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I got a wonderful package from the post office 2 days ago and I can’t wait to share it here.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated with Colourpop, Philpost or the Bureau of Customs. I am just sharing my experience so please do contact them if you have issues that need to be resolved ASAP. And Remember: Google is your friend.)

Ever since one of my favorite Youtubers, Kathleenlights, first talked about Colourpop, I’ve been wanting to buy from them. Their products seem to be of high-quality and cheap(ish). At that time unfortunately, they weren’t shipping internationally. While buying them locally is available through resellers, I find the prices quite expensive. Prices vary from Php400-500 for the $6 Ultra Matte/Satin liquid lipstick.

I’ve thought about having them shipped through Jinio/MSB but I kept putting it off lol. July this year when they announced that they will be finally shipping internationally. I was very thrilled at first. My excitement died down however upon seeing the shipping cost. It was $25 for 4 tubes of liquid lipstick and 2 eyeshadow pots. At this price, I was thinking I was better off going with the forwarders.

Last September, they had a free international shipping promo. The threshold was $50 and any order less than that had a shipping fee of $4.99. Super nice, isn’t it? So without planning to, I ordered some liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows. (I got my mom to order some too lol.)

Anyway, the processing time was kind of slow. It took them 4 calendar days to process and finally ship my order. This actually worked well with me in this instance because I mistakenly ordered 2 of the same item. I sent an email to their Customer service team if I can make changes on my order and they told me they can swap it for another item. I told them the item I wanted and they were able to swap it. The change wasn’t reflected on my account but it was surely done as they said because I was able to receive the correct items.

Shipping to the Philippines was exactly 14 calendar days or 10 business days which is within the time frame for forwarders. So, yayyyyy.

I have a lot of information to share but since I usually just ramble on and not make sense, I’ll do a Q&A on this part:

  1. How long did everything take? 4 days processing + 14 days shipping = 18 calendar days
  2. How much did you pay for shipping? Nada, nothing. As I mentioned, they have a free international shipping promo for ordersΒ $50 and above and order was over $50.
  3. How much does shipping cost without the promo? Depends on the weight. $15 was the minimum– which was for only 1 lipstick. This order would normally be $25.
  4. What courier did they use? USPS.
  5. Was it delivered to your doorstep? No. I picked it up from the post office so I had to pay Php 112 ( Presentation To Customs Charge). Yes, you have to pay for picking up your own stuff. I’ll get into a more detailed post on this one next time. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POST OFFICE PLEASE CLICK HERE
  6. Can you track your order? Yes, they were able to provide a tracking number. But tracking became unreliable after leaving the US. Until now, my tracking number’s status is still departed USPS facility San Francisco, California. This, I’m pretty sure is because of our country’s post office’s lack of technology and modern equipment.
  7. Oh no, you tracking is unreliable? Even so, I was confident I will be getting my stuff. Some of my international packages don’t have tracking numbers but they arrived fine.It honestly depends on the people at your local post though.
  8. So how did you know when to pick it up? I received a note (registry notice) from my local post office (delivered by the mailman) that I have a package with them. Click here to know more.
  9. How did you pay? Paypal.
  10. Which shipping method do you prefer if there is no free international shipping promo? I would definitely choose to go with third party forwarders like Myshoppingbox, Jinio or LBC. I would probably only have to pay around $12-$15 as the actual weight was less than 2 pounds and the chargeable weight will only be around 2 pounds. Plus, it would be delivered to my doorstep. (Different couriers have different measuring/weighing system so please check… what I gave is an estimate.)
  11. What’s the box’s dimensions?Β  9.5in x 3.5in x 7in < use this to get an estimate of how much the shipper will charge you.
  12. Did you pay tax? If you mean California or any US state’s sales tax then, No I didn’t. If you are asking about customs tax here, again NO. My purchase was for personal use, non-electronic and less than $200 so I wasn’t charged with any customs tax aside from the Php 112 I mentioned above.
  13. I answered more questions here. Check it out.

Now that I have addressed that, on with the haul!

IMG_5458 copy.png
It came in a very pretty box. And look at that note! So cute.

I ordered 12 items in total.

IMG_5465 copy.png

IMG_5466 copy.png

Two ultra satins, one ultra glossy and 4 ultra mattes.

IMG_5474 copy.png

I won’t give a review since there are already a lot of those online. One thing I’ll say though is that the Ultra matte ones feel really dry after application but its not tacky. A minute after application, I got used to it and it became more comfortable on the lips. The ultra satin lips, on the other hand, I really like (formula-wise) but the color I chose, Dopey didn’t look so well on me. Mauves and purples usually don’t anyway.

indoors with flash and without flash
The ones without flash are more true to color

IMG_5490 copy.png

The eyeshadows were great. They’re pigmented and creamy. However, I was very disappointed with Central Perk. It was patchy and it doesn’t apply well. I tried applying it with my fingers and it was so hard getting an even color on my lids or even on my arms when I swatched it. The pigmentation is also lacking. What a pity. I was so excited for this.

Top R- Central Perk //Β  Top L- Tang // Bottom R- Brady // Bottom L – Flutes
Top: Without flash, indoors. Bottom: with flash

See Central Perk above? It was so hard building that color. I didn’t get that swatch with one swipe.

size: Blush vs Eyeshadow

The blush was nice. My mom liked it.

Feel free to ask questions below on things haven’t addressed in this post.

Have a nice day!


  • Crizelda Santiago


    It’s me again, I ordered also form colourpop the same day they launched the Free International Shipping and until now I haven’t received them in my doorstep. I guess I have to watch out for that note from the postal service though? I am getting insane because it’s been more than a month already and I haven’t received them.

    • Hi again. The probability of it being delivered to your doorstep is very low as they usually just send notices for you to pick them up. You don’t have to wait though, you can go to your local post office and ask if they have a package for you. Click on the link I provided above to see my post about getting parcels from the post office. As I have mentioned there, nearly everything is done manually so even if your parcel is already with them, sorting, registering and finally making notices can take time. Our postal services have yet to welcome the computer age, I’m afraid πŸ™

      • Crizelda Santiago

        So I don’t have to wait for the slip or note I just have to go to a post office? Yes I think it has arrived here, USPS has no sense of tracking them also when they reached the Philippines also their customer service is not a service at all.

