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Hiiiiiii How's your 2017 going so far? I'm quite busy studying for an upcoming exam (wish me luck hehe) but I took a break to write this one down. Before I get on with my tiny haul, here's a little story time! I wanted to buy a lot of make up, cosmetics and skin care… Continue reading HONG KONG HAUL + RANDOM TIPS/INFORMATION

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Click here for part 2 (a more recent one) Hiiiii I got a wonderful package from the post office 2 days ago and I can't wait to share it here. (DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated with Colourpop, Philpost or the Bureau of Customs. I am just sharing my experience so please do… Continue reading COLOURPOP HAUL AND SHIPPING TO THE PHILIPPINES

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Shawill Terra Cotta Blusher

HI!!! I have more time now so I decided to review some of the local make up stuff I bought these past few weeks. Also, this is the first ever comprehensive review (compared to the others I did anyway) I have ever made. I might miss mentioning a few things but I'll try updating if… Continue reading Shawill Terra Cotta Blusher

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FINALLY! This is the last part of my Elf haul. Studio Crease Brush I got this one as part of the set I mentioned before. I use this to apply eyeshadow on the outer v. I have not much to say aside from it gets the job done.   Studio Powder brush This is actually… Continue reading ELF HAUL AND SWATCHES Part 3

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ELF Cosmetics Haul and Swatches part 2

PART 2! Yay! Here's part 1 in case you are interested. Matte lip color in Praline and Tea Rose Matte lippies are everywhere lol. These are not super matte and they're not drying. I think people who have dry lips will find the formula comfortable to wear. I thought Tea Rose would look good on… Continue reading ELF Cosmetics Haul and Swatches part 2

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ELF Haul, swatches and mini review Part 1

Last time, I blogged about my experience with LBC Shipping cart and one merchant I bought from was I know there is ELF in the Philippines but in my city, they're usually out of some products I wanted and they don't have the new releases. When I was browsing ELF's website I noticed they… Continue reading ELF Haul, swatches and mini review Part 1

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Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

UPDATE: Here's a newer one if you're interested I wanted to buy a Ben Nye translucent powder but due to LBC Shipping cart's price increase and "improvements" I thought it would be too expensive (roughly about $16 -$21 by air cargo). I stumbled upon Jinio in a forum while I was looking for other US to… Continue reading Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

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Frugal Friday: Ebay brushes part 2

I've been busy lately and I haven't followed through my Friday series, I'm sorry huhu. Anyway now that I'm back after an 8-day holiday, I've decided to sit down and write about another one of my Ebay finds. Oval brush  - very reminiscent of the (very expensive) Artis oval brushes. I don't have any of… Continue reading Frugal Friday: Ebay brushes part 2

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Friday Finds: Ebay Brushes

They're not actually called Ebay brushes. They're generic brushes commonly found on Ebay lol. I have been looking for affordable brushes on Ebay when I saw this set of blue brushes from this seller. And since I LOVE blue, I decided to buy it as soon as I saw it.         This… Continue reading Friday Finds: Ebay Brushes


LBC Shipping Cart: 2016 Review 

UPDATE!!! I tried shipping cart for the second time. CLICK HERE for a more recent review of LBC shipping cart. This particular story is a series of ups and downs with mostly downs. It is still unfinished as I have yet to receive my stuff. I'll be updating up to the time I receive my… Continue reading LBC Shipping Cart: 2016 Review