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COLOURPOP HAUL| Swatches and mini-reviews (Philippines)

Here’s part 1 if you are interested.


It’s been a long time since I did a Colourpop haul and I have been itching to buy a couple of things especially their newest line of liquid lipsticks: the Ultra Blotted lips. I planned to buy some stuff with my friend but when Colourpop had its anniversary sale with lots of promos including a FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on ANY PURCHASE, we just had to get ours ASAP.

(Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Colourpop, PayPal, the Bureau of Customs or Philpost.)

Before I get on to the haul, here’s another Q&A because I find it easier to relay some information this way.

  • What was their promo/promos? Check this out
  • How much did you pay? $39.99 total.
  • Did you pay for shipping? No. They had a free international shipping for any order (no minimum) for their birthday/anniversary.
  • What courier did they use? USPS
  • Did you pay taxes? NO. I only paid Php112 (for the PTCC) in the post office. More information please click here
  • Delivery/shipping time? For this order, it was a total of 20 calendar days. I paid on May 10, package was shipped on May 16, got a message from the post office on May 30.
  • Did you get it from your doorstep? No, I picked it up from the post office. Check this out if you want to know more.
  • Were you able to track your order? Yes, but only until it left LA. After that, there weren’t anymore updates on the USPS website or on the Philpost tracker.
  • So how did you know your package has arrived? I got a text message from my local post office. See picture below.
  • How did you pay? PayPal.
  • Did you get a box? Yep.
  • What did you get? 1 brow gel, 2 Ultra mattes, 2 ultra blotted lips, 1 ultra satin lips, 1 ultra glossy lips and 3 pressed shadows. I got 2 free ultra satin minis.
  • How much did you save? To be honest, no one asks me this but I want to share. Normally, the Ultra lippies (mattes, satin and blotted) are being sold for $6 each. The promo was 3 lippies for $12. The eyeshadows were at $10 for 3. Doing the math, my total should’ve been at $57. I saved about $18 and still got 2 free minis. If I bought all of these in the Philippines it would’ve cost me around Php 3700 (without the minis) instead of ~Php2000 ($39.99). Yeah, I saved A LOT.

For more information about Philpost/international shipping, please click the links I provided above.

Now on with the haul:

I actually could’ve gotten 3 free minis instead of 2. But because my order was $0.01, yes a cent, short so I wasn’t able to. I realized that after reading their confirmation email where I was able to review what I ordered. Technically, my order was supposed to be $40 flat. However, instead of $10 for the 3 shadows, what appeared was $3.33 for each shadow which made it $9.99 for a total of three. I emailed their CS team and they weren’t able to do anything about it. Hay. Goodbye free mini. Anyway, here are all the stuff I got, minus the ultra glossy and ultra satin one because those were for my mom.

It came in a pretty box just like last time.


And here’s everything I got:


Brow Gel in Banging Brunette


So far, I am loving this. It’s pigmented and creamy. It can fill in the sparse areas in my brows and it’s pigmented enough to be able to shape my brows. Lasting power is also good. I was surprised it held up well against the sweat and humidity lol.

Colourpop brow pomade in Banging Brunette. Finger swatch and 2 brush swatches using an angled brush
Banging Brunette on my brow

Pressed Eyeshadow in Bel Air, Top notch and Cute Alert

Colourpop pressed shadows
I love all of them. I have been looking for a burgundy/maroon-ish eyeshadow and I think I have found one in Cute Alert. Quality-wise, it’s probably my least favorite out of the 3. While Bel-air and Top notch are creamy and blend so well, this one is a bit patchy and has a lot of fall out. There’s some kick back when you dip in your brush but to be honest, that doesn’t bother me (unless there’s too much of it). Below are some swatches and an eyeshadow look I created with all three shadows. (Disclaimer: I am a makeup enthusiast not a beauty guru so my skills aren’t definitely the best.)

(L) Indoor, natural light (M) Indoors with Flash (R) Outdoor
Cute alert all over the lid
Bel-air as transition color
Top notch on the outer corner to the crease
(Cute alert all over the lid, Bel-air as transition color and Top notch on the outer corner to the crease)

Ultra blotted lips in Zuma and Doozy


I love Zuma! It’s definitely an MLBB shade. This might be my new favorite lip product. The formula of these blotted lips are very comfortable and are long lasting. When I first applied it, I thought it would be just a little different to their Ultra mattes but I was so wrong. While it may seem thick and oily(? idk how to explain it) on application, it’s thin and feels lightweight on the lips. I’ve got nothing else to say, I love these.

Ultra matte lips in LAX and Times Square.


I love these two. Initially, I hated Times Square. I thought it looked too peachy on me (I was expecting a nude with very muted brown undertone). But after applying it again, with a thinner layer I loved it. It dried down to what I was expecting. Also, I know people complain how drying these are. While that is indeed true, I don’t really mind. I like my liquid lipsticks super dry on my lips lol. Anyway, below are some swatches.

(L) Indoor, natural light (M) Indoors with Flash (R) Outdoor
Freebies! Ultra Satin lips in Frick n Frack and Strip.


I love their Ultra satins too. Strip is a little too light of a nude for my skin tone though. And these are tiny. Perfect for traveling.

(L) Indoors with Flash  (M) Indoor, natural light(R) Outdoor
Overall thoughts: I am satisfied about this transaction. It was faster than I expected considering they were having lots of orders during that time. I was also satisfied with the products and I was able to save a lot. BUT the mini I wasn’t able to get was still a real bummer.

That’s all for this order. I wanted to buy more but I had to save for my upcoming travels lol. Did you get anything from their 3rd anniversary sale? Feel free to share it down below!

Also, you can deconstruct their box and reuse it. It looks really pretty to just throw away. (and I would like to urge you to reuse/recycle as often as you can.)


Have a nice weekend!


PS. I would probably post more comparison swatches on my Flickr account. I’ll post an update with a link next time.