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Globe’s crappy service and the still undelivered Chromecast

I don’t want to start the new year with a rant but I am sorry, this has been in my drafts since last year and until now, this has me infuriated. I’ll write another post soon… in a more jovial tone.

We’ve been subscribers of Globe Telecom/Globelines for a really long time. And for a really long time, we’ve been disappointed with their service.

You might ask…

“Then why don’t you just switch to other internet/phone service providers?”

The thing is, we can’t.

Our subdivision used to have an exclusive contract with them so it’s either you get their service or go without internet/phone line. We just learned that recently, there are PLDT /Smart Bro subscribers here in our community. Unfortunately, we learned to late as we already agreed on another 2 year contact with them. Hay.

Mobile data? Not an option either. Smart and other ISPs signals are bad here.

We upgraded our plan after learning that our previous plan was submitted to their (un)Fair Use Policy– something they keep mentioning in their Twitter almost every time a customer complains.

We used to have the 3mbps “unlimited” internet plan bundled with a phone line. After months of frustration at having download speeds of only 0.10-0.30mbps at 5:00 in the afternoon, I called them up and asked why. And then I learned about FUP. Freaking FUP. What used to be “unlimited” internet” now had a data cap of 7GB a day. It was frustrating as almost everyone at home were heavy data users. At 5:00pm (almost) everyday, we would reach the limit and our connection is throttled to dial-up speeds.

It was on June/July of last year when my mother decided to upgrade our connection to 15mpbs with a monthly data limit of 120GB. You might be wondering, ” you had 7GB per day, that’s like 210GB a month”. Yeah I know. However, we were promised 30% of our subscribed speed once we reached the limit. That’s around 4.5mbps which isn’t very bad for a throttled speed.

So, what’s the problem now?

Let me enumerate:

  • Intermittent internet connection   (Especially when you are hit with a “limit warning” everything fucks up. That warning shows up everywhere, interrupting EVERY.THING. It even shows up on Skype. Yes, Skype. Everything stops connecting to the internet and shows a “internal server error” then you get redirected to their warning page after refreshing.)
  • Slow internet connection/Doesn’t deliver the promised speed (We pay for a 15mbps connection and we get DL speeds of 3-3.25mbps and upload speeds of 0.05-0.07mbps– even before we reach the 120Gb limit. Currently, it has become even slower, 1.6mbps. One point freaking six mbps and not yet data capped. THAT’S NOT EVEN 10% OF OUR SUBSCRIBED SPEED GLOBE!)
  • The highest speed we experienced was 12mpbs.
  • Sudden internet outages
  • and long internet outages (Sometimes it takes them one whole day to fully restore the connection)
  • Unstable connection. Sometimes we get 5.0mbps (before data cap) and sometimes we get 1mbps. Sometimes we get an upload speed of 0.60 mbps, sometimes we get 0.07mbps.
  • Expensive rates (compared to other countries)
  • No internet connection during power failure even when modem/router is connected to a back up power supply
  • Phone lines die during power failures. You didn’t charge your phone and you need to call your power provider? Hah! Can’t use your telephone either. (and here I was thinking I could definitely have use for it in times like that)
  • The upgrade came with some perks and one of them was a free Chromecast device. And it’s 2017. We upgraded mid-2016 and it’s no way near us. I’ve made 3 long phone calls, sent them a couple of tweets and sent them a message in Facebook, but still, NADA. WTH, Globe.
  • We were promised a 2 year Spotify premium subscription. They said I will be able to use it once the the Chromecast device is with me. I’ve long been subscribed to Spotify premium myself, so I was looking forward to not being for it. I was ranting about this on Twitter and they told me I can avail of it now even without the device yet. How consistent.

When I started writing this, we had no connection. There was a power failure and even after the power came back, we still didn’t have internet connection. I called up and we were told there was an internet outtage during that time. It lasted til the next day. They promised a refund IF the outtage lasts more than 24 hours.

Here’s why it’s such a big deal to have a stable, not intermittent and reliable internet service:

There are a lot of people, like me, who work part-time or full-time online and this kapalpakan affects our work A LOT. I’ve incurred so many deductions because our company is very inconsiderate of sudden network outages that renders me unable to have class.

We haven’t reached our limit for the month and yet, look at this:


15 mbps my butt. I finally had it and wrote a complaint to NTC. I hope they do something about it.

Also, I wanted to share this little Twitter exchange between myself and @talk2Globe.


I first tweeted them that as you can see in the picture. Then I was kind of surprised they replied that “they checked my account” and they kept insisting we are subscribed to the 1299 plan that is without a Chromecast device. I am not sure what kind of bs checking they did but they didn’t ask me for my account number in that exchange. I provided a part of our bill to prove it to them.globe-bill

Then they had the nerve to ask if that account I posted is ours (the phone number is seen on the bill). DUH. Why would I provide a bill that isn’t ours? And if the handlers of @talk2Globe did check, as they first claimed, they would have known that the phone number in the bill is the same number written in “my account”, that account holder is my mom and that I’m an authorized representative. Another fail.

Seriously Globe, you keep talking about your fair use policy. We pay you to give us reliable, stable and constant internet service, we pay even for the hours that the phone is dead or that we don’t have internet but we end up receiving nothing but apologies. So Globe, where’s OUR fair use? And WHERE’S MY CHROMECAST?