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LBC Shipping Cart 2018 Review

If you missed the previous ones, here they are: LBC Shipping Cart: 2016 Review and LBC SHIPPING CART Take 2 Review (2017)

Signing up

Signing up for Shipping cart is easy and there is no need to send 2 valid ID’s for validation or verification, just the usual email verification. The process is still the same as last year so please click on the links for a more detailed registration/signing up process.

Background of this purchase

My mom wanted to buy her favorite powder (Maxfactor) but her shade is sold out everywhere so we had to resort to buying it from Amazon US. My brother and I also wanted to buy a few stuff that aren’t available in the Philippines or are way cheaper in the US. With that in mind, we decided to go with Shipping cart so we can save on consolidation. It was also quite timely the last time I used it so choosing Shipping cart was a no-brainer.

This order in timeline

We had multiple orders so I won’t put all of them into detail.

  • Feb. 10 – Paid the first seller
  • Feb. 17 – First packaged was delivered by USPS and was reflected on my Shippingcart account.
  • Mar. 10 – Last package arrived and was reflected on my Shippingcart account on the same day. (Yes, there is a big gap between the first and the last because we had like more than 10 items and my brother took his sweet time actually ordering his stuff and one of his order got canceled.)
  • Mar. 11 – Paid via Paypal (I realized I paid at 11 in the evening it might as well be the 12th lol)
  • Mar. 16 – Got my stuff!!! (That’s 5. SINGKO. LIMA. DAYS. FAST AMIRITE?)


  1.  How many days did it take overall? From the last seller to their warehouse to my doorstep : 10 days.
  2.  How many days did it take from their warehouse to your doorstep? 5 CALENDAR days. (Very fast isn’t it???)
  3.  How much did you pay? $117.37 (You are now able to choose if you want to pay in $ or Php which is great, I think since banks’ conversion rates are almost always much better)
  4.  How did you pay? Paypal.
  5.  Did you pay tax? The total amount I paid for the shipping was inclusive of tax.
  6.  Dimensions of your items? I had multiple items so I am not sure. But the box they sent them in was HUGE.
  7.  Actual weight? I forgot, I’m sorry. But the chargeable weight was more than 16 pounds.

A few things

Yes, it’s a steep price for shipping alone but it’s not too bad once you think about it.

To give you a clearer picture, we bought:

  • 3 pairs of shoes (1 sized 7.5, another 8 and the last one — a pair of studs was 9 in men’s sizes)
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 hoodie (this thing’s heavy and bulky!)
  • 2 sweatpants (this one too!)
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 perfume
  • 1 contour brush
  • 3 face powders
  • 1 blusher
  • 2 liquid foundations (they were in glass bottles so they were a little heavy)
  • 1 concealer

A tip: if you could buy a sweater/hoodie or sweatpants here on sale, better do so. They are bulky and would probably weigh around 3lbs. Do take that into consideration before buying.


I was impressed by how much Shipping cart improved last year, now I am even more impressed. I’ve been stalking their social media accounts and there seems to have been less disappointed customers too so that’s a big plus. I still can’t get over the fact that my package arrived in less than a week.

5 DAYS!!! From the US to the Philippines! Some of my local packages even take a week or so to arrive. Keep it up Shipping cart!

The only thing they could improve on is to include other modes of payment since not everyone has signed up for Paypal.

My box!!!


Would I try them again?

What I look for in a forwarder is that they are timely, reliable and they would deliver my goods in perfect condition, I think Shipping cart was able to fulfill those criteria so that’s a definite yes from me.


Til next time!