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Hi guys!
I am back with a review this time, it’s something from a local brand.
I saw this EB Pro Cheek Set while shopping at Robinson’s. It was really cheap and I’ve been needing a new contour powder so I bought it.



  • Price: Php 189.00
  • Where to purchase: I bought it at Robinson’s but it’s also available on Lazada (not sponsored, I promise!)
  • Net Weight: 7 grams (Oddly enough, it says 10 grams on the back of the product)
  • Includes: Highlighter, blush and contour powder
  • Ingredients (See pic below)
  • Shades available: Only one
  • For more info, here’s their official website

    Click picture to zoom in on the ingredients


Personally, I am particular with packaging. I like it when it’s sturdy or cute. But this one I think is neither of those. Removing the cardboard box, it looked really plain and I feel like I can’t travel with this at all. If you aren’t much of a traveler or you aren’t planning on putting this on your make up bag, I don’t think the packaging would be much of a problem. I had fun taking pictures with it though lol.

The actual packaging doesn’t look cute lol


So I actually wore it for 2 years, I wore it on December 31, 2018 til past midnight of January 1st 2019 lol. Kidding aside, I wore it for 1 week so I could try it using different methods. First was on its own, with no primer, just over foundation and face powder. Second was with primer. Then I also tried using different foundations and face powders to see if there are any changes on how it looked and its longevity. For future references: I am kinda fair (not very fair but I am certain I’m on the lighter side of the spectrum lol I don’t know my EXACT shade right now because my skin got darker working in the community lol) with slightly warm undertones.

Here are the swatches:



Highlighter – was okay but I think the undertones are too warm for me. But at least it shows up… that’s a plus.

Blush – I like this one best. It’s pigmented but it has a lot of fall out. The shade I think, suits me well.

Contour– It doesn’t show up well on me but it’s buildable.


Yup, all three are blendable. Another plus +


I wasn’t expecting the products to stay on my face for 8 hours but it didn’t really last long. Two- three hours maximum. The contour lasted a bit longer.


To be honest, I can’t think of a skin type that fit all three of these products. For fair skinned gals? The contour powder will work but the highlighter and blusher might be a little deep for them. For medium gals? The contour powder would be too light for them and might not even show. For deeper skinned gals? The contour powder definitely won’t show up at all and the blush might not either. I don’t think this palette is cohesive at all. Also, they should have done 2 or 3 shades at least. Is EB Pro Cheek Set worth the money? Personally, I don’t think so. At Php 189 or less than $4, I know it’s very cheap for a face palette but I think there are better products out there for the same or slightly higher price.

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Til next time!