        • Even with other couriers, tracking becomes very nearly impossible once the package has entered the country. Just have your tracking number ready in case they ask for it, or if you want, you can also give them a call instead

      • Hi can I ask what card did you use in purchasing the items? I’m having trouble checking out my items and they keep on declining my card.

        • I used a BPI cc thru paypal. Have you tried checking out through Paypal? Or it might also be a bank issue.

    • deanna

      hi. same situation here! last sept 26 po ako nagorder nung free yung shipping. nakuha niyo na po yung sainyo? πŸ™ im from makati

      • Have you tried emailing their CS team? You should have gotten your package already. If other options fail, try calling 8888. They might do something about it.

      • deanna

        i emailed them and they said that my package was lost in transit they are offering one time courtesy replacement for my package but if the package is lost in transit again there will be no refund or replacement. I just asked for refund and i will get the refund 7-12 business days. so sad

        • That’s sad indeed πŸ˜”. Maybe you can try ordering again? They still have the free international shipping promo til the end of the year. Or better yet, wait til Black Friday, there’ll be better deals I’m sure πŸ˜‰

  • nicole

    hi! i also ordered from coloupop last september 30,2016. But until now the latest status according to usps website is departed from LA. I also went to Makati Office but they said my package is not yet there.

    • deanna

      did you try emailing colourpop about the situation? email them asap

  • nicole

    hi! i also ordered from coloupop last september 30,2016. But until now the latest status according to usps website is departed from LA. I also went to Makati Post Office but they said my package is not yet there.

    • Hi! Ideally, yours should arrive earlier as I am from a region far from the Central Mail Exchange. You are actually the third person from Makati that has mentioned this problem. Maybe there’s a hold up due to large volume of orders to your post office? Maybe try calling 8888? To complain? Maybe they can do something about it. And email Colourpop about your problem dear…

  • Charisse

    Hi! I would just like to ask what your tracking number is. Does it start with LN? Coz’ I also took advantage of the Free International shipping of ColourPop the same time you did, and up until now i still havent gotten any Notice from the post office. The post office said something about my tracking number being “ordinary” im not sure what the hell that means. The last update in USPS with my tracking is dated SEPT. 30 – Departed L.A. πŸ™

    • Yeah, it does. Until now, my parcel’s status with USPS is the same as yours. It hasn’t been updated since. From what I know “ordinary mail” doesn’t need your signature for verification/proof that delivery has been made (this will be sent to the sender I think?) Maybe some mail are delayed due to the incoming Christmas holiday? Nonetheless, the delay is unacceptable.

      • Charisse

        Hi, i called the post office in QC (928-1667) yesterday. I told them my case and concerns that its been more than a month that i havent received any notice from them. They felt concerned as well and asked for my international tracking number, name, address and landline number to check all their MANUAL-HAND WRITTEN records (Hahaha this drives me crazy). They didnt give me an exact date or time that theyll call back which again concerns me but thankfully they called!! Just a few hours ago telling me that my package is indeed already at the post office and can already be picked up. They just gave me a delivery number to present at the post office (which is weird because they call it “Delivery” when in fact im picking up my own parcel. LOL Philippines!) Anyway, im just happy that its here! Thank you for all the help and care <3 <3 <3

        • Wow! Thank you for the update and information. It’s good to know you finally got your goodies! The log books and manual sorting and registration of packages sometimes drive me crazy too. I think that is where the problem is… everything is done manually so some parcels being “lost in transit” could be the result of human error. It wastes time and effort on our part and the employees’ too.
          Anyway, Happy swatching dear πŸ˜‰

  • Zoey

    Hello, im planning to buy from colourpop worth of 150$-200$. I wonder about how much will it cost in peso as i will order it through credit card. I also wonder how much will the tax it will cost for me to pay. Please help thank you

    • Check with your bank’s conversion rates dear. If by tax, you mean customs tax, then probably nothing. Purchases below $200 (and for personal use) may be shipped tax-free.

      • Anonymous

        They said that if the worth of that package is 10k below it won’t be taxable. How will they know the total amount? What if i pay it buy credit card and the bank rate didn’t reach the said amount, will they follow what i’ve paid or they will do the conversion themselves?

        • The seller declares the amount. My orders are usually less than $200 so it’s better if you check with customs regarding that issue.

      • Anonymous

        I ordered to colourpop website and they sent me an email saying it is confirmed, after a while they said that my order was cancelled, I’ve tried doing this every other day and for the fourth time, they email me that I am flagged as fraudulent and cannot process my order. I badly need to order as I have some friends who order together with me to meet the $50 free shipping. What can I do? There is a huge issue regarding they are charging like fraudulent charge and double charge in orders. Imagine me doing it fourth times. Please help

        • That’s weird. Maybe you should ask why the order was cancelled the first time? Try making a new account and order again. If they will still cancel the order, don’t reorder immediately, ask them why it was cancelled. I’m sorry but I think you’ll have to talk this out with Colourpop.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I did ask them the first, second and all they told me was order again. I really don’t know what to do now I do hope they will response to my last email after telling me of a fraudulent act. I badly need to order from them.

        • I am more concerned with your credit card. Try calling your bank if there are suspicious transactions. If there aren’t, make a new account or try using Paypal.

      • Anonymous

        It’s been 3 days now and still haven’t got response. They say it will reach only up to 48 hours. I don’t know what went wrong. I just follow the ordering till check out.

      • Anonymous

        thank you for your concern, maybe you were really a luck to me today, after sending you messages they emailed me back telling me that they voided everything i have ordered. they already ask me to order and telling me i will email them my order number so that it won’t have any problem again. i will try once more and give you guys an update.

