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I’ve always planned on assembling a cheeseboard ever since I kept seeing them on Pinterest. However, since I wasn’t able to receive my previous month’s salary (sad to say I can’t go after my employer coz my employer is the government), I was thinking I might not be able to make it since the things I was planning on putting on the board would cost me a lot. Although the convenience of just assembling something rather than cooking a dish made me change my mind in the end… I just have to be really mindful of my budget lol.

Anyway, I’m a noob and I just wanted to put something together to add to our Noche Buena dinner.

cheese board


First things first: CHEESE. It wouldn’t be a cheeseboard if there isn’t any cheese. For this one, I chose 2: a soft cheese and a processed cheese. I won’t write more details about this because I am in no way a cheese expert.


Eden Cheese is a very popular choice here in the Philippines. Cheeses are very expensive here and this kind of processed cheese (is it actual cheese? I’m not sure) is something you can easily find in any supermarket. Price: Php 24 (for 2 sulit-sized packs) or Php 55 for the whole pack.

Brie is a type of soft cheese and you can Google the rest of the good stuff about it lol. Anyway, I chose this because it suits my taste and it’s cheap. Depending on the brand it can range to around Php 170-Php 200. I got the Emborg one and it retailed for Php 182.00.

So far, that’s Php 206 or ~$4.


Grapes is a popular option. It might be a bit pricey but it adds a variety of color to the board. We bought a kilo but we 250 grams of grapes would be fine. Depending on the season and variety, prices could range from Php 220-300. We bought ours for Php 300. I only used a quarter of it so that should cost around Php 75.

Ponkan or oranges also add color to the board so that’s another fruit you can add. I only used one and it cost me Php 10 (~$20). Oranges cost a bit more here but you can definitely choose that one if you prefer them over the first.

Subtotal: Php 291 (~$5.60)

Crackers and biscuits

I love sourdough bread and would’ve used it here (since I have extra virgin olive oil at home) but I wasn’t able to get one. If you are in Iloilo, you can buy sourdough bread at C’s in SM City Iloilo. Another alternative would be a baguette. I found one at Tinapayan and it only cost Php25 (~$0.50). Anyway, I got some bread sticks at the grocery store for Php30 (~$0.57), bought a retail pack of Skyflakes and got a few round salty biscuits at home. You can use Fita Crackers (Php 8 or ~$0.15) or digestives if you want.

So far, that’s Php 336 or ~$6.46.


Peanuts are very cheap but I think they are usually cooked too greasy for me so I’d rather use something else. I got almonds from the supermarket for Php38 and mixed nuts for Php20.

That’s Php 394 or ~$7.58.

Finally, the BOARD.

cheese board

I bought mine from Daiso and it only cost Php88. It looks nice and it’s not heavy. It’s small though so if you want to make a charcuterie board with meats and more elements you might want to opt for a bigger one. I would suggest going to Unitop since they have a bigger selection of wooden boards. I’m sure there are more options in Metro Manila but I’m not from there so I can’t suggest a place. I hope you can share it in the comments below if you do know a shop that sells these.

Also, you can order one online. I found a few in Shopee. Go check it out if you are interested. (This is definitely not an ad.)

You can actually use a platter if you want. However, if you want it to look a bit more refined or elegant, use a plain white platter or a clear glass platter. Avoid those with colorful patterns if possible.

I could be more detailed but I wasn’t planning on writing this when I was assembling my board so I neglected to take note of the brands and take pictures of my ingredients pre-assembly. I apologize.

cheese and fruit board

Anyway, adding the cost of the board that’s a total of Php 482 or ~$9.27.

Here’s a summary of the cost:

  • Brie – Php 182
  • Eden Cheese – Php 24 (each sulit pack costs Php 12)
  • Grapes – Php 75.00 (250 grams)
  • Ponkan – Php 10.00
  • Bread sticks – Php 30.00
  • Sky Flakes – Php 7.00
  • Fita – Php 8.00
  • Almonds – Php 38.00
  • Assorted nuts – Php 20.00
  • Platter – Php 88.00

So yay! That’s a full cheeseboard for less than Php 500. As I said, this isn’t ideal just something you can put together really fast without breaking the bank. If you want add some more elements that I would suggest would be herbed cream cheese, apples, honey, extra virgin olive oil, sausages, cashew nuts, kiwi, strawberries, etc. Also, buy some greens to add more color! Rosemary, parsley or basil would look nice.

Finally, get a glass of Merlot or Pinot Noir and enjoy your cheeseboard!

My very own very cheap cheese board lol

Have a nice day!