Life… so far.

My 2018, so far, is dotted with Hello’s and Goodbye’s


I have a new work and a new employer. I am now involved in public health which has always been something I wanted to take part in.

Also, I’ve been wanting to enroll in UP’s Master’s degree program on International health but I don’t think I qualify for it. However, maybe next year, if I complete a year in public health then I probably would be able to pursue this academic goal.

My new work has been a mixture of awesome and controversial.

Awesome because my colleagues, work and clientele are awesome. Hello Kristine, if you are reading this lol. Controversial because right off the bat, we were made aware of a lot of issues that haunted the previous employees of that institution and are haunting us too.

Overall, I feel really happy with my job.

On the family side of things, I got to see my really cute nephews and nieces once again. Guess who got really fat hugs? Right. Me!

Another hello would be from my friend who came back to the Philippines from the UK for a vacation. Hello Aien, I know you are busy touring the world, save some handsome men for me.

Be as strong as the grass. No matter how hard the wind blows, it will bend but it will never break nor fall.


Well, my friend’s vacation had some to an inevitable end so that’s another sad goodbye. Til next time!

Another chapter of my life closed when I, on the spur of the moment, quit a part-time job I have had had for 4 or 5 years. I met a lot of awesome people through that line of work and it was hard saying goodbye suddenly. Not having the chance to let them prepare for my departure and say farewell properly made me really sad. I didn’t realize the last time we spoke would be actually the last and final time I would see their faces and hear their voices. Gosh, writing that is making me really sad.

So to those people, Christine, June, Mike, Anita, Jack (even if you make my head hurt sometimes), Leaf and others, farewell and good luck. I hope our paths cross one day, I wish you the best the world has to offer. I’ll miss you all.

Here’s a leaf to remind you that trees have to say goodbye to their leaves in order to make new ones. New beginnings start with painful but beautiful farewells.

And on another note

I’m tired. My grandfather had to be taken to the hospital because of UGIB. I had to sleep in the hospital and go travel to work for a few days. And traveling to work means 4-5hours of daily commute. My grandpa’s all better now but I still have to take care of him at times when my aunts aren’t at home. Imagine how tiring that is. I need to go (boarding)house-hunting so I can save time.

Finally, my heart is heavy because of another sickness in the family. I am very scared to know what it is in actuality so I would stop thinking whenever I notice my thoughts moving towards morbid possibilities. I love my grandma so much. I still want to accompany her when she goes to events on her side of the family.  I still want to buy her stuff, travel with her, eat with her, eat stuff she cooks for me and listen to her many, sometimes borderline infuriating, lectures and rants. I don’t want to dwell on it but if you happen to read this, please say a prayer for her.

Faith is not knowing that God can. It is knowing that HE will.

Okay. It doesn’t seem right to end this on a sad note so here’s my “motivation board” that I “updated” today. My only travel goal for 2018 is Japan so hopefully, if everything goes well… this 2018, I’ll get to say HELLO JAPAN! (If you are a Japanese immigration officer, please grant me a visa hehe kidding)

Travel Goal 2018: JAPAN