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September Wishlist

September wish list


Adidas Originals white shoes
Or any white shoes. I’ve been eyeing this for months but it’s always out of stock and getting it from the US is so expensive.

BaubleBar tech accessory
For my friend and for my other phone.

Merkury Innovations Universal Dual Port Power Bank
I think I misplaced one of my power banks and the other one I have only has a 10,000mAh capacity. With the number of devices at home and frequent power outages, I surely need another one.

Sulwhasoo foundation
I want to try cushion foundations. It seems perfect when doing your make up on the go. (or on the bus lol)

Artis makeup brush
I tried the smaller paddle or oval brush and I wasn’t really into it. Upon looking at other reviews however, I noticed they were using a bigger brush which seems to blend product much better.

A girl can’t have too many palettes, can she?

I LOVE COLOURPOP. They are so expensive in the Philippines however. I was supposed to buy some stuff when they launched their international shipping but $25 for shipping 6 lipsticks plus Philpost fees would be too expensive for me. I was planning on buying this month but then I saw a sale on another site so… this shall be in my wishlist for now.

I am not sure if this color would look good on me but I still want to try it out.

I love reds and dark reds and really dark reds lol. : Zomei Z666 Professional Portable Tripod for Camera and…
I have a tripod but the quick release plate is missing and I can’t find one anywhere that fits my tripod. I might as well just buy a new unit.

Selfie Stick, Extendable Aluminum Monopod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth…
Just the shutter. I ordered one from Ebay but it didn’t arrive. The seller told me it was probably lost during shipping. I got a full refund anyway, so yay.

Bed sheet
I am on the look out for a transition color that would suit a lot of colors. So far, I am eyeing a different Colourpop shadow: Bandit.

Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones : Bluetooth | Beats By Dre
This is too expensive for me rn. But I do like the color.

Givenchy man bag
Definitely not this brand, I can’t afford it lol. I do like the color and the structure.

Coach wallet
And not this brand too. Another more affordable but with good quality since I’ll be bringing it everywhere.

Diane James flower bouquet
Not this particular bouquet. This is like Php16,000??? What? I just want artificial silk peonies with a price tag of not more than $6 lol (I’m a cheapo I know)
What’s on your wishlist?