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After Canlaon, we originally planned to go to Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB), Negros’ Little Baguio.

We woke up early to Catch the first trip there but when we saw a bus bound for Dumaguete we quickly–very quickly, changed our minds and decided to visit the city of gentle people instead. Our main reason for going there was to see our high school friend who we haven’t seen for 9 years. Another one was so we can go to Siquijor which has been in my wanderlist for a long time.


The bus ride lasted around 6 hours. We left  Canlaon at 4 in the morning and arrived in Dumaguete at around 10 am. (From Canlaon, the trip normally lasts 3-4 hours. The driver was just driving very slowly even in non-populated areas. The Bacolod to Dumaguete via DSB trip is usually 6-7 hours long while via Kabankalan/Mabinay is 5-6 hours long.)

IMG_8978 copy

Our friend met us in Rizal boulevard. It was a very nice reunion. She treated us to a very nice brunch at Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast. It came highly recommended and I understand why. The servings are large, the food are tasty and the place is very nice. If you don’t have a place to stay, they also have affordable rooms.

IMG_9725 copyIMG_8977 copy

They also have another branch but it was a bistro. More on that next time.

After brunch, we said temporary goodbyes to our friend as she had something to do and we were bound for Siquijor.


Our friend met us again, at the pier this time. We went to the very famous Sans Rival Bistro. I’ve heard good things about their Silvanas so we decided to try them out.

Best Silvanas I have tried so far

Aaaaaaand THEY’RE GOOD. SO GOOD. If you are a fan of sweets like me, definitely try this out. It’s very cheap at Php 125 for a box of ten. I haven’t tried their cakes but they’re very cheap.

IMG_0542 copy

IMG_8747 copy
I’m drooling at the cakes and most especially the prices haha

We stayed at my friend’s apartment for a short while before waking up again in the wee hours of the morning for the first trip to Don Salvador Benedicto.


IMG_8709 copy

Surely, there are A LOT more things to do in Dumaguete but I’ll have another blog post for that as I have been there more recently (and by more recently I mean October 2015 lol).

Have a nice day!