        • Awww. I’m so glad everything has been settled. Maybe there’s been a glitch in their system. Still, do check with your bank if any suspicious transactions have been made, just to be certain. I hope you’ll be getting your goodies soon. Looking forward to your update!

      • Anonymous

        hello just wanna make an update, my orders are already successful and being process i hope it will reach me before christmas time. thank you for your help

      • Anonymous

        Hello here’s for everyone’s, my package came yesterday 11/17. I didn’t expect it to be that fast as I ordered it last 11/11. Anyway good thing for me 😊. I’m still waiting for the second package to come. And will still order this Black Friday.

        • Wow! That’s fast indeed. Good on you dear!

  • Anonymous

    What if my purchase will worth 200$ and above how much will the tax be? Will the package be pick up in post office still? Thank you

    • Anonymous

      How will they know if it will worth 200$ over

    • Better check with customs and please check the blog post I linked above regarding getting stuff from the post office or you can look on to other blogs if you are from Metro Manila. I believe the process there is different.

    • dapperg

      Hi Anonymous, I also get a cancellation after placing my orders. How were you able to fix it? I have a shipping address in the US and billing address here in the Phils since I am using my card. Thank you

      • Anonymous

        Email them here, and you need to wait a while before you get a response. You need to email them your order number and that it was cancelled.

    • dapperg

      Did you have the same shipping and billing addresses? What payment option did you use? I forwarded the cancellation email and still waiting πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    If the seller declare the amount for instance 200$ who will do the conversion? If i pay it by credit card. Sorry it’s my first time doing this

    • I really don’t know what you mean, I’m sorry. In your bill? For the tax? As I said, better check with the bureau of customs or Philpost as I have never shipped anything above $200 via post…

  • Anonymous

    Hi my order reach 185$ will it be taxed?

    • Better contact the bureau of customs or philpost.

  • Oh! I love color pop! This is awesome! So excited! Let’s connect! I just posted an Italy trip post on my blog, XoXO

  • Amor Carlos

    Hi. Plan ko din mag order sa colourpop ng ultra mattes, but hindi ko mavail yung free shipping kasi hindi naman aabot din sa desired limit nila for free shipping, would you suggest that i have it ship directly from colourpop or mas okay sa mga third party forwarders? And if mas preferred mo third party forwarders, which one? Your suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Since I trust the people at my post office and it only took 14 calendar days to get to me (forwarders take about 7-12 business days via air cargo) I would rather choose to go with that. And the amount I’ll pay at $10 (for this promo) is fixed. There’s a risk of incurring higher fees with forwarders if the packaging is bulky. I’ve linked my review of 2 forwarders here, do check them out if you’re interedted. I think it’ll give you a clearer picture. Again, this is only my opinion/personal preference. Some people have had bad experiences with the post but I truly haven’t had any major issues with it. Also, why not wait for black friday/Cyber monday and have some of your friends purchase with you? There’ll be some sales going on…I’m sure you’ll be able to reach the threshold that way.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. Big help. Yun din suggest ng friend ko from CA, to wait for black frida and cyber monday sale. πŸ™‚

  • Dianne

    YEY! Finally, a blog post about sending Colourpop goodies to PH. I usually have my stuff delivered to my Aunt’s house in CA, then her daughter (who’s an FA) brings it here to PH. Been wary with the PH delivery since I have trust issues. LOL. I’m from Rizal pa, so I’m still hesitant to order online again. But thanks for this post!

    My faves are Cami (LippieStix), Beeper (UltraMatte), Viper (UltraMatte), and Wisp (Super Shock Cheek). My next purchase will definitely be an Ultra Satin!

    • Oh good on you! I think they currently have a free us shipping promo.
      And I love your picks! I’ve been eyeing those too. Their Ultra Satins are goooood.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • Anonymous

    πŸ™‚ grateful for this, will try to order tomorrow.. and hopefully we would be successful.

    • Good luck dear! Are you sure you don’t want to wait for black friday? Lol

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I will order tomorrow at colourpop. My order would be $180. I’m thinking if i would avail of the free shipping or a third party shipper. Can you suggest me what option will i take? I’m planning to resell this items to my friends. Hehe. Btw I’m from Tarlac. Provincial area like yours πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • Hi! I can’t say for sure as I am not aware of the situation in your local post office. Though if you go with the forwarder, advantages are: security of the package and timely delivery (most of the time). However, fowarders do have rules with regards to shipping items in commercial quantity (I’m not sure if all of them follow it please do ask your forwarder of choice). Another disadvantage of using a forwarder vs the post is the shipping fee of course. That might be an additional $13-15 (??? if they use one box that is). I hope this helps a little.

      • Anonymous

        Hi! Thank you for the response. I would like to use my shopping box. However, I notice when I was about to ship my products, theres a huge amt of “taxes” that I must pay. why is that so?

        • Sales tax, I reckon. Check what state MSB is in and google that state’s sales tax, I’m sure it will coincide with the tax percentage in your order…

  • Carla


    I found this information very helpful especially to colourpop lovers out there. I lived in Lapu Lapu City. Hopefully I can get my package as well before the end of the month. I’m afraid it might be lost on delivery πŸ™

    • I’m happy to hear you found it useful dear. Good luck with your package! Don’t hesitate to call your local post office about it πŸ™‚

  • Joy

    Did you put your home address on the colourpop site?then the package will be directed to the post office of the city/province?is that the way they do it?thanks!

  • Maricris

    Hi! I just want to know if safe ba pag credit card ang gamit sa pag purchase? Thank you

    • Hi! For me, yes. I haven’t read any complaints for Colourpop about cc theft/fraud

  • Koks

    Hello there. I have a huge problem here and ColourPop seems to be having a difficult time reverting to emails. So I ordered online, addressed it to my mom (since I dont have a credit card) but I have entered the wrong email where they (as far as I can remember) send confirmation link or whatsoever to confirm your order. My problems are – first, I will not be able to send them confirmation for my order since I have a wrong entry in the email section and second, I was thinking if they would send the credit card details to that email address and someone might get those information. Im gonna be really dead.

    kolleene x

    • Hi! Didn’t you sign up/register before ordering? I’m not sure if checking out as guest is possible but nonetheless, they don’t send credit card details with the confirmation email (as that will be a huge security risk), only the billing and shipping address and other details. Better wait for their reply to your emails, they’re not the fastest when it comes to replying to emails but they are very accommodating.

