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MINI HAUL: EBAY, ESSENCE & HARD CANDY | Mini reviews and swatches

I keep buying stuff, don’t I ? Lol.

Last time, I posted about buying some stuff from Walmart. And here are some of them:

(I’ve taken these photos using different cameras because my DSLR’s sensor needs some cleaning. Also, I’ve shot these in different times of the day and on different days so the lighting in some photos might be different.)

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in Wisteria. $6 (approximately Php 280)hc

I actually ordered Cherry Blossom but they sent me the wrong one along with an ELF eye liner that I also didn’t order. Anyway, I was thinking it was a hassle to send it back so I kept them and ordered those 2 again. They offered me free shipping so it’s all good I guess.

(I’m planning on reviewing these but idk…)


Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in Cherry Blossom. $6 (approx. Php 280)hc2

I don’t normally lean towards pink shades but I bought this for 2 reasons: I love cherry blossoms and the packaging. It came in a tin can with floral design and they’re actually bigger than I thought. There’s also a mirror inside which I really appreciate. The lipstick itself is good, the fprmula is similar to that of NYX’s soft matte lip creams. It doesn’t dry completely matte and it’s not very drying. Overall, I love this product. The only complaint I have is the small color selection. Would I buy again? Definitely.

ELF Instant Lift Brow Pencil in deep brown. $2 (approx. Php 94)IMG_5088 copy

I talked about this brow pencil in my ELF haul and I really liked it so I bought another one. Although I got it in another shade this time. I got it in deep brown but I don’t think it’s a brown at all. It’s definitely closer to black than brown.



SWATCHES! With flash (L) and without flash (R). At the bottom is the ELF eyebrow pencil in deep brown


Next are the ones I got from Ebay. I originally wanted to buy some stuff for my friend only but upon seeing that the seller has a lot of auctions going on, I decided to bid on some lol

10 pairs False Eyelashes. $0.55 (approx. Php 25 as per Ebay conversion)lash

I was expecting these to be more sparse and more spread out. I don’t know, it seems to have too much… hair. I haven’t tried them out yet, I’m hoping they’ll look good on me.


Gold Oval/Paddle Brush. $1 (approx. Php 47)gold paddle

I actually bid on 2 of these because I thought the other one didn’t go through and I won both of them. Unfortunately, someone on their packing department probably forgot to include another one in my parcels. I was pretty disappointed with this store because aside from that, the other gold brush set that I also won and was so looking forward to, wasn’t included in any of thpaddle2e 3 parcels they sent me. I won’t write the link to the shop because you might encounter the same experience. Anyway, I actually don’t like this brush. The bristles are soft but it’s too dense. It also absorbs a lot of product. The shape of it also doesn’t help blend product well. The other oval brush I tried was way better than this one.

Powder brush with rose gold handle. $3 (approximately Php 139)brush

This is one of my gifts to my friend. I didn’t bid on this, it was a buy it now item. I was checking it out because I wasn’t sure if it’ll be scratchy or not (because if it is, I would’ve replaced it). I couldn’t help but take a snap lol. This is super soft btw. I don’t know how it performs because of course, I didn’t try it.

Brush Egg. $0.99 (approx. Php 45.90)egg

For perspective


I soooo needed this. It’s so hard cleaning my brushes with only my hands to swirl them on. I actually found something like this in Daiso in Roxas City but from the photos it seemed like it was for washing clothes not brushes. It was shown being used as a scrubber but they look exactly the same. Weird.

Finally, from Essence. I’ve been drooling over their products on Facebook and I really wanted to get my hands on them. As there is no Essence counters in my city, I had my friend who works in Manila buy some for me. Thank you, Patricia.



I must say I am not a fan of this. It’s waxy which I think is good but the pigmentation isn’t nice. I find myself reaching for a brow pencil to cover up some sparse spots and to shape my brows. It says “color and shape” but I don’t think it does both very well. I tried using it with a variety of brushes to see which one works well with this but so far, the results have been underwhelming.

ESSENCE ALL ABOUT MATT! FIXING COMPACT POWDER. Php 299. (approx. $6.36)powder.jpg


I’ve used this twice and I like it so far. It does mattify my skin but I haven’t tried it long enough to form a solid conclusion.





Click on photo to zoom in if you want to see the ingredients.





That’s it for this haul. Have you done any shopping lately?