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Gearbest (My experience + Shipping to the PH +Xiaomi earphones)


First things first: please everything thoroughly. Click on the posts/articles I linked in this entry, read Gearbest’s FAQ’s and do know that I am NOT, in any way, affiliated with the Bureau of Customs, Philpost nor the Philippine government. Affiliate links may present in this post. Finally, questions/concerns about your order (e.g. when will my order arrive?) should be directed to the agency/merchant concerned. If you read this paragraph, thanks a lot.

Anyway, I’m back with another “site review” lol idk what to call this, it’s basically just my experience buying from Gearbest including the delivery and a little something about the products themselves.

A little background on this merchant:

It’s an e-commerce site that specializes in selling electronic products and gadgets. They also sell a lot of other things like beauty items, clothes, shoes, kitchenware, etc. They are based in Shenzhen, China. They have 5 warehouses in 5 different countries and they deliver to almost every country in the world. More about their shipping methods and fees click here.

I actually came across this site last year when I was looking for legit online resellers of Xiaomi power banks/battery packs. I bought a 10,400 mAh silver variant from Lazada back when it was only Php600+ but I have always wanted a gold one. I found a list that included this site so I checked it out and was surprised to see it so cheap. Back then, shipping to the Philippines was free so I immediately bought one and it arrived after 2 weeks. I was impressed.

Here’s a rundown of some things I like about it:

  1. Registration is easy.
  2. Their site is easy to navigate.
  3. Customers can see feedback on the product page.
  4. Shipping is cheap. (Or free for some countries. Spoiler alert: Currently, they don’t offer free shipping to the Philippines.)
  5. Different shipping options. Currently, they have 3 shipping methods. Well, they claim to have 3, I have seen 4 in some instances. The most important thing though, is they offer Registered mail which is what I absolutely prefer for international orders.
  6. Points/reward system. I actually haven’t tried it but it’s better than nothing, I guess.
  7. Payment methods. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Elo, Hipercard & Diners Club and most importantly, Paypal. If you haven’t used Paypal for your online purchases, you should. It is definitely the safest way to go. Click this to know more about Paypal.
  8. Their shopping cart is functional. Being able to pay for all the items together assures me (a little) that my stuff will be shipped together and thus eliminating the possibility of paying the post office fee more than once. (Post office fee or the PTCC is applied for every parcel no matter how cheap the parcel is.)
  9. Their CS team is good. They responded promptly to my concerns (considering my query was sent during the Chinese Spring Festival.)
  10. Online chat support is functional.
  11. Their app is okay. Can track orders from there but some versions are obviously a bit more buggy than the others.
  12. Adding insurance is an option.

What I dislike about it:

  1. As I mentioned previously, they have 5 warehouses so they might not be able to ship all your items in together in one parcel if one item happens to be in another warehouse. This might not be a problem for others that needn’t pay extra for every package but this means an extra charge of Php 112 or more for those in the Philippines.
  2. Shipping time is a little inconsistent.
  3. Some items are available in a different warehouse. (As I mentioned, it’s important that all my items are shipped together in one parcel. If you are not from the PH and don’t have such fee, count yourself lucky lol.)

So far, that’s all I have noted and experienced but I might add a few more in the future.

About this order:

Xiaomi Piston Earphones

I wanted to buy a new pair of earphones since my Samsung one is now just an earphone after it was basically ripped off from its partner. I was browsing Aliexpress, Lazada and Gearbest when I saw these 2 Xiaomi earphones (White here, black) on sale on the last. I like Xiaomi, I trust the brand so it was a no-brainer. I compared the cost and everything but while it might be faster to buy from Lazada, I distrust some of their sellers. Also, the lowest selling price for this variant (at that time) was Php600+ from a third-party merchant. So I concluded I was better off with GB. I then went ahead, put it on my cart and paid a little extra for registered mail. Unregistered mail for 2 items were $1.04 while registered mail was a little over $2 which for me, is actually a good price.

If you are confused about the 2, here are the definitions of Registered mail: 1. Prepaid first class mail that is recorded by the post office before being sent and at each point along its route to safeguard against loss, theft, or damage. 2. Postal service in which a receipt is issued to the sender of a mail and the mail’s destination address is recorded in a register. Upon its delivery, the recipient’s signatures are taken on a form as proof of delivery to the specified addressee. So unlike unregistered mail, you are able to track your package and they can’t mark it delivered without your signature as proof that they have indeed delivered the package.

Q and A:

  1. How do I get my stuff? Will it be delivered to my doorstep? Most of the time no. For more information, read this.
  2. How do I know my stuff is in the Philippines? Click link in number 1.
  3. How did YOU know your stuff is in the Philippines? I was able to track my stuff and click link in number 1.
  4. Which address do I use? Your OWN home address.
  5. How should I pay? As I said, I prefer Paypal. But you can choose the other options that I have already listed above.
  6. My order isn’t here yet! It’s been a week! Be patient. It has to go through a lot of channels after all. Check the estimated shipping dates (can be usually found on the site’s FAQs) or ask the courier (the item is already in their hands, after all) about it. Have your tracking number ready.
  7. How do I contact the courier? Google is your friend, my dear.
  8. Taxes! Taxes! T A X E S!!! Yeah, I know everyone is worried about taxes. I’ve written everything I know about it here. If you still have questions about how much tax you will pay, please ask the BOC. Contact details at the end of this entry click here.
  9. How much tax did you pay? I didn’t pay any tax, just Php 112 for PTCC. Click here and here for more information about that.
  10. How long did it take your package to arrive to the Ph? 26 calendar days.
  11. What courier was used for your order? The courier was PostNL. (It will still go through the post office.)
  12. Were you able to track your stuff? Yes. I used PostNL’s own tracker and Philpost’s tracker. I was actually surprised when it turned out Philpost’s tracker was actually more accurate. Yes, it happens! Yay!

This order in timeline

  • January 7 – Paid and got a confirmation in the website and via email
  • January 8 – As per another email, my order was shipped out and I got a tracking number.
  • January 16- At this point, I was able to track the package in Phlpost. Yes guys, their tracking system does work… sometimes. I do have to say though, their tracking was more accurate and much faster as compared to the other tracking sites as the parcel was entering the country.

Check photos below for more details

PostNL tracking

Philpost tracking
  • February 2 – Package arrived at my post office, was ready for dispatch. Postal worker sent me a text (As I mentioned here, they usually send a notice but postal workers in my city has been sending text messages in lieu of that. They’re doing a good job, those guys.) Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the message as I changed numbers this month.
  • February 7- I checked with the post office again and lo and behold, my package is here!!!

Now on to the stuff:

(Note: this is NOT a review about these earphones.)

I’ve been using this non-stop. It’s actually really good. I can’t tell you much about the acoustics, bass or other fancy words related to the auditory experience but I’ve been told by my brother and father (who are both a little knowledgeable in that department) that they’re both good for the price.

Here’s the white one:

It has a microphone which works fine and a button for pausing music/accepting calls.
It came with 2 extra pairs or earbuds of different sizes.
The box it came in.

And the black one:

Same stuff included in the black one.

It has a mic and a single button too
I really like how it looks.
Some instructions in Chinese. I can’t read Mandarin, unfortunately.
SPECS in English (Yay)

Have you tried this website before? What’s your experience with them? Share it below!

Til next time,