Things I did in Marawi

I can't write a 10 things to do in Marawi since I'm not an expert in that kind of posts but I will tell you some of the things I did in the Islamic City of Marawi. Had a picnic in MSU -There's a golf course but I don't think you can do any golf with… Continue reading Things I did in Marawi



Campuestohan Highland resort


THE RUINS | Negros Occidental Day 1

After eating at El Ideal, we rode a mini bus (locally known as "double tire") to Talisay. At the terminal, we were surprised that the trike driver was asking Php300 for a "round trip" to the Ruins, saying he'll wait for us  Allegedly there aren't any other means of transportation going back to the highway because… Continue reading THE RUINS | Negros Occidental Day 1

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MOMENT(UM) | day 13

I immediately sang "THis is the moment!" In my head upon seeing the prompt. Anyway, I captured this photo while riding a motorcycle (riding, not driving, though dangerous still-kids,don't do it). This is one of the paths we had to take. I'm reminded of the quote, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take… Continue reading MOMENT(UM) | day 13

photo challenge

MYSTREERY | day 10

   It's been raining, I'm sick and i have no good idea on how to interpret today's theme so I looked for a suitable picture from my phone and edited it. Well, post processing is still part of photography right???  Anyway. We were in a new "city" and like other places I've been to, this… Continue reading MYSTREERY | day 10

photo challenge

WATER(FALLS) | day 3

I'm very fascinated with waterfalls. There's something enchanting about them. I took this with my iphone that could barely fit my makeshift tripod vertically. This was taken in Siquijor Island, Philippines. Lovely island.

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Sta. Fe, Tablas Island

There really isn't much to do in this quiet town. A few kilometers away from where we were staying was a resort--By the Sea Resort, if I remember correctly. My friend and I wanted to go there but the oldies were hesitant to let us go because the roads could be dangerous at night. So… Continue reading Sta. Fe, Tablas Island