      • Kox

        Fortunately they have reverted back to me in less than 24 hrs. I have entered ‘Customer account confirmation’ in the subject section. They have also sent an email immediately.

        Thanks so much!

        BTW, I have also registered too upon checking out. I mean it was my first time ordering online so.

        • Good on you dear! I hope you were able to use your coupon too πŸ˜‰

  • Gwen

    Hi. I’m planning to buy from ColourPop. I’m not really an online shopper. I wanna ask. I live in a dormitory near the university where I’m studying. On my shipping address, should I still include the name of the dormitory or just the street where it’s at?

    • Hi! The more specific, the better. The post office will send you a notice so it helps if they know exactly where.

      • Gwen

        I tried emailing them but they said they’re gonna try to track it manually and I hadn’t received a notice until now. I also don’t know where the post office is because mainly, this isn’t my hometown and when I tried looking online locations, there were a few post offices here in the city so I don’t know where I should inquire.

        • Better to call them and ask where packages can be claimed as there’s usually only one branch–the main one, where parcels are being stored for distribution. Other branches in the same area are usually for other services like mailing or payment collections. As I mentioned, you don’t have to wait for the notice. If it’s taking too long, go ahead and ask them. Tell them you’ve been waiting for a long time for your package to arrive. I’m sure they’ll stop procrastinating and will be forced to look for it then and there πŸ™‚

  • HoneyM

    Hi! I just want to thank you for this post. I ordered my stuff from on November 23 and as per USPS tracking it left the US last November 25, which was pretty fast. Now I’m just waiting on our local post office to send me that holy sheet of paper that’ll tell me my box is ready to be picked up! I’m so excited and thanks to your post I had the confidence to order online. πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome dear! I hope you can get yours soon so you can start swatching your goodies. Thanks for dropping by!

      • HoneyM

        I got mine!!! They delivered it to my doorstep and I paid 112.00.

        Order date: Nov 22, 2016
        Left US: Nov 24, 2016
        Delivered to Antipolo: Dec 6, 2016

    • Anonymous

      HoneyM, did you show your invoice to the mail man? there was an indication on the notice from post office to bring the invoice copy. Some say if I do that, I’ll be charged with tax even if the item I purchased is non-electronic and less than $200.

      • Anonymous

        Hi! No, I didn’t show the mail man my invoice, just identification, and he asked me to pay P112. πŸ™‚ Easy breezy. :)))

    • Tas

      Hi HoneyM! May I know where you are located? Is it in the Metro?

    • Anne

      Hi, I also ordered my stuff from last November 23. And left the US November 25. But, until now I haven’t receive anything from them. They also sent me an email saying that my orders may have been lost in transit, asking me if I want to refund or request for one time courtesy replacement. Then, I emailed them, saying that I just want them to confirm first if my orders are really lost. So, that I can decide what to do. As a matter of fact, I emailed them 4 times but still didn’t get any feedback from them. Is there anyone who can help me with this? Thanks.

      • Please check your local post office. Keep your tracking number in hand and tell them you’ve been waiting months for your package. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I took advantage of the Cyber Monday / Tuesday and ordered from just yesterday. I got the order confirmation thru email and hoping to be one of the lucky hoarders to get my lippies in less than 3 weeks. I’m from Bulacan, btw. Hopefully no hassle with the shipping. Thank you for the infos, they’re very helpful! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for dropping by! I hope you can get your lippies soon. Happy swatching!

      • Anonymous

        Question, based on your experience, how long did it take from departing USPS facility San Francisco, California to getting the package to the post office? ’cause my friend ordered the same day I did and she already got the package but mine’s status says departed USPS Facility Los Angeles as of yesterday πŸ™

        • It took 13 days and as I mentioned, the status of my package remained the same until now that my stuff has been with me for more than a month. If yours was updated just yesterday then it’s most likely still in the US, if not then try checking your local post office.

  • Danielle

    Hi! I just want to share this.
    I ordered from Colourpop on Nov 26,2016, (I was able to take advantage of the black friday sale.), my item departed from CA on 11/30/2016, i am so nervous about this because this is the first time that i ordered something online and it’s an international shipping, well, I’m still waiting for my item, still haven’t heard fr my post office if they already have my package, hopefully i’ll get a notification fr them by next week, if not, I will follow all your advice and will go to the post office personally to check for my item. Wish me luck!! πŸ˜†
    (love your blog btw, it is really helpful. thanks! 😍

    • Thank you!!! And yeah, you can do that. Considering that it’s nearly Christmas plus orders from black friday and cyber monday, they might be receiving huge volumes of packages and can’t keep up because of their… ahem… antiquated system. Even my order from S. Korea hasn’t arrived and it’s nearly 2 months. I definitely am going to check it next week for sure. Good luck to us lol

      • Danielle

        I Received my lippies already since last week pa , I received it on 12/14/2016. The postman delivered it to my doorstep and asked me to pay the 112 pesos handling fee(i believe that’s what you call it :)) The man said 3 days na daw na sakanya yung item ko and pabalik balik sya sa address namin pero di nya matunton ung exact address. good thing maynapagtanungan sya na kapitbahay namin. so overall, sakton 21 days dumating ung item from colourpop. mejo natagalan lang dahil di nahanap agad ung address. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE LIPPIES. 😍 I HOPE YOU GIRLS GET YOUR ITEMS TOO!!
        Thank you so much for this blog! It really helped me a lot! 😘😘😘

        • Soooo happy for you! It’s very nice that they actually delivered your stuff and that you didn’t have to pick them up. I’m sure your next orders will come a bit faster as they already know your exact location. Enjoy your goodies!

