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How’s your 2017 going so far?

I’m quite busy studying for an upcoming exam (wish me luck hehe) but I took a break to write this one down.

Before I get on with my tiny haul, here’s a little story time!

I wanted to buy a lot of make up, cosmetics and skin care products because I was so sure they’ll be much cheaper and with a wider selection. My city doesn’t have a MAC, Clinique or other high-end make up counters and the selections of other brands are just… Sad. We went to Singapore and Malaysia earlier this year and saw their wide variety of make up brands and cheaper prices for high-end and drug store cosmetics (not by much though). Hong kong is generally known as a “Shopping paradise” and their stuff aren’t taxed so I was thinking for sure, they’ll have cheaper prices compared with Malaysia and Singapore.

I was wrong.

A Max factor powder which costs Php 895.00 in the Philippines costs more than a thousand pesos there. Mac eye shadow refill pans are at 130HKD each (I’m actually not very sure but it’s more than Php 800. Their US stores sell it at only $6 a pan.) A Clinique blush costing RM83 (Php 900+ at that time) in Malaysia costs 160HKD (Php1040) there. Keep in mind that you can get a 6% GST refund in KLIA if your single receipt purchase totaled more than RM300. I could go on but you get the picture.

If you are planning on buying some footwear like Nike or Adidas, you might be getting a good bargain if you are looking for running/sports shoes. Stan Smith’s? Adidas Superstar? Nike Air Max? Sure, some are discounted but not the popular colors or varieties. The very popular white ones are at regular prices– 699 HKD for both Adidas Stan Smith, Superstar and Nike Air Max. I actually wanted to buy one as the Adidas stores or department stores in my city rarely carry the white one but the stores I went to didn’t have either the color I wanted nor my size.

The Ladies’ market was also a bit disappointing. Their products were mostly the same things. You’ll see bags, t-shirts and phone cases on many stores. I was expecting a wide variety of stuff being sold in their stores. I was thinking it would look like Divisoria, but as a person who lives outside of Metro Manila, I’d say Divi is better. However, if you were looking for those stuff, then this will be perfect for you. The prices are okay, just bargain hard.

That turned out like a little rant, I’m sorry. But I hope it was a little helpful. Before the trip, I was actually researching some items’ prices so I could make sure I was bringing enough money but I found little information online.

Anyway, out of the 30 things in my shopping list, here are the few things I got:

Facial brush.


This is soooooo soft. I love it. I usually use a silicone facial brush thingy to scrub my face with after removing my make up with make up remover wipes. The silicone brush removes make up residue well but sometimes, I feel like it’s too rough. On the other hand, this brush is so soft and gentle. It removes residue well too. Only disadvantage is that it’s too dense so it soaks up a lot of product that you’ll definitely have to add a little more product than usual.

Totoro Powerbank

What a cutie
It came in a box.
Specs. Zoom in to see the details

Isn’t this the cutest??? I’m not yet sure how well it works, I’ll have to update this when I have more information. I got this for 80HKD. I’m sure you can get this for a lesser price but I’m just not good at bargaining hehe.

Selfie Sticks.

I love this color.
I really liked its shutter button(?)

I got this from Mini So and another one from Midio. I actually forgot I bought one so I accidentally bought another one lol. The mint green one is 20HKD while the black one is 25HKD; both have remote shutters that are working fine as of the moment.


IMG_5566 copy.png

For my cousin who wanted me to buy her a Hello Kitty earphones (which I am sure you can buy here) but since I couldn’t find those specific variant there, I bought her a pink one instead.



Idk why. Random purchase lol. It’s cheap though, only 15HKD.

Chocolates and Nutella.

Just like in Singapore, you can find a lot of stores in HK selling Chocolates, Nutella, Nescafe Gold, Cadbury chocolate powder, etc. However, while Singapore stores carry more varieties of chocolates (like Matcha/Cheesecake Kitkat), the stores in HK carry more stuff like deodorants (I bought one for 13HKD lol), milk powder (for Mainlanders I am guessing), toothpaste, huge packs of tissues, etc. There’s a lot of “dispensaries” there too selling milk powders, cosmetics and other stuff. (No photo coz we have consumed and given them all away lol.)


I’ve been wanting white shoes. I wanted any of these: Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Superstar, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Max or any Lacoste trainers. I did indeed get one of them and the accent was in my favorite color!!! Sky blue! Yaaaas. This is the only item on my shopping list that I was able to get as listed (brand and color).

I also bought a rose toner with real rose petals for 50HKD but it was taken by the airport staff. I forgot to put it in our checked in luggage 🙁

That’s all.

Actually that’s not all but I won’t be posting other stuff I bought because I got lazy lol.

Random stuff/tips:

While looking for Mom’s favorite Clay pot rice restaurant, we stumbled upon CN Square which houses 3 or 4 floors of art supplies. They had discounts on Parker ballpen sets and obviously, they had soooo many art supplies. I wanted to buy a brush pen but Mom was in a hurry. If you are planning on buying art/painting stuff, check it out. The address is 503號 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

Buy perfumes in department stores, Bonjour or Sasa. Personally, I prefer Bonjour more because they currently have lots of promotions and discounts on some brands/line.

Freebies! If you are planning to buy a high-end make up or perfume, check out the prices in Sasa or Bonjour and compare it with other department stores. If they have a very small to no difference in price, then choose to buy them at make up counters in department stores. They usually have lots of freebies when reaching a threshold amount.

I’m not a big fan of Korean make up so I didn’t really care for it at all but I found really cheap full sized Tony Moly and Etude lip tints in Colormix for 20HKD. Mini So and Midio has some really cheap cushions around 50-75HKD.

If you don’t like crowds, go shopping on weekdays. Another reason I didn’t enjoy shopping that much there is because of the huge crowd. There were so many girls checking out the counter at MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc that I can barely see the products lol.

Borjois is available but their very popular foundation will set you back nearly a thousand pesos (approx. $20).

Hope this was helpful!