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COLLECTIVE HAUL: Shopee, Sephora Sg, MiniSo etc.


It’s been such a long time since I did a haul. I’ve been a bit busy lately, I took exams from the DOH and I applied for a Korean tourist visa (which hopefully I will be granted huhu Approved or denied, I’ll write an entry about it.)

I wanted to share some of the stuff I got recently and some that are newish. Some are bought online and some were in department stores or beauty counters. And since haul was done with multiple stores, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Bear with me lol.

(SHOPEE) LA GIRL PRO COVERAGE HD High definition long wear illuminating foundation in Nude Beige (Php 430)

I’ve been doing some shopping site reviews and I wanted to do one on this site. However, when doing site reviews I want to be as thorough as I can so those kind of posts take up more time. Maybe I’ll consider doing one on this next time. Hopefully…lol.


_MG_6176 copy

_MG_6177 copy
LA Girl Pro Coverage HD High definition long wear illuminating foundation
_MG_6181 copy
I LOVE that this has a pump. Bonus points for that.

Anyway, I’ve bought from this seller on Shopee (send me an email if you want to know the name of the shop) three times and I’m sure she’s legit. The transaction was, as usual, hassle free and since Shopee was having a promo on shipping (free shipping for orders more than php500.00), I didn’t have to pay for delivery. I’ve been eyeing this foundation ever since I saw it on LA Girl’s instagram. I thought I had to buy this from the US but I was surprised to see this in SM department store. It was so expensive there though. The ones in SM cost about Php799.00 a bottle while (I think) this retails for $10 on the LA Girl website and $7.00 at ikatehouse. I got this from the Shopee seller for Php430 and I bought the orange corrector for Php160 from the same seller. My total was more than php500 so I got free shipping. Buying these two from department stores would’ve cost me Php1100, but I only paid Php 590 (I saved Php510.Yay.)

I seriously love this foundation. The shade I got was nude beige which I think is a little (just a little) yellow for me. Coverage wise, I think it has a medium coverage and it’s buildable to an extent. It can cover some of my imperfections but it doesn’t really cover my freckles. Personally, I prefer a medium coverage foundation as I can cover my other imperfections with concealer. I’ve seen people say it’s VERY dewy. I would say it’s dewy but it’s not very dewy. It gives me a healthy glow. Also, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

LA GIRL Pro conceal Orange corrector (160php)

This one is my sister’s and she hasn’t tried it yet. But here’s a picture lol

_MG_6174 copy

(Sephora SG) Urban Decay All nighter Waterproof longwear Liquid foundation in the shade 5.0 


My sister got this from Sephora in Singapore and gosh, it’s good. It’s indeed full coverage and it stays on pretty well. As someone who has oily skin, I love its matte finish. I have nothing bad to say about this other than it oxidizes. It oxidizes badly especially if you lay it on thick. Initially, this color was a little bit too yellow on me but now that I got a little tanner after going to the beach, it matches my color just fine even with the oxidation. Maybe get a color lighter than your skin tone or wait for a little while when choosing your shade just until the oxidation occurs.

Beauty Blender in Black (36SGD)


My sister also got this from Sephora SG. This has been so popular in the beauty world that almost all makeup sponges are called “Beauty Blenders”. It’s so difficult getting a hold of a beauty blender in the Philippines because it’s expensive, mark ups are usually high and there are chances of getting a fake one instead of the real deal. I’ve tried a couple of make up sponges before and before trying the beauty blender, I would say the Real Techniques sponge was the best “dupe”. While the RT sponge is really good, I would say the Beauty Blender is still (a little) better. It’s softer, bouncier and I feel like it absorbs less product. Do I think it’s worth getting one? I can’t say for sure. I haven’t had it for a long time so I can’t really vouch whether it can last for a long time or not.

(MiniSo) Intensive Hydration Toner (Php149)


This one just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think it has any effect on my skin at all. My skin doesn’t feel more hydrated than it did before I started using it. Anyway, I noticed another thing while reading the label. This product is made in China. I wasn’t horrified about it but rather surprised. MiniSo is a Japanese brand and for some reason I was thinking it would be made in Japan. It personally doesn’t concern me (a lot of western companies have factories in China) but I suggest you read the labels more often if this kind of thing concerns you. Anyway, I read the ingredients list and there doesn’t seem to be anything that I should worry about.

NYC Loose powder in Beige ($2.77)


I love this powder. It’s perfect for my skin tone and it sets my foundation perfectly. I don’t “bake” these days but I think this would be perfect to carve out my contour.




I got the wrong shade! From the pictures I saw online, it seemed like Vanilla would be perfect for me. However, it was too dark for me. They got like 50 shades of Beige (kidding) and I chose the wrong one. Anyway, I couldn’t give it away since I don’t know anyone who would be a good match for it. Instead, I bought a refill for lighter Maybelline powder and popped it in the space for the sponge (I don’t use it anyway). I just mix these 2 to get a good shade match.

MAYBELLINE DREAM VELVET Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation ($2.31)


I love this foundation!!! AND it’s only less than $3 on Amazon! I wasn’t actually planning on buying this initially but since my mom bought something from Amazon, I went ahead and added it on my cart lol. This is actually the perfect shade for me and it’s feels so nice on the skin. The coverage is medium but you can build it up. I don’t think it’s long lasting though.



It’s not the best but if you are just looking for a spray to melt your make up on your skin (idk if that made sense) then this is for you. I got this for Php149 which is really cheap considering the amount of product there is in a can.

That’s all for this haul! Have you tried out these stuff before? And what’s your opinion of make up from MiniSo? Anything worth trying?

Til next time!