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Pag order mo nung Black Friday Nila may notif ka agad ng tracking number mo? Delay kasi yung sakin kasi andami order. Nung dec 3 pa ko magka tracking number. Tas dec 5 umalis ng ca. Sana dumating na next week

      • Danielle Satuito

        Hello. Nov 26 ako umorder and then nov29 ako nagka tracking number then nov 30 umalis ng ca. 😊

    • Unburnt

      Hi! May I ask how many lippies you bought?

  • Tiffany27

    Hi I’m also planning to order sa colourpop, but I’m afraid kasi baka super mahal ng itax, anyway do you know how many lipstick you can buy? What if sumobra sa 12pcs let’s say 15pcs. Kasi I really want to try colourpop ang dami nilang shades so I want to try as many shade as possible. *ang dami kayang magandang shade* Tataas kaya sa 112? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Hi, based from experience kung di ka naman nagmamadali and personal naman yan hatiin mo nalang order mo. As long as May minimum 50$ free shipping yun. Hinati ko kasi yung sakin so I paid 112 twice better than paying tax na thousand pa. Just a suggestion. Pangatlong beses ko na oorder just waiting for my third package.

      • This is actually a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sadly, 10 is the limit imposed on lipsticks, not 12. And surprisingly, it’s the FDA-DOH that gave the limit not the customs. I actually just learned about it. I’ll make an update on this. You might want to check this out: and yes, maybe you can try what the other commenter suggested, try making multiple transactions to break down the numbers. Might save you some money eventually πŸ™‚

      • Tiffany27

        What if I buy 2 sets of the mini bundle dba it’s 5pcs per box. What if I buy 2 box does it count as 10pcs of lipstick already?

        • I have links in this post, I hope they can be of help.

      • ilovecpop

        if you buy 2 sets of 5 lipsticks each. they will count it as 10 pcs

      • Aivee

        Hi, I’m from Zambales. I just ordered 11 lippies, I just found out that they are only allowing 10 lippies after reading the comments. What will happen to my orders sis? Do you have any idea? Thanks!

        • Jenny

          I ordered 11 as well. That time I wasn’t aware of the 10 lipstick policy. My parcel was sent over to customs here in my local post office and I think it really depends upon your local post office whether or not they will open the parcel or not. I heard stories from people who ordered from colourpop na yung customs inopen daw sa harap nila to check and if it exceeded the 10, confiscate nila yung excess but you get to choose which one to hand over. Then again, it depends sa local post office niyo.

      • Aivee

        Hi Jenny! Thank you so much! That’s a relief. I am worried that my whole package will get confiscated. I am addicted to colourpop ultra matte and satin… and it’s hard to limit it to just 10pieces!

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  • Bea

    Now I am so scared of all my shipment that is coming, first my address is in Makati. Now there is a limit as to how much you are suppose to bring in.

    • There has always been a limit (13 pieces or more) just that few people knew it was actually just 10 pcs. for lipsticks and it’s really a pity as a lots of us nowadays like to buy a lot of cosmetics. especially now that companies are releasing products left and right.

      • Bea

        Moral of the story — when hoarding use a third party forwarder. HEHEHE!

        • Actually… the same limit applies to the forwarders πŸ™ Check out their FAQ’s. It’s with the forwarders that I actually first learned of some of the limits.

    • Tas

      Hi Bea! Im from Makati also. May I know if you got your parcel?

  • Bea

    It’s true just talked to the customs officer in the post office there is a limit and they would confiscate your products if it is more than 1kg for cosmetics and 10 lipsticks.

    • Yeah, a pity. It was the FDA who gave out a memorandum for that.

    • ihatebureauofcustomsph

      true. they would ask you to contact fda to get a clearance. which is in alabang. they have also a lot of colourpop boxes “for disposal” i doubt though that the officers would really dispose them. its christmas time, the memo was dated last 2015 but it was only recently that they released to the public the allowed quantity for personal usage, more shipments from family abroad or more online shopping for gifts, so they would like to take advantage of that fact.

      in my opinion, there is something wrong with the law. how can 10 sticks of lipsticks be enough? what if your family members wants to buy too? or you want to give it as christmas gifts? i dont think it is justifiable to confiscate those that are in excess of 10pcs, why cant they just tax it properly than say that they are confiscating it “in favor of the government”. i doubt they will dispose it.

      sorry for the rant. this was all based from my bad experience. bad experience=they asked for “lagay”

      • That’s awful. And yes, I do agree, 10 pcs is not enough. I think I can get away with the customs rule of no more than 12 pieces of the same item because it’s too vague (I mean, would they consider an ultra matte liquid lipstick the “same item” as an ultra satin liquid lipstick? Or a lippie stick from a liquid lipstick?) but the FDA’s regulation is too much. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Happy new year!

  • Anonymous

    Hi you sad in your other post that “For the billing address: Choose the US as your country.” can i ask why? thanks

    • Hi! Please read the entirety of that post. It was to address another issue…

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  • Missy

    Hi, Im also new in ordering online. I am not a cosmetic fan but I soooo love lippies πŸ™‚ am quite scared hearing people has different experiences upon ordering online but I’m crossing my fingers on this. I ordered on the14th and the update on my package is still in LA… cant wait for it to get to me & try out colourpop lippies. I ordered a total of 13 lippes (counted those in sets) and a highlighter and shadow. Whew, I saw many promotions going on. I hope it come before December ends… πŸ™‚

    • Good luck Dear!

    • ihatebureauofcustomsph

      dont wait for the status to change. go directly to your post office. its their tactic this christmas season, if no one claims it, its theirs. also hope that you will get a good customs officer who will allow you to get all the 13 lippies.

      • Missy

        Oh, I haven’t check it yet. Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

    • Unburnt

      Hi! Were you able to get your parcel already?

      • Missy

        I got it last night so 16 days to be exact! I was just thinking of getting more since all of them got here safely πŸ˜€

        • Jenny

          did the customs confiscate the lippies na nag exceed ng 10pcs?

