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Fascinating Finds Friday: Monomola, Menow and Daiso

This is a random one LOL.

I’ve been going around our downtown area a lot lately and I’ve got some things I found online that I didn’t expect I would find in actual stores.I also found some really interesting stuff. Ones that you might not need daily but might come in handy in some cases.

Anyway. Here’s the first one:

I’ve seen this a lot online– Youtube, Instagram shops, Shopee, Lazada, Ebay, etc. When I saw it, I immediately grabbed it and paid for it. I got this for only Php 50. I actually thought this was a Chinese brand so I didn’t think it unusual for this to be cheap. But I was alarmed when I looked at the writing and realized it was in Korean. When I got home I immediately I got on my computer and searched online. I found out that it’s indeed a Korean brand but I think it’s also being sold in the Chinese market. By this time I am sure I got a fake one. A comparison is available in their website here. In case you can’t speak Chinese like me, the original Monomola lip tattoo is on the left or the one with the writings in red and the fake one is on the right with black characters.

But despite being convinced that I got a fake one I tried it (for science lol no) and immediately regretted it as I didn’t realize it would stain my teeth too. I actually liked the stain it left on my lips but I won’t be trying it again for sure. If google translate is accurate, the original one retails for no less than 99RMB (Approximately Php 600+ or ~$14)

Next, I got this hair wrap.  I saw this first on Ebay and I wanted to buy it because I need it for when I travel. I usually bring just one towel when I go backpacking since it will be a waste of space to bring 2. With this, however, I will now be able to wrap my hair and not get my shirt wet lol. Another thing I liked is that it has a big button that you can attach the string at the other end of the item to secure it in place. I would say though, that this might not work as well for girls with very, very long hair.

Then I got this 2-in-1 USB cable from Daiso. Again, this is so nice for traveling as you can use it as a micro-usb cable and a lightning connector. Also, it’s retractable design makes it easy to pack and tangle-free. And since this is from DAISO, I got it for only Php88.00!!!

Finally, I got another one of the Menow Powdery Matte Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick (what a name). This is not exactly “fascinating”, the price is very fascinating though lol.

This is a very popular product online but I wasn’t expecting to find it in actual stores. The one I got on Ebay was $1.30 if I’m not mistaken. I paid Php56 for this one. I wasn’t worried about getting a fake for this one since it’s so like the ones I first bought and the price sounds about right.

IMG_5137 copy

IMG_6495 copy
I have dry lips and it emphasizes the lines on my lips. Exfoliation should do the trick.

Did you buy anything fascinating lately?