Cargo?) so it was actually delivered by LBC. This time, it took exactly 14 calendar days.

Overall thoughts: I like that they offered to return my broken items and that they did it without any fuss. So my refund from Walmart was processed hassle-free. Another plus is that I got my stuff in it’s original packaging save for the one from Amazon which was repacked. They also added more bubble wraps and paper inside the box itself for added protection. I would recommend them for those who are in need of true consolidation or those who wants to order from Amazon or other sellers that ship items in different parcels. However, I am a bit hesitant to ship some bigger items since they might cost me an arm and a leg and there is no option for the much cheaper sea cargo. I hope they can maybe work on that.