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siquijorPart 4 here

The pier was very easy to find. Hiring motorcycles in Dumaguete is also very easy. We paid Php 8 each from Gabby’s to the port.

There we booked a ticket for Siquijor which cost us just Php 125 each. It was a one hour ride via fast craft (ferry).  We took the 12:30 trip and we arrived at 1:30pm. (timely!)

Pictured is the RORO plying the Dumaguete-Siquijor route

I’ve read about hiring tricycles for a “coastal tour” or a “mountain tour”, the latter is more expensive as it covers more ground. There were A LOT of people offering us their services– van and tricycle but the lot of them got us more confused. Finally, we were told that the usual prices would be 1,500 for a van rental (this is the price for the coastal tour, I’m guessing) and 1,000 for the tricycle. As there was only 2 of us, we decided to go with the tricycle option. The driver was very accommodating and he explained clearly the 2 types of tours. He even got us a map from the tourism desk (we didn’t know they provide maps lol) and carefully laid out the tour destinations. As it was getting late and we had to go back to Dumaguete on the same day, we decided to skip some of the places.

Let the tour begin:

Starting with Capilay’s sping park. This is a very serene place. It seems so nice for a picnic or just for chilling or relaxing.IMG_3321


Second stop was the century-old balete tree. There’s an entrance fee of Php5. You can dip your feet on the ‘pool’ just right under the tree for a relaxing (or tickling) fish spa. There were also some big fishes there which I was worried would bite me. (They didn’t.)



Some people associate the word “Siquijor” with “mangkukulam” (sorcerer?), magic, black arts, etc. And of course,  a famous magical concoction that is made to make someone fall in love with you– gayuma (lumay in Hiligaynon) or love potion is another popular buzzword associated with the island. I always joke around that I’ll buy this so I would finally have a boyfriend. Unfortunately on my first trip there, I had no way of getting it checking it out as it was in the “mountains”. The second time I went there though, it was available here, in this area. There was a table full of stuff which included some souvenirs and some potions.

This was taken the second time I went here.

Second stop was San Isidro Labrador Parish Church or commonly known as Lazi Church. Erica’s aunt mentioned about a church with wooden floors and I guess this was it. It was a very beautiful structure that has endured the test of time.

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In front of it was the Lazi Convent (is this the official name?) which we didn’t enter because we were running out of time. The exterior looks magnificent. This is a good example of a Bahay na Bato (literally, Stone house) that was constructed back in the 19th century when the Philippines was still under the Spanish rule. I was told there was a museum inside, I hope I can check it out next time.

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Fourth was the Cambugahay waterfalls! With three cascades of awesomeness, this will surely delight the nature-lover in you. The water is very inviting and refreshing. The color is pastel(ish) green. I love pastel. Also, you can try jumping in the water by swinging in a rope ala Tarzan. I love almost everything about this place.

Another thing to note, there was a parking fee of Php20 (for our hired trike) and we were told we NEED to have a guide. The walk down the falls was 138 cemented steps and we can both swim so I don’t see the need to have a guide. Rules are rules however. We gave the guide a tip of course.

Next up was Maria Church in the town of Maria of course. We spent less than 5 minutes here and we just took a peek inside.IMG_3368.JPG

Finally, we went to Salagdoong beach. It was very beautiful. The water was clear and pristine. There was a slide and a diving platform for cliff diving but we were unable to try both. I would’ve loved to spend more time here.

By this time, Erica and I were already in a hurry to go back as the last trip was at 5:30pm. We passed by many towns including Larena where we saw a ship bound for Mindanao. Fortunately, we were able to make it. We only paid Php100 this time because the ship was a RORO vessel which was considerably slower. Indeed, the last trip was at 5:30pm but the boat left at 6:00pm. Don’t take your chances though. Come on time.

Waiting for the sunset?

We arrived in Dumaguete at 7:35 pm after an hour and a half of sea travel.

Part 6… soon. Hopefully lol.