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I got a wonderful package from the post office 2 days ago and I can’t wait to share it here.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated with Colourpop, Philpost or the Bureau of Customs. I am just sharing my experience so please do contact them if you have issues that need to be resolved ASAP. And Remember: Google is your friend.)

Ever since one of my favorite Youtubers, Kathleenlights, first talked about Colourpop, I’ve been wanting to buy from them. Their products seem to be of high-quality and cheap(ish). At that time unfortunately, they weren’t shipping internationally. While buying them locally is available through resellers, I find the prices quite expensive. Prices vary from Php400-500 for the $6 Ultra Matte/Satin liquid lipstick.

I’ve thought about having them shipped through Jinio/MSB but I kept putting it off lol. July this year when they announced that they will be finally shipping internationally. I was very thrilled at first. My excitement died down however upon seeing the shipping cost. It was $25 for 4 tubes of liquid lipstick and 2 eyeshadow pots. At this price, I was thinking I was better off going with the forwarders.

Last September, they had a free international shipping promo. The threshold was $50 and any order less than that had a shipping fee of $4.99. Super nice, isn’t it? So without planning to, I ordered some liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows. (I got my mom to order some too lol.)

Anyway, the processing time was kind of slow. It took them 4 calendar days to process and finally ship my order. This actually worked well with me in this instance because I mistakenly ordered 2 of the same item. I sent an email to their Customer service team if I can make changes on my order and they told me they can swap it for another item. I told them the item I wanted and they were able to swap it. The change wasn’t reflected on my account but it was surely done as they said because I was able to receive the correct items.

Shipping to the Philippines was exactly 14 calendar days or 10 business days which is within the time frame for forwarders. So, yayyyyy.

I have a lot of information to share but since I usually just ramble on and not make sense, I’ll do a Q&A on this part:

  1. How long did everything take? 4 days processing + 14 days shipping = 18 calendar days
  2. How much did you pay for shipping? Nada, nothing. As I mentioned, they have a free international shipping promo for orders $50 and above and order was over $50.
  3. How much does shipping cost without the promo? Depends on the weight. $15 was the minimum– which was for only 1 lipstick. This order would normally be $25.
  4. What courier did they use? USPS.
  5. Was it delivered to your doorstep? No. I picked it up from the post office so I had to pay Php 112 ( Presentation To Customs Charge). Yes, you have to pay for picking up your own stuff. I’ll get into a more detailed post on this one next time. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POST OFFICE PLEASE CLICK HERE
  6. Can you track your order? Yes, they were able to provide a tracking number. But tracking became unreliable after leaving the US. Until now, my tracking number’s status is still departed USPS facility San Francisco, California. This, I’m pretty sure is because of our country’s post office’s lack of technology and modern equipment.
  7. Oh no, you tracking is unreliable? Even so, I was confident I will be getting my stuff. Some of my international packages don’t have tracking numbers but they arrived fine.It honestly depends on the people at your local post though.
  8. So how did you know when to pick it up? I received a note (registry notice) from my local post office (delivered by the mailman) that I have a package with them. Click here to know more.
  9. How did you pay? Paypal.
  10. Which shipping method do you prefer if there is no free international shipping promo? I would definitely choose to go with third party forwarders like Myshoppingbox, Jinio or LBC. I would probably only have to pay around $12-$15 as the actual weight was less than 2 pounds and the chargeable weight will only be around 2 pounds. Plus, it would be delivered to my doorstep. (Different couriers have different measuring/weighing system so please check… what I gave is an estimate.)
  11. What’s the box’s dimensions?  9.5in x 3.5in x 7in < use this to get an estimate of how much the shipper will charge you.
  12. Did you pay tax? If you mean California or any US state’s sales tax then, No I didn’t. If you are asking about customs tax here, again NO. My purchase was for personal use, non-electronic and less than $200 so I wasn’t charged with any customs tax aside from the Php 112 I mentioned above.
  13. I answered more questions here. Check it out.

Now that I have addressed that, on with the haul!

IMG_5458 copy.png
It came in a very pretty box. And look at that note! So cute.

I ordered 12 items in total.

IMG_5465 copy.png

IMG_5466 copy.png

Two ultra satins, one ultra glossy and 4 ultra mattes.

IMG_5474 copy.png

I won’t give a review since there are already a lot of those online. One thing I’ll say though is that the Ultra matte ones feel really dry after application but its not tacky. A minute after application, I got used to it and it became more comfortable on the lips. The ultra satin lips, on the other hand, I really like (formula-wise) but the color I chose, Dopey didn’t look so well on me. Mauves and purples usually don’t anyway.

indoors with flash and without flash
The ones without flash are more true to color

IMG_5490 copy.png

The eyeshadows were great. They’re pigmented and creamy. However, I was very disappointed with Central Perk. It was patchy and it doesn’t apply well. I tried applying it with my fingers and it was so hard getting an even color on my lids or even on my arms when I swatched it. The pigmentation is also lacking. What a pity. I was so excited for this.

Top R- Central Perk //  Top L- Tang // Bottom R- Brady // Bottom L – Flutes
Top: Without flash, indoors. Bottom: with flash

See Central Perk above? It was so hard building that color. I didn’t get that swatch with one swipe.

size: Blush vs Eyeshadow

The blush was nice. My mom liked it.

Feel free to ask questions below on things haven’t addressed in this post.

Have a nice day!