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JinioPH / JINIO by Xend: 2018 Review

Hi! I’m back with another review. If you haven’t read my other posts about Jinio by Xend, please do so by clicking first review here and the second review here.

As I have already done 2 reviews about them, I won’t write the other stuff in detail as there seems to have been no big changes since the last review I made.

Signing up and verification

I won’t discuss this here since the process is essentially the same and you can read that on the posts I linked above. I will discuss a few changes they made and of course, I will also include this order.

Background of this purchase

I needed new glasses after I broke my glasses for the nth time. I didn’t find any style I liked in stores in my city so I decided to look one up online. Finally, I decided to buy this pair and chose Jinio to ship it with. Confident that I won’t be paying for more than 1 pound for this purchase, I went with Jinio (their minification service is the almost always the reason why I choose them over other forwarders when it comes to small or individual items.)


This order in timeline: (all in PHT)

  • Jan. 10 – Paid item on Ebay.
  • Jan. 10 – Seller shipped item. (They were fast.)
  • Jan. 10 – Tried logging in my account, failed. Sent an email, got a reply on the same day but reply wasn’t helpful.
  • Jan. 11 – Got a call from a member of their IT department to help with my problem (more details of this later on)
  • Jan. 13 – Item delivered at Jinio warehouse in Stamford
  • Jan. 13 – Got an email from Jinio of its arrival. Sent another email that I still can’t log in using my other account.
  • Jan. 15 – I was finally able to see this item my account.
  • Jan. 15 – Paid Jinio for the shipping via Paypal.
  • Feb. 5 –  Expected date of delivery. Sent an email inquiring about my item, got no response.
  • Feb. 7 –  Got a call saying the shipment was delayed because of the issue I had above and that my new account isn’t verified. They assured me I would be getting my package the next day or Monday the latest.
  • Feb. 14??? (I’m not sure since I was so busy I can’t remember exactly when I just looked at the date on the photo I took) – Finally received item.
They were actually able to put my stuff in my account, pictures and all, really fast. A pity I wasn’t able to view it immediately coz of that log in issue.


  1.  How many days did it take overall? From the seller to their warehouse to my doorstep : more than 35 calendar days.
  2.  How many days did it take from their warehouse to your doorstep? around 30 days.
  3.  How much did you pay? $6.74
  4.  How did you pay? Paypal.
  5.  Did you pay tax? The total amount I paid for the shipping was inclusive of tax.
  6.  Dimensions of your item? 7in * 3in * 2in
  7.  Actual weight? 1 pound.

Some thoughts

As you can see, the item got here late which disappointed me a lot. I had to wait a month to get my stuff. A month for air cargo– that’s really disappointing. I had shipments with them in the last year and every single one of them were on time. It’s a pity that most PH based forwarders aren’t very timely anymore. When it comes to customer service, there are some things they can definitely improve on. Their Facebook account, for one, needs to actually reply to queries. Their email responses are sometimes helpful, sometimes not. I do appreciate that they actually forwarded my complaint to their other department and had one from their team call me to help me deal with it. Shout out to Francis from their IT department for helping me with my log in problems and for being so accommodating. Another good thing is that they packed my item well. It was in a big bag stuffed with paper and Styrofoam.

Love my new glasses 😀


calvin klein glasses
If you’re also looking more into this pair and want to know more about it, send me an email or a comment lol


Would I try them again?

MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO. It will depend on the circumstances. But surely, I won’t be using them for time sensitive packages.

I have another upcoming review of LBC Shipping cart. Hopefully, I can post it sometime this week or the next.

Happy Easter in advance!