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COLOURPOP FAKE VS REAL W/ SWATCHES (And a little warning on counterfeit cosmetics)

You’re probably reading this because you bought a Colourpop Ultra Matte lip and you are doubting its authenticity or because you knowingly bought a fake one and didn’t want others to know you did (…or something like that, idk lol). Either way, this post is for you!

I love Colourpop, as evidenced by the multiple posts I made about them lol. While most Americans consider their products to be affordable, that surely didn’t stop fakes from being produced.

In the Philippines, there’s a proliferation of fake cosmetics online. Some might label them as “SG authentic” or other sellers might try passing them off as the real deal. Anyway, I have been trying to get a hold of a fake one to compare it with the real one and post it here. I got this fake one from an online shop since Divisoria is too far for me (huhu i love divi). As I said, I bought this for the sole purpose of posting it here.


I am not endorsing buying fake products especially cosmetics or skin care products since they may do more harm than good. Personally, I would never knowingly buy fake makeup. There are so many affordable dupes nowadays so I wouldn’t risk my health for my vanity. I know there are some people who buy fake products to brag (maybe not overtly) –I’m not judging but seriously, it isn’t safe. And some people may want to recreate a look they found on Youtube but can’t afford the products used in the tutorial.

As I mentioned, companies have been upping their game lately and there are so many products available on the market that almost everything is “dupable”. Also, as you can see later below, the color of the fake product isn’t the same as the original which beats the purpose of buying a fake because of the color.

Fake vs Real

Anyway, I got the shade LAX. Here are photos/comparison of both:



I doubt that these are the real Ingredients for the fake one
The fake one looks purple in this lighting but it’s actually brown with a hint of red.



The wand of the fake one seems more similar to the Ultra Satins.
Outdoors. With flash. Indoors with natural light.
Outdoors with natural light

Other differences:

The fake one dries faster and the formula seems thinner when it comes to viscosity. There’s also a difference in the scent. The fake one smells like old lipstick (if that makes sense). The authentic one, on the other hand, has a very mild sort of chemical-ly scent. I can’t compare the longevity of these two because I haven’t tried putting the fake on my lips for a long time. I don’t want to take the risk.

On other counterfeit cosmetics

As I said, buying fake cosmetics is your choice and I am not judging anyone for it. I mean, I myself actually thought about buying a fake one too. But just for props… I didn’t plan on putting it anywhere near my face. However, I do hope that people stop spreading false information about them saying they’re safe because they didn’t experience any reaction. While some people might not have these immediate reactions, some dangerous chemicals in these counterfeit products might build up over time and cause an even more serious effect albeit delayed.

For example, some counterfeit makeup have 19 times the legal limit of lead in them. Lead in small amounts probably won’t kill you immediately but it has serious effects once it builds up in the body and reaches toxic levels. Other than what I mentioned, there are still more dangerous chemicals that might be in these fake cosmetics.

Here are more references, for further reading:

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