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After Canlaon, we originally planned to go to Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB), Negros' Little Baguio. We woke up early to Catch the first trip there but when we saw a bus bound for Dumaguete we quickly--very quickly, changed our minds and decided to visit the city of gentle people instead. Our main reason for going… Continue reading DUMAGUETE CITY | Part 4

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Part 2 here After getting some snacks in Calea in Bacolod (It was hella cheap but sooooo good!), we went to the Ceres Terminal where buses bound for Canlaon and Dumaguete were. We took a taxi so I am not sure how to get there on public transport. Just remember to mention that you are… Continue reading CANLAON CITY | Part 3

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Part 1 (Guimaras to Pulupandan) here if you are interested. Our actual main destination was Canlaon City but we decided to explore the cities and places we passed by. We set our eyes on Bago city which was between Pulupandan and Bacolod. As we had done no research beforehand, we had no idea where to… Continue reading BAGO CITY AND KIPOT FALLS | Part 2

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This is long overdue. I went on this trip last year and I found it hard to write about traveling as I usually don't pay attention to the details of the journey. Prices here might also be different but I'll still write it down to give you a picture of how much you might spend.… Continue reading GUIMARAS WINDMILLS & GUIMARAS-PULUPANDAN FERRY

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Feeler Friday: Airport Fashion Edition

I promised myself to post every Friday so here is the first one in this "Friday" series. Sorry for the title, I am not a fashionista so I label myself a feelingera in this sense lol. I've learned that being in your best outfit might not be too comfortable especially if you are flying for a… Continue reading Feeler Friday: Airport Fashion Edition

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MAMBUKAL | Negros Occidental Day 3

This post is so late huhuhu Anyway, continuing where we left off... We went to the bus terminal at around 8 am, took a mini bus with the sign Mambukal (pick a comfortable seat, it can get crowded). The journey lasted nearly an hour, there were a few stops in between. We paid Php 50… Continue reading MAMBUKAL | Negros Occidental Day 3


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream VS Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream (Review and Swatches)

As you can see from the title, I will be comparing a very popular product from NYX and it's alleged dupe, the Manhattan soft mat lip cream. (Sorry if some of the photos might look grainy, I used only my phone's camera and I sent them through Facebook so the quality has gone down a… Continue reading NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream VS Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream (Review and Swatches)


Things I did in Marawi

I can't write a 10 things to do in Marawi since I'm not an expert in that kind of posts but I will tell you some of the things I did in the Islamic City of Marawi. Had a picnic in MSU -There's a golf course but I don't think you can do any golf with… Continue reading Things I did in Marawi



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THE RUINS | Negros Occidental Day 1

After eating at El Ideal, we rode a mini bus (locally known as "double tire") to Talisay. At the terminal, we were surprised that the trike driver was asking Php300 for a "round trip" to the Ruins, saying he'll wait for us  Allegedly there aren't any other means of transportation going back to the highway because… Continue reading THE RUINS | Negros Occidental Day 1