photo challenge

MOMENT(UM) | day 13

I immediately sang "THis is the moment!" In my head upon seeing the prompt. Anyway, I captured this photo while riding a motorcycle (riding, not driving, though dangerous still-kids,don't do it). This is one of the paths we had to take. I'm reminded of the quote, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take… Continue reading MOMENT(UM) | day 13

photo challenge


   I was waiting for my ID one day. I looked up and saw this. Nothing special. Indoors and architecture aren't my thing anyways. Iphone photo for the nth time.

photo challenge

A POP OF COLOR | day 11

    Saw this tiny ladybug while I was watching over my cousins playing. I immediately spotted as it provided a pop of color to the otherwise green surroundings.  

photo challenge

MYSTREERY | day 10

   It's been raining, I'm sick and i have no good idea on how to interpret today's theme so I looked for a suitable picture from my phone and edited it. Well, post processing is still part of photography right???  Anyway. We were in a new "city" and like other places I've been to, this… Continue reading MYSTREERY | day 10

photo challenge


   A very golden sunrise. The sky seemed very warm, doesn't it? I took a swlfie of us too and the sunrise seemed to envelope us with it's warmth.

photo challenge


Good lighting is hard to find today since it's been raining and I've got no lighting equipment available. So I am using this photo I took from one of my trips. (Posted about this here) I've always been fond of nature. Most of my trips are in the countryside or farms or much recently, an… Continue reading A SMALL & CRABBY NATURAL WORLD | day 8

photo challenge

BIG (TREE) | day 7

   Posting this photo my phone (taken by my phone) again so I can't tell if the quality would be good when viewed on a computer.  this is a really big tree, my friend isn't even close to it yet the tree drawfs her from afar. This is what locals know as "Balete" tree, a… Continue reading BIG (TREE) | day 7

photo challenge, travel


    I need to explain this one too. The Philippines being an Archipelagic nation has about 7,107 islands. In other countries, bridges/cable cars are built/installed to connect 2 nearby islands or a smaller island to the mainland but doing so could cost us much, much more than what it costs for others (and us being… Continue reading CONNECT(ING ISLANDS) | day 6

photo challenge

MOUNTAINS | Weekend 1

No post processing done on these photos. Fortunately the weather worked with me as it stopped raining long enough for me to capture these magnificent mountains.

photo challenge

SOLITUDE | day 5

All the photos i've posted are all iphone shots. I've been so lazy pulling out my DSLR from my backpack recently. Here's my take of solitude. This was taken in a farm at the foot of an active volcano.