      • Missy

        No… I don’t think they’ll count those in sets. I’m not sure tho. But mine just got here safely & paid only 60 pesos

        • Wow!!! 60 pesos? After 2013 (or was it 2014?) I never paid anything lower than 100Php. I’m curious whether this is a new change or limited to an area sort of thing. Anyway, thanks for the updates dear. Enjoy your goodies!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi! Was it delivered straight to your doorstep?

      • Missy

        No I collected it from the post office. They called me btw

    • Anonymous

      Hi Missy! May I know your post office! (makeup lover here also)

      • Missy


  • Chae

    Hi guys, I’ve ordered 13 lippies from the colourpop site and it says na last dec 7 my package departed that said date but up until now the phlpost/post office haven’t sent me a mail informing me about my package if they got it na. i haven’t got time to go to their office since i was busy with work stuffs. I live in BiΓ±an, Laguna if ever which post office should I go to? The one in manila or the one in my area? Hope you guys can help me! Thanks and happy new year to you guys!

    • Jenny

      did you by any chance get yours already?

    • Hello! I’m not sure how things work for you guys in Luzon but isn’t Laguna a province on its own? I’m of the belief that you have your own branch for claiming parcels as we have here (in different municipalities/towns). You can also look for the post office locator in their website. Also, give a ring/contact them just to be sure.

      I listed their contact details here, if you want to check it out:

      Hope this helps. Happy new year dear!

    • Che

      Hi! same situation with me. last Dec. 7 departed n siya from LA then last Dec. 10 nkalagay naman departed a transfer airport in Manila Phil. But up until now sabi ng Philpost d pa nila narereceive ung parcel ko πŸ™ worried na ako na baka nawala na un πŸ™

      • Jenny

        ilang lippies po binili mo po? kasi may kakilala ako na bumili ng lippies more than 10 tapos natagalan sa customs kasi kinuha daw yung excess sa 10 lippies ☹️

  • Jenny

    hi po! sa USPS website po, it still says na in transit pa. did you by any chance track the package using the PHLPost website? or hindi rin ba natatrack doon?

    • No, mine can’t be tracked using Philpost’s track and trace. I’m not sure if I mentioned it here but from previous experiences, tracking sometimes (hindi naman all the time) becomes unreliable once the parcel enters PH

  • Unburnt

    Hi! I ordered from colourpop last Dec 30 2016 pa and still now wala pa email regarding the tracking number πŸ™ also, I ordered 2 sets of lipsticks, 1 set has 5 minis and 1 set has 3 full size, as well as 4 other single lipsticks. So total of 12 lipsticks. I just found out now that they confiscate lipsticks over 10 through this website. So since I ordered the sets, will they be counted as one or will they count how many lipsticks are inside? Also sila ba mamimili ng anong icconfiscate nila? :(( can’t get any info anywhere else. Please help huhu. So worried about my orders. Sayang kasi πŸ™

    • Hi, as colourpop may have mentioned in their FAQ, processing time is 3-5 business days, which is not counting holidays or weekends. Shoot their CS team an email if it goes beyond that. Also, I’ve read various things on what they do with lipsticks exceeding the limit. However, in the FDA memorandum, it says:

      4. Any quantity of the covered products, whether declared or undeclared, beyond the specified limits which does not have the required FDA-DOH clearance, will be seized and forfeited in favor of the government. Those within the specified limit shall be allowed without FDA-DOH clearance subject to payment of customs duties, when necessary.


      Do check with BOC on Twitter to be sure: @customsPH. They do reply sometimes. Maybe you can still get an FDA clearance for those, or if you are lucky enough, it will pass them by unnoticed. But I’ll still suggest that you go ask BOC/FDA (maybe you can use a different name). I wrote their contact numbers and email addresses in the post I linked here if you want to check it out

      • Unburnt

        Thank you so much! I’ve sent them a message and hope to get a reply soon. This blog is a really great help.

    • Anonymous

      Hi! πŸ™‚ saang PO ka po?

  • Jem

    Hi!! I was wondering what address you placed when you ordered. Was it your home address or was it the address of the post office where you wish to pick-up your parcel? Thank youuuu!!

  • corrupt_customs

    sometimes they count per piece, sometimes they count per set. depending on the customs inspector. If you decide to leave the excess from the 10, make sure you throw/leak all the lippies so they wont be able to sell them again.

    i asked the guard, what they do with the confiscated items. He said “Binebenta po nila”…

    if i know the guard would say that, i would have recorded him. tsk, tsk…

    • Have you tried calling 8888? This practice shouldn’t continue nor be tolerated.

  • Jenny

    UPDATE: I got my parcel already.
    Departed USPS – December 20
    Arrived at local post office – Jan 3
    I called the local post office last friday (Jan 6) but they told me na wala pa. When I went a while ago (Jan 9), it was there all along. So if you have time, it’s better to go there yourself. Also, my parcel exceeded 10 lippies but hindi naman kinuha. I think it really depends sa local post office niyo or yung customs examiner. For hassle free orders, limit it to 10 lippies na lang to prevent hassle kasi policy naman yun ng FDA and wala na tayong magagawa talaga 😭

    • Unburnt

      Hi! Ask ko lang if sa site ba ng USPS, nag update na nakadating na sa Philippines yung parcel? Also, pano mo nalaman which Post office to go to? :(( please and thank you!

      • Jenny

        No po, up until now departed from USPS facility pa rin. I’ve claimed a lot of packages before from our local post office kasi we only have one dito sa CDO, kaya alam ko na where I can claim my parcel. You can check sa may mga post office locations doon.

    • Yes, it’s better to follow the restrictions and limit every order to 10 lip products. I am trying to find out how to secure a permit to be able to send in more than 10. So far, I’m getting no response from the agencies I contacted. For now, let’s settle to being law abiding make up lovers #charot
      Thanks for the update dear!

      • Jenny

        You need to get an FDA permit daw. I asked an online reseller. Kaso it took her 2 months to process it.

        • That’s quite a long time 😱
          I actually sent an email to FDA and even DOH but it’s been more than a week– still no response other than automated emails. Anyway, better choice is to split the order in to 2 or more and just pay another 112Php. It’s barely half the price of a piece of lipstick anyway.

      • Missy

        I completely agree. You can break it down for 2 orders over 50’s for no hassle collection from the post office. Or if you have friends in the US you can ask for help to deliver it directly to ur doorstep. I’d probably choose the last option next time. I’m not a patient woman waiting for my parcel to arrive. I am happy that you got urs already! And yeah, happy swatch-ing πŸ˜€

      • Kath

        Hi! If I may ask, yung set ba, considered yun na 1 lang or iccount nila per piece yung lipstick dun sa set? before naman kasi hindi naccount but i think ngayon nakahold yung order ko. last Dec 31 pa natransmit yung orders ko accdg to USPS. Thank you.

        • Hi! I’m sure if they are going to count it, they’ll count it individually. A set containing 5 lipsticks will be counted as 5 lipsticks. I think it won’t make sense to count one set as one lipstick if the said set has six pieces. Hope this clears up some confusion πŸ™‚

  • Hello, can I ask how to order a colourpop ultra matte? What is the payment method? Debit or credit in ph? thank you.

    • Missy

      Go to their website for orders. I used PayPal for every online transaction. Well, some of the banks sell a prepaid card for online payment and it is much safer according to my colleagues at least you don’t have to pay bank charges.

    • Please go directly to Colourpop’s website. Make sure to read their FAQ’s before ordering

  • Tonichu

    Hi. I ordered 7 lipsticks and 1 eyeshadow set (love line) w/ four shadows. Is the set counted as one? Thanks.

    • I’m sorry, I’m confused. As one what po?

      • Missy

        I think she is asking if the set count as one – instead of counting individually.

        • If I understand this correctly, the concern is if it will be counted individually by the BOC? From what I know eyeshadows aren’t counted…? quantities on assorted cosmetics (other than lipsticks which has a clear limit of 10pieces) are 1kg

  • Anonymous

    Good day Sesshy! ask ko lang pag mag order sa colourpop address ko ba yung ilalagay ? then sa Philpost na mapunta packages ko dun ko na sya kukunin? Thank you!

  • Bea

    A little heads up, a little bird from the post office said that starting February, air parcels should be claimed in CMEC (pasay).

    • Thanks love! This will surely be useful to those from Metro Manila.

  • Missy

    Hey all! So colourpop is back again with lots of promotions, go girls this is a perfect time to grab ’em! πŸ™‚

  • Rai

    Hello! How much did it cost if you convert it in peso? I ordered earlier and my orders costs 59$.

  • yeri

    hello! address niyo po ba nilagay niyo sa shipping details nung nag-order po kayo sa colourpop?

  • Louise

    Hi, I ordered from Colourpop last month, new year, but I’m really not familiar with the process. USPS does not show tracking since January 4 so it must be here already? How can I know if it is in the post office and where?

    • Hi, I’ve mentioned this in my post. Please read numbers 5-8 and click on the links provided

  • So my order from ColourPop is already at the post office, I got the notice delivered by the mailman just today and the mailman said he can deliver it to me but i’d have to pay Php225. Na-shock ako sa sinisingil niya because I was expecting na Php112, like what most of the girls here on the thread said, kaya sabi ko ako na lang kukuha. Does it differ from town to town or province yung sinisingil nila? I’m from Malolos, Bulacan. Anyone here from the same province or town as I am? And kung meorn man, how much did you pay? Thanks a lot.

    • It shouldn’t differ by town as I am sure they are not allowed to charge you a sort of a “delivery fee”. While it’s true that their only duty is to send you a notice and not your parcel, they shouldn’t be charging extra. I’ve had a postman bring us our packages before and he never asked for anything other than Php112 for the PTCC. (I gave him a tip of course- but he didn’t ask for it). If you want, you can call 8888 to clarify/complain.

  • hi what is 8888 number all about

  • is my credit card be safe in purchasing colourpop

  • Hi, I’ve ordered last February 12, 2017. 11 pcs all assorted. Tracking status says that it departed last Feb 14, 2017 and currently in transit (15th day today). Do I have to wait for a notice from the post office (manila area here) or I’ll call them na for update? I’ve actually emailed colourpop because the status hasn’t changed from that of feb 14. they said there has been a transit delay for all orders made that day. I’ll just have to daw for further updates pa.

    • Hi, you don’t have to wait, you can directly go to your post office or call them. And as I mentioned, the status of my package hadn’t been updated even after I had received my stuff (until now tbh). Just keep in mind that CP’s estimated delivery time is 10-21 business days (holidays & weekends not included) plus 3-5 business days for processing.

  • Hi again sis. I’ve just received the notification letter from post office. I’m somewhat relieved and thankful na I will have to claim it na by tomorrow. Kasi I have a friend naman, she’s from la union, and she received a form from Customs asking about FDA clearance/Certificate of Product Registration. Her orders consist of 2 mini sets, 9 lippies and 1 eyeshadow daw. All worth 6.5K. What will be her next move? Thanks

    • Good to hear about your order, but about your friend, I’m sorry but I have no way of knowing what to do next. Maybe have her call up BOC for clarifications/instructions on what to do next. Best of luck.

  • Hi sis…. Can i pay them via debit card? or they only accept credit card payment?

    • I don’t know, I’m sorry. I’ve never tried it. Do check out their FAQs or try contacting them via email (they don’t respond immediately but they do respond)

      • you can actually. you’ll know that your debit card can be used if it has mastercard or visa on it. If wala, then you can’t use it.

    • Yes, you can use debit card as long as it’s visa/mastercard. Been using my BPI prepaid card for purchases online

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  • Omg! I’ve read the other comments about limiting the # of lippies to just 10pcs. I actually ordered 9pcs for their recent promo and they gave 3mini lippies for free so that would be a total of 12pcs right? Will they confiscate the 3pcs? 😭

    • It probably depends on the inspector, if mapansin nila or not. BOC says it will be forfeited in favor of the government.

  • Mine’s taking forever, April 29 last update from USPS. I keep calling our local post office pero wala pa rin daw. Manila na ko nito aa, feeling ko mas mabilis ang delivery nila pag provincial. 😭

    • I spoke too soon, my mom handed me the card just this morning from the post office. Can’t wait to claim it, hope it’s in good condition.

      • Good for you! Our local post office has been calling/texting package receivers as long as a contact number is in the shipping label so that might be a factor. And from experience, packages from Colourpop are well wrapped. Enjoy!

  • Got mine a while ago. Nag woworry lang ako dun sa next parcel ko kasi 12pcs of lipstick yung andun. 😭
    Tho free lang sayang pa din kung cconfiscate nila., 😭

    • I wish I have read your blog before I placed my order :'( 15 lippies+5 free mini lippies un laman.. Tinake advantage kc nmin ung promo tsaka ung freebies kaya sinagad na nmin. Sana nman d maconfiscate, nakisabay kc mga kawork ko.. Please let us know kung pinadagdag ka nila or kinonfiscate pdn, pra kahit papano emotionally prepared kmi if maconfiscate, huhuhu :'(

      • I got my 2nd colourpop box a while ago and they didn’t confiscated anything. Siguro kasi nakita din nila na free lang yun excess ko and minis lang siya. 😊

        • That’s good to hear. Thanks for the update dear!

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  • Hi po i have seen a lot of these sa shopee lol… and napakamura lang… how much po itong binili niyo? Hehe tsaka how to spot a fake one po? I think this is locally available na rin diba?

    • These are regular prices, so $6 for the lippies and $5 for the shadows. Some of the ones I bought recently new releases so I’m not sure if they are available locally. I’ll be writing an entry on how to spot a fake one… as soon as I get my hands on a fake one lol

  • Carla S

    Hi! OMG I ordered 13+4 free minis. Icoconfiscate po ba nila? πŸ™

    • No one knows for sure. Comments below have stated some weren’t and some were. It probably depends on the inspector. Good luck!

    • Ako din.. dami kong na order.. I didn’t know. Pa update naman po kung ano result. Thanks!

      • Just received a notice from customs to submit some doc since nagexceed aqu sa 10pcs lipstick limit nila :'(

        They wanted me to send the proof of payment as well as the FDA clearance.. From what I know fda clearance are for people who are resellers? Correct me if I’m wrong..

        Right now, I’m still processing what I have read and what will be my next step.. I’ll keep you guys notified.. :'(

  • Hi I’m back. So I contacted our boc via fb and asked if instead of getting fda clearance, can I just pay extra cash to get my parcel since I have no plan in selling the items. They responded: “It will be seized and forfeited as per the FDA Joint Circular.” Harsh right? What a nice way to treat someone who just wanted to purchase goods for their personal use.. So in the end, I am obliged to get the fda clearance.. Still thinking what to do next, I’ll contact fda for adsistance. You can contact them too at (02)809-4390 or (02) 857-1975..

    • Hi, were you able to claim your items? My items were also on hold. πŸ™

      • Kimiye Ai Temanil

        Hi! Mine too πŸ™ They said, I’ll wait for a notice letter.. πŸ™

      • cherry

        Hi! Did you get un order already?

    • cherry

      Hi! were you able to secure a clearance from FDA? I’m experiencing the same dilema πŸ™

  • hi! just wanted to make this short and quick πŸ™‚

    before I went to philpost, I contacted a friend of mine who loves to go shopping online for an advise since I’ve violated the 10pcs lippies rule. she told me not to worry much since it’s my first violation, so I took her advise and went to philpost.. my package was held by the customs and when I was called out to open it, I got scared that the excess will be confiscated.. the employee asked me if it’s my first time and I said yes. She told me that since it’s my first time and probably doesn’t know about their rules and regulations, they won’t be confiscating the excess (phew!).. so there you have it, for first time violators, we’re safe πŸ™‚ but there will be no next time..

    • I think it just all boils down to the inspectors in charge. Some might not care if it’s your first time and will still confiscate the excess. And some might not even detect nor care. Hopefully they’ll change this rule in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kimiye Ai Temanil

    Hi! It’s my 1st time purchasing frm colourpop. How to pay using paypal? Will I use the convertion of the bank or frm paypal? They have charges for credit card? So many questions. Hehe πŸ˜… Thank you! 😊

    • I’m not so sure what you mean by charges but yes, have your bank convert the amount by paying in $. Your bank will always have better conversion rates πŸ™‚

  • Hi, about the custom issues of putting the items on hold, will it be the same kaya if we ship thru Jinio? Coz i suppose those issues only happen kapag thru usps? Tama po ba?

  • Rose

    I hope I have read your blog before I made an order at Colourpop. I did made 3 orders on a different date. The first one was already shipped and it is less than 10 lippies though I hope it will be less than 1 kg. My 3rd was already shipped, it is more than 10, doble pa yung iba (combination of lip gloss and lipstick), yung 2nd ko hindi pa nashihip, puro trio bundle sya, and yung bundle na 6 ang laman. Hala! πŸ™ should I contact colourpop and change some of it to eyeshadows or others? Could they just confiscate yung excess?

    • How I wish I had spent time to google everything about this BOC dilemma. I ordered 3 sets of lipsticks and I’m supposed to give the other 2 sets to my mom and sister in law as xmas gifts (A total of 18 lippies). Good luck to me and the lippies. Should they confiscate the excess lippies, I’ll make sure they won’t get a chance to use/sell it.

      • This is a very late reply but good luck! I hope you were able to receive them all. Merry Christmas!

  • Ana

    i just place my order today and I am quite nervous for the products i bought. I spent around 90USD for the products. Hope I will not experience any problem.

    • As long as the no. Of products doesn’t exceed the BOC’s or FDA’s limits, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Merry